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As you probably already know, Email Parsing is just the first step when it comes to automating your business process with Mailparser. The real magic starts once you connect Mailparser to other online apps. Once you see new contacts automatically popping up in your CRM based on data parsed by Mailparser things start to really make sense. This article gives you some ideas about the most popular Mailparser integrations and how you can use them. Let’s get automated!
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CRM Email Parser Integrations

CRM Integrations with Mailparser

Create Leads and Contacts in Salesforce from Email

Our email to lead Salesforce integration lets you easily create new Leads, Contacts, Deals or any other custom object in Salesforce based on data parsed from emails. Once we receive a new email from you we’ll pull out the essential email data and push it to Salesforce in under a minute. This means nearly zero delay until you can follow up with your lead.

Create new Leads, Contacts or Accounts in Zoho CRM from Email Data

Zoho is a great platform which offers plenty of different solutions for your business. One of their better known apps is Zoho CRM for which we offer an easy to use integration. With our Zoho email parser you can create new Leads, Contacts, Accounts or Potentials in Zoho CRM with data extracted from emails.

Many More Email Parsing CRM Integrations with Zapier

As you probably already know, we at Mailparser are big fans of Zapier. Once you connect Mailparser to Zapier you have an incredibly powerful tool with endless possibilities at your fingertips. Our email parser is a very robust offering .vs. the Zapier email parser. Mailparser offers you a powerful and comprehensive way of parsing data fields from recurring emails and the team at Zapier makes sure that you can push this data to any of the 1000+ web apps in their portfolio.

Microsoft Flow integrations unlock a tons more amazing optimizations

We added our newest platform integration with Microsoft recently. This integration allows folks that love Microsoft to take advantage of our email parser for Microsoft Flow, and then pass structured information through Flow to your favorite Apps. Want to create contacts from your lead generation efforts into Microsoft Dynamics? No problem, there are tons of options to take advantage of.

Create a new Mailchimp Subscriber from Incoming Emails

A Mailchimp inbound email integration is super helpful if you receive emails from a contact or sign-up form on your website. Mailparser lets you grab the data which is trapped in those incoming emails and makes it easy to push the contact details directly to Mailchimp.

Send Personalised Auto-Replies to Incoming Emails

Next to moving incoming email leads into a CRM, sending out personalised email replies to prospects is a very popular integration. It works like this: You route incoming emails to Mailparser and we extract data fields like the prospects’ name, email address and what he/she is interested in. After that, a personalised drip campaign will be send from your Gmail account to the new contact. Imagine something like a “Thanks for your interest ” or “Check out our other courses”. The possibilities are endless her. And because the emails are personalised and sent from your private Gmail account, the open-rates are way higher than for a traditional bulk email campaign.
Email Parser Integrations

Move Data from Email to Google Docs Sheets

Google Docs Sheets are the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of the internet. Once your data is inside a Google Spreadsheet, the possibilities are endless. Our Google Sheets Email Parser integration makes it super easy to pull data from incoming emails and copy them to a Google Spreadsheet.

Power a RSS feed with data parsed from Emails

Another quite popular Mailparser integration is to power a RSS feed with email data. Moving data from incoming emails into a RSS feed allows you for example to publish data on your blogging platform from email.

Project Management Software Integrations

Since we launched Mailparser we saw lots of unexpected use-cases. It’s amazing to see how creative our users are when it comes to integrating our email parser with other apps. One particular interesting case is to parse data from emails and create a file in with this data.
Do you want to see another integration here? Please don’t hesitate and contact us!

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