Fetch Real Estate Leads From Emails And Automate Your Lead Generation System

If you are a real estate agent, chances are you publish your listings on platforms like Trulia, Zillow, Homes.com or on small niche listing sites. You probably also have a CRM in place which allows you to build up a customer database and follow up on prospects. Maybe you also make use of real estate lead vendors and lead management tools like TigerLead, FiveStreet or FollowUpBoss.
This article will show you how you can use our real estate email parser to automate your real estate lead management efforts. Whether you generate 20 leads, or 200,000 leads a month, you can optimize your real estate lead management solution and automatically copy leads from one platform to another. Actually, you can pipe real estate leads nearly anywhere with Mailparser.
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Parse and Extract Data From Real Estate Emails

As you probably already know, most listing platforms send you an email each time a new buyer lead requests more information on a property. If you have a close look, all important data fields like the name, the email address and the phone number of the lead can be found in the body text of the email. Also, the address of the property and the listing reference (MLS ID) are available inside the text of the email.
So how does pulling out this data from your emails and pushing it automatically to your CRM, email software, an Excel spreadsheet, or hundreds of other places sound to you? If it sounds great, continue reading!
One way of moving real estate leads from listing platforms or lead vendors to another software is to simply parse the emails which normally end up in your inbox. Parsing from email to lead in Salesforce is something a lot of our customers do and we can help you get started within minutes. There are limitless options for CRM’s that you can send you leads to with our real estate lead management tools.
Setting up Mailparser is easy. Once you’ve created a free account you can create an inbox for each lead source. For the major lead providers, ready to use parsing presets are available which will get you going within minutes. If you get leads from a niche platform, it is also easy to create your own custom email parser. Just reach out to us if you need any help with the setup!

Copy Real-Estate Leads to Salesforce, Zoho CRM, InfusionSoft or any other CRM

Once configured, Mailparser will automatically process all incoming emails according to the parsing rules you defined. Each time we parse a lead from an email, Mailparser can instantly push this data to CRMs like ZoHo, Base, or Infusionsoft.  You can also choose to send your data to a platform called Zapier.com which will allow you to push your leads to one of their 1000+ supported web apps, for example Salesforce or Pipedrive. Our new Microsoft Flow integration unlocks email parsing for Microsoft users too.
If you don’t want to use a CRM software or if you are more comfortable with Excel, no problem! It’s also possible to just download all extracted leads as an Excel spreadsheet.
Feeling motivated to try it out? Click here and start your free subscription today! We work with a lot of Realty Professionals, rest assured we can support you with your real estate lead management needs.

13 Responses

  1. I’m a Realtor interested in your product, my main question is:
    I currently use HomesConnect.com to manage all my leads/contacts generated by my website, but I have to manually enter leads generated by Trulia, Zillow and HomeJunction. Will your product enable me to capture all theses leads automatically (without an export) into HomesConnect?

    1. Hi Kate,
      while parsing the data from Tigerleads Emails will not be a problem, the question is if Market Leader has an API to which we can send the data. Let me have a look and contact you via email soon.

  2. Can I push all my email inbox into Follow up Boss CRM?
    I am a uk property agency getting leads from Rightmove and A Place in the Sun. Can I parse these leads to FollowUp Boss CRM?

    1. Hi Carlo! You can for sure parse all relevant data (message, contact details, property, ..) from your inbound e-mails. However, we need to check if Follow Up Boss allows you to automatically import them with an API. I’ll write them an e-mail right now and let you know once I have news.

    1. Hi Jeoff!
      Yes, we offer two filters which you can try: “Extract HTML Tables” and “Extract Repeating Text Blocks“. Depending on the e-mail structure one of the two should work just fine. You’ll then get the parsing results as rows in spreadsheet or as individual webhooks. If you want some help with the setup, please contact our support once you created your free trial.

  3. I currently use mailparser for this an love it! Zillow, trulia, and hotpads have been doing a few things lately that are causing us problems while parsing though: changing layout of incoming Lead emails, not including the sender email address in body of the email (has to be manually forwarded manually, not with outlook rules, to be captured). We have been using this successfully for 6 months until last week. Do you have any advice?

    1. Hi Maria,
      Thanks for reaching out! When the format of the emails you send in change, in most cases it just takes a small bit of tweaking to get the data you need extracted again – could you send in a ticket to support@mailparser.io with your account email and I will have a look?
      Best Regards,
      Joshua Harris

  4. We run a lead routing solution (Lead Assign) that connects your leads (assuming you are a broker, real estate company owner, team leader, etc) to your individual agents – in real time.
    We can parse essentially all lead formats into our system. We use mail parser.io for the tricky ones. We also sometimes use mail parser to drive accepted leads into a CRM account.
    –Tom – tandersen@leadassign.com

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