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Podio email parsing solutions

Clients, from Realtors and Accountants, to Architects and Designers use Mailparser with Podio for huge workflow gains. Podio offers users a wide range of functionality, be it CRM needs, project management, workflow management, you name it, they have top solutions. Regardless of your Podio use-case, Mailparser will reliably and efficiently separate out the information that you want passed on to the Podio platform from emails.
Mailparser allows you to parse a wide range of incoming emails from different sources. Emails from a supplier, shipping notifications, invoices, notes from the client, 3rd party lead generation, the options are limitless. Simply set a parsing rule, or host of parsing rules, for each source of your incoming emails, and assign the destination in your Podio account via Zapier. Podio already provides users great flexibility to send email to App & create tasks from email, our integration allows another level of flexibility, and efficiency.
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Mailparser workflow automation will save Podio users hours of work

With no manual extraction and input into Podio, you instantly enhance reliability, increase speed, accuracy is improved, and you have the ability to make decisions on information in real-time. You can then use the triggers in Podio, to alert stakeholders, create tasks, and ensure all communications are being delivered just as you intend, and how you prefer. You are in the driver’s seat.
To get started, you simply create an account with us at Mailparser, do the same with Zapier, then simply “Parse and Zap” the data to Podio. It really is that easy to automate your critical project management correspondence, feedback, and more into Podio. Enhance the potential of Podio via our workflow automation tools. Learn more about our Mailparser >> Zapier >> Podio integration. Also, learn how to extract data from emails, for download, or sending to hundreds of other Apps with our “Getting Started” article.

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