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The hospitality industry relies on Online Booking & Online Reservations

Whether you are using your website,,,, Airbnb, or another online booking & reservation platform, you can save hours of tedious work, and improve response time with Mailparser.
Short term rental properties often receive information requests and online booking inquiries, via email, from multiple 3rd party sources. Keeping all of this organized can often be quite a challenge. Different platforms, often (nearly always), send you requests in different layouts, with a completely different presentation of the critical data. If you have multiple active properties, this amplifies the “problem”. Below is a sample of an inbox from a typical account with multiple units listed.
online booking parser

Our email parsing software allows you to extract exactly the data you want from online booking emails, and send it nearly anywhere

How? You simply create an “inbox” and send your emails to our email parser, create parsing rules for the emails, (tutorial video below), then you can arrange the order of the parsed data, and preview the data that has been processed. Then continue on and download the data, send a generic webhook to your database, send to a Google Sheet with our native integration, or send your data through Zapier and hook into 100’s of your favorite apps. There are so many ways to make your business more efficient and improve your customer response time with our email parsing software.

We have clients sending 1000’s of online booking and reservation requests each week, from short term home & property rentals to restaurant reservations. Ensure that you are getting the data exactly how you need it, while ensuring the accuracy of each inquiry and with our integration options you literally have inbound emails converted into actionable leads in your CRM in real-time.
Pricing for our email parsing software is based on usage, and includes a free subscription to test drive the software to ensure everything is a fit for your business need. Should you need a helping hand, or have any questions, please contact us!
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