How to Easily Convert Email to Google Sheets

If you read through our blog posts, you’ve been through it all with us, mainly through our last article on transferring email data to Excel files. Excel is an excellent program, but now we want to teach you how to convert emails to Google Sheets. Converting your emails to Google Sheets saves precious time and money

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How to Easily Convert Email to Excel

Is part of your business based on data that you receive by email? For example, leads from a lead provider, order confirmations, and purchase orders from your online shops, sales stats, you name it … do you need to copy this crucial data from email to Excel? If so, how do you convert data trapped

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Easily Extract Phone Numbers with This All-In-One Tool

There are many phone number extractor tools available on the market, but are they as good as Mailparser? Probably not. A while ago we rolled out an update to add a phone number extractor folder. Our extractor can find, extract, and transfer data from emails automatically without needing to know a coding language. Our application

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Sales Lead Template

Track & Convert Leads With This Free Sales Lead Template

Keeping track of leads effectively is essential to convert them to customers.  Sales teams often use spreadsheets to monitor the status of each lead, estimate potential sales, and determine the next action to take. If you have been looking for a sales lead template to use, we have one for you. No need to create

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A Simple Lead Tracking Spreadsheet for Follow-Ups

So you’ve started to focus on lead generation. Did you know that you can use a simple spreadsheet to track leads? Problem is, making spreadsheets is time-consuming. You need to take time to figure out how it functions, what you need it to do, what you need it to show, and how you want it

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How to Manage Inventory

How to Manage Inventory Using Mailparser’s Excel Integration

Many businesses have online stores on sites like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy, and manage their orders and stock levels using an Excel spreadsheet. If that’s you, it’s likely that you receive order emails from one of these websites or more. Every time that happens, you need to update the stock levels in your spreadsheet. The

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automate online food delivery orders

Automate Online Food Delivery Orders the Easy Way with Mailparser

With easy setup and an intuitive platform, you can quickly transform the struggle of multiple order systems into an automated, error-free database. Thousands of businesses have turned to Mailparser to streamline their workflows and automate online food delivery orders.Since 2014, delivery and digital orders have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic. Because of this massive increase,

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Automate customer emails with Mailparser

Automate Customer Emails with Mailparser 

Does your business feel adrift in a sea of incoming contact requests, offline chats, and email leads? If so, it’s time to upgrade from the endless task of manually entering customer data to simple, speedy data automation. Rather than juggling hundreds of customers’ valuable information by hand, you can automate customer emails, organizing them and

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5 ways to hack help desk automation with Mailparser

5 Ways to Hack Help Desk Automation With Mailparser

If your support team is constantly racing against the clock to respond to customer emails and help requests, it’s likely that inputting your data by hand is a primary culprit. Not only is manual data entry tedious and time-consuming, but it can also lead to costly errors, disorganization, and delay. Rather than tying up your

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New Mailparser Features

6 New Mailparser Features for Easier & More Accurate Data Extraction

At Mailparser, we are always striving to improve our users’ experience, so after receiving customer feedback and implementing it, we’re excited to announce that six new Mailparser features are ready for you to explore. They will help you extract data from emails with even more ease and accuracy than before. Table of Contents So what

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