Extract Craigslist Leads

Extract Craigslist Leads with just a few simple steps

In this post we will cover how to extract craigslist leads, without the headache of manual labor. First, let’s cover some of the use-cases that we have seen over the years…. Mailparser has clients using Craigslist for a wide range of scenarios, from auto leads, and craigslist rental property listings, to Real Estate agents that have property listings, and even “Junkers” that buy and sell tons of items each month on CL. In this post we will cover how our auto sales clients pull leads from craigslist with ease.

Craigslist lead generation for the auto industry

Whether you are a big-time auto dealer, run a smaller local car lot, (or even if you are just flipping cars on CL), craigslist can give you exposure, inexpensively and very quickly. We have a wide range of clients in the auto sales industry that use our email parsing software to extract the relevant data from the responses they receive on their postings. That data is then used in a number of ways by the sellers, from Google Sheets integrations, & CRM contact creation, to Excel spreadsheet downloads and more. Now you can skip reading of each email, and just compile the structured data wherever they would like it, and respond from there.
Below is a typical craigslist auto leads inbox with Mailparser (we only pushed 3 emails for reference, often there are 100’s of emails).
craigslist auto leads
Once the first email has arrived, you can start creating parsing rules. We have a ton of resources here: parsing rule data extraction. We want some core data from this email, and would like to dump it (for example) into a Google Sheet, so that our sales team can follow up in real time. Automate how you extract craigslist leads, as they pour in.
parsing craigslist leads
Once you have your email parsing rules set-up, your craigslist leads data will be ready for you to download, or send on to another platform. Below is a quick preview of the newly created parsing rules in action, with the parsed data, and the original email that we extracted data from.
parsed craigslist leads
Well, that is all it takes to extract your data. Do you have tons of Craigslist listings? Simply create additional inboxes as needed. There is a wide range of integrations you can send this data to, or simply download the data (see “File Downloads” in the image above), or send it via generic webhook to nearly endpoint. Our pricing page covers all the account membership specifics, & you can sign up for a free subscription to test us out too.
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