9 Awesome Automation Tools Used by Top Real Estate Agents | Infographic

Between driving all over town, sitting at open houses, and showing new houses that just came on the market, who has time for running the actual business of being a real estate agent. The marketing, the contracts, the follow ups, and the leads. It’s so hard to keep up as a agent. If only you had a personal assistant or team of people working for you…but is that even realistic?
How can real estate agents get ahead?
Believe it or not but about 80% of your work day is filled with tedious tasks that anyone could do. Only about 20% of your day is dedicated to hardcore real estate agent tasks that only a licensed agent can handle. So, how do you avoid those tedious tasks?
Option 1:
Pay thousands of dollars per month for a personal assistant.
Option 2:
Pay a couple hundred dollars per month and automate everything.
Here are 9 Awesome, Automation Tools Used by Top Real Estate Agents
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1. MailParser

When a new real estate lead comes in by email, automatically extract lead’s data right from your email and add their information right into your favorite CRM.
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Automate the process of capturing new leads at all of your open houses, and finally get rid of pen and paper! Open house lead generation software such as Spac.io allows realtors to capture the emails of open house attendees and send automated follow-ups emails.
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3. SlickText

Get the word out about new open houses quickly and effectively by blasting out textmessages to clients. You can either send one-off messages or schedule automatic text messages for any point in the future.
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4. OnceHub.com

Add a widget to your website that connects with your calendar and automates the process of scheduling appointments. Save time digging through your calendar and responding to people by putting your calendar on auto-pilot.
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5. Agent Legend

Remove the process of personalizedengagement by automating personalized voicemails, text messages and emails. Sending personalized voicemails to your leads is a great way to initiate engagement with your leads. With out this tool, it can become really difficult to personally engage with hundreds or possibly thousands of leads.
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6. MeetEdgar

Automate your content marketing by putting your content workflow sharing work on auto-pilot.Upload an article you found or wrote and automatically share it for the next several months with a few clicks of a button. Set it and forget it.
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7. Dotloop

Automate the hassle of getting physical contracts signed, by requesting online esignatures from clients. Real estate automation software like Dotloop speeds up the process considerably by offering a more automated solution with automatic follow ups, storage and more.
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8. Lead Assign

Worried that your agency isn’t accurately, or even fairly distributing leads to everyone? Tell them how they automate the process of lead assignment. Manually assigning leads can be a big task that doesn’t always end with the best results. Lead routing software such as Lead Assign automates this process.
Try LeadAssign.com

9. Follow-up Boss

Automate the headache of sending follow up messages and never lose a real estate deal again! Real estate marketing automation software such as Follow-up Boss allows you to consolidate your leads in one place, making it easier to follow up, manage and get new business.
Try FollowUpBoss.com


The robot train is coming so jump onboard before you get left at the station. Automation doesn’t have to be scary, in fact it can grow your real estate business faster by removing the tedious tasks that even a monkey, or in this case, a robot could do. For even more easy to automate your business, check out the top ways real estate agents boost productivity.
Good luck!

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