Law Firm Marketing – Automating Lead Generation Extraction

Lawyer advertising and extracting law leads from your law firm marketing platform…

Hands down, one of the most competitive marketing arenas is for law firms and attorney clients. Mailparser has clients using a wide variety of law firm marketing & lead generation sites and parsing the incoming leads right to their CRM’s. Websites like,,,,,, & many more generate law leads for attorneys every day. Law firms often use multiple platforms to generate law leads, but have one common problem… A different presentation of the lead data, we eliminate this headache. A typical inbox for a lawyer client shown below.
law leads inbox

Stop manual retrieval of emailed law leads and automate the lead generation extraction

Using Mailparser allows you to create rules for each source you use to generate law leads. Using Mailparser provides you a way to automatically strip the relevant data you want from your lead emails, and send it to your CRM, download as an Excel file, integrate with Google Sheets, send to Zapier, the options are nearly limitless. AND, you can also extract the data from all of the lead generation sources, regardless of the format they send you the email in, into the same structured format. To recap, you can extract leads from all your law marketing platforms, and compile those leads into the same structured format, and send that data nearly anywhere. An example of parsed leads (format), is displayed in the image below.
parsed law leads

No more copying and pasting, & you can respond to your new law leads in real-time

When you send the extracted data to your desired cloud platform via our native integrations or Zapier, you literally have the new lead information at your fingertips immediately. Time and again it has proven that a law lead gets less valuable the longer you don’t respond. Calling or emailing the lead quickly often puts you at the front of the list for prospective clients.
Get your free subscription rolling today and start structuring and automating your workflow, regrading your lead generation. Our “Getting Started” post has some great tips to get you going, and if you need any assistance, please contact us for support.
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