How Movinga Fuels Its Rocket Growth With Mailparser

Founded in Berlin, Movinga is rapidly growing into one of Europe’s preferred moving providers. Moving your business across town, or making a personal move out of the country? Movinga provides services from mail forwarding, and curtain installation, to moving transport with blanket wrapping, even furniture assembly. To round things up, Movinga’s customer support and transparent pricing is leaving a trail of happy clients across the Globe.

Destined For Rocket Growth

With a goal of revolutionizing the moving industry, the founders have relentlessly integrated technological advances with their intuitive algorithm to provide personalized quotes, at fair prices. Piggybacked with client feedback implementation, a customer friendly interface, simple booking, & guaranteed pricing, Movinga is poised for exceptional growth, In 2016 and beyond. Movinga presents a unique value proposition to their clients, by offering turnkey options.
Movinga Office
In less than a year and a half, Movinga has grown to a team of 500+ specialists throughout Europe. Feeding this type of growth takes dynamic leadership, excellent customer experience and the awareness to embrace modern technology. Fueled by creativity, & an unparalleled drive for excellence, it is easy to see why Movinga has already landed several rounds of Venture Capital funding. Couple this with a rapidly expanding portfolio of happy clients, and the future of this German based start-up looks very bright.

Growing Faster With Email Parsing

Explosive growth led Movinga to reach out to Mailparser to aide in scaling their business, and to streamline collection of emailed information from their own website, and multiple partner sites throughout Europe.
Prior to this partnership, expensive developer costs and time were needed to extract data into their desired format, which inhibited growth opportunities and corporate partnerships. Today, Movinga is using Mailparser email parsing techniques to quickly connect new data sources to their system.
Within 30 minutes or less, a new connection between Movinga and a third party lead provider is up and running. What used to take weeks of costly development time is now done in minutes without writing a single line of code. See the power of Mailparser for yourself with a FREE subscription!
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Customer Success Through Advanced Leads Routing

Email parsing is at the heart of Movinga’s ability to connect new lead sources in record time. Leads collected by third party websites are emailed to one of the inboxes maintained by Movinga. A set of simple parsing rules is then extracting key data such as the prospects name, contact details and the job description.
The Movinga Support Team
Immediately after receiving a new lead by email, Mailparser is turning the incoming email into structured data. This data is then sent to where it is supposed to be, the CRM of Movinga.
The whole process takes less than minute. This allows Movinga to classify leads and follow up in record time. Obviously, the customers of Movinga are loving the fast response times. And the team of Movinga? They couldn’t be happier. A fully automated process helps them focus on what they do best, managing their customers successful move!
Want to learn more about Mailparser? In less than 15 minutes with Mailparser, you can get started parsing data from your emails, and receive structured data in return.

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