Extract Data From Recurring Emails

Transform trapped data and discover the key features of Mailparser, the leading choice for email data extraction.

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No-Code Data Extraction

Send your emails to Mailparser and get structured data in return. Our web-based data extraction software allows you to pull any kind of data from recurring emails. 

Automatic Rule Generation with Intelligent Parser Creator

By analyzing the email structure, our intelligent algorithm automatically generates parsing rules to extract specific or comprehensive data from your emails.

Hundreds of Parsing Rule Templates from The Most Popular Sites

Designed to effortlessly extract valuable data from emails across various sectors. From insurance and car dealerships to real estate and more.

Flexible Data Download in Multiple Formats: XLS, CSV, JSON, XML

Simply access the generated download link and retrieve the data within the same day, week, month, or even the last specified number of lines.

Data Manipulation

Seamlessly reformat and restructure extracted data with ease. Perform arithmetic operations such as sum, min, max, and even calculate new columns effortlessly.

Advanced Routing

Regardless of having multiple email formats and inboxes, you can now send all these different emails to a single inbox address. By defining routing rules each email will be effortlessly routed to its associated inbox. Eliminate the need for setting up filters on your side

Data Extraction from Email Elements and Attachments

Our powerful tool extracts data not only from the email subject, header, and body but also from all attachments. Capture crucial information such as the email sender and recipients.

Extract Data From CSV, XLS, and XLSX Attachments

Extract data in table format and leverage flexible formatting and restructuring options. Fill out empty values, rearrange column orders, and calculate new columns based on the values of other columns. Seamlessly dispatch these parsed rows to multiple solutions, empowering you to efficiently manage and utilize your extracted data.

Seamless Integration with 5000+ Apps for Data Transfer

Connect Mailparser with over 5000+ solutions to effortlessly send your parsed data. With direct and indirect access to a wide range of applications, you can easily configure Mailparser to send extracted lead data from each received email to platforms such as Salesforce, Slack, Quickbooks, and more simultaneously.

Automated Data
and Email Cleanup

Maintain data privacy and security with Mailparser’s automated cleanup feature. Configure Mailparser to automatically erase both emails and extracted data points within minutes, hours, or days after the data is extracted from the email. Rest assured knowing that your sensitive information is securely managed, and unnecessary data is promptly removed from Mailparser’s system.

Powerful Features for Efficient Email Data Extraction and Management

Mailparser allows you to extract data from the email body, the subject, the sender information or even from attached files. We offer ready-to-use templates for the most common email parsing tasks, as well as custom parsing rules. 

No credit card required

Featured Use Cases

Hundreds of businesses rely on Mailparser to automate and streamline their business process. Browse our latest use cases and find out what our customers have to say.

Real Estate

Mailparser streamlines real estate companies’ data extraction by automating the extraction of crucial information from emails, leads, and inquiries, saving time and improving efficiency.

View Real Estate Templates >

Logistics & Delivery

Simplify logistics and delivery processes by automatically extracting and organizing essential information from emails and documents, improving accuracy and efficiency in supply chain management.

View Logistics Templates > 

Lead Capturing

Mailparser aids lead capturing across various industries by automating data extraction from emails, web forms, and documents, allowing businesses to streamline their sales and marketing efforts effectively.

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Streamline order processing and customer inquiries by using Mailparser to automatically extract and organize critical data from emails, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

View E-Commerce Templates >

Car Dealerships

Accelerate sales and service requests with Mailparser’s data extraction capabilities, ensuring quick response times and seamless customer experiences.

View Dealership Templates > 


Enhance logistics and shipment tracking with Mailparser’s automated email parsing, facilitating real-time updates and efficient cargo management.

View Shipping Templates > 


Improve reservation and booking processes by automating data extraction from booking emails, optimizing resource allocation and guest satisfaction.

View Tourism Templates > 


Simplify candidate sourcing and application management by leveraging Mailparser to extract and categorize applicant data, streamlining the hiring process.

View Recruitment Templates > 


Expedite claims processing and policy management by automating data extraction from insurance-related emails, boosting productivity and customer service.

View Insurance Templates > 

Fully Automate Your Business Processes

Automate your email workflow by extracting valuable data from incoming emails.

Whether for lead generation, order processing, or data entry, Mailparser’s features streamline and enhance email-based tasks, making it an essential tool for optimizing productivity and efficiency.

Featured Case Studies

With millions of parsed documents, Mailparser is the leading email extraction software on the market. Browse our latest use cases and find out how Mailparser has helped others.

Barton Associates

“Mailparser transformed my menial internship into a full-time role, enabling me to showcase my skills, automate lead email processing, and secure a rewarding career.”

Zach – bartonassociates.com

Bright Idea

“Mailparser streamlined data entry, saving us from manually transferring info from 5,000 monthly emails with 40,000 data points into our order system, increasing efficiency significantly.”

Jason SBright Idea

Cork CRM

“CorkCRM is a CRM software that helps painting companies streamline their business. Our customers receive a ton of form entries every day requesting appointments. We needed a way to take the request from an emailed form entry into our web application.”

Michael H – CorkCRM

Future Solutions

“Future Solutions achieved automation excellence by integrating Mailparser, eliminating manual data entry tasks, and ensuring real-time, error-free financial data updates in Podio from Quickbooks Online.”

Pete CFuture Solutions


“Our vacation rental software integrates seamlessly with Mailparser, automatically converting booking inquiry emails into structured data, saving time, and enhancing efficiency for our clients. Exceptional support included.”

Dennis KLodgify


“Our healthcare support business uses Mailparser to streamline email processing, automating data extraction and webhooks, enabling clients to prioritize tasks and grow efficiently. Exceptionally user-friendly and reliable.”

Jeronimo – MediFin


Mailparser greatly enhances Print Storm’s workflow efficiency. It extracts vital data from various emails, integrates seamlessly with Zapier, and populates Podio fields, saving countless hours monthly for this design and print company.

Paul CPrintStorm

Taster's Club

“Mailparser simplified shipping communication for us by standardizing tracking emails from various carriers. Integration with Zapier allowed seamless customization and saved us significant time and effort consistently.”

Mack OTaster’s Club

United Worx

“Our web development firm empowers real estate clients with efficient lead management. Using mailparser.io, we swiftly extract data from multiple portals, automating CRM entry, saving time, and ensuring accuracy.”

Paris PUnited Worx

Frequently Asked Questions

Mailparser offers a 30 day free trial that you can get started with. This plan offers 30 credits per month. 

Emails will still be imported into your Mailparser account – but will be paused in the data parsing queue until additional emails are available.  You can choose to purchase additional emails for your current cycle, upgrade to a higher subscription plan, or wait until the reset date.

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription plan at any time. Our invoices are prorated, so you would only be charged the difference between the two plans.

Mailparser is a purely cloud-based application that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

We have a webinar available as well as a support page with hundreds of articles and a YouTube channel covering our most requested topics.

You can visit our support center for frequently asked questions. Click the speech bubble in the bottom right of the screen to talk to one of our Customer Happiness team or send an email to contact@mailparser.io

Mailparser can be integrated directly with popular CRMs like Salesforce, with platforms such as Zapier or Power Automate, and to any API via our advanced webhook integration.

We take data security very seriously and our system is compliant with the latest web security standards. More information on Mailparser data security.

Mailparser can parse supported email attachments sent to your inbox including, csv, xlsx, docx, pdf and txt but does not support images or scanned documents. For documents requiring OCR check out Docparser.

With an annual plan, all credits will be assigned to your account at the beginning of the billing cycle, so you can save credits during months when you receive fewer emails and use more credits during busy months.