Parse Form Data from Emails

Have web forms, that send you email responses? Would you like to aggregate all of the responses into a structured format that is easy to manipulate for research, or upload to your CRM, etc.? Then read on, because we have some interesting observations on how to parse form data to share with you!
Today’s business world moves fast, faster than developers can integrate solutions for their companies. You can wait for your team to create an internal solution, or you can adapt on-the-fly with our email parsing software to streamline some of your most important workflow hiccups. Let’s discuss the types of forms for just a moment.
contact form
Web forms are used in business today for many reasons. They are a way to direct users to submit information in a way, such that you will receive structured data in return. Below are just a few of the top reasons businesses use forms:

  • registration forms – registering for an event, webinar, etc.
  • donation forms – hugely used by non-profits and other businesses that rely on donations
  • surveys – polling prospects, clients, colleagues, etc.
  • quizzes – used in competitions, giveaways, gather feedback internally or externally
  • contact forms – popular in lieu of email addresses, forms to request more information, etc.
  • job application forms – the name says it all
  • branding questionnaire – Huge in the marketing/branding space when creating, or re-inventing client branding
  • net promoter scores – aggregate feedback from prospects & clients on how they view your business, and why
  • suggestion and feedback forms – great for internal polling or wrap-up/completion of client projects, etc.
  • 3rd party lead generation – grow your network with 3rd party sites hosting lead generation pages & forms

Forms can be a wildly helpful way to ask questions, get responses, and gain perspective in a professional and structured format. However not every web form provider has the functionality to output files in your preferred format, or send the data to your cloud software platforms. Take advantage of the power of Mailparser by signing up for a FREE subscription today!
Create a free Mailparser subscription
Mailparser allows you to use whatever web form provider you choose, and still get the form data from emailed responses, into structured data you can send on to nearly any endpoint. Have a registration form in WooFu, a contact request form on you WooCommerce site, doing a survey for NPS on The use cases are nearly endless.
mailparser inbox
With Mailparser, you simply create an “inbox” for each form, and create simple parsing rules to enable uniform, structured data output, and you are set. Once you have your inboxes (with parsing rules) set to your liking, and the data is ready to be sent somewhere your have tons of options. You can simply download all the data into an Excel file, you can webhook the data to Google Sheets, you can send it to your CRM, Marketing Automation platform, or literally hundreds of other places via web app integrators like Zapier, Microsoft Flow or custom webhooks. What is a webhook?
This video will give you a great overview of just how easy it is to parse form data in exactly the format you desire, and send it where you want it.

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