Process Zillow Leads for Realty & Mortgage

Zillow is a premier portal for searching out Homes & Properties for sale

Zillow connects sellers, buyers, real estate agents and LO’s via a comprehensive property database. Put in your search requirements, and then get your regional results, and drill down from there. Our email parsing solution will automate your workflow and save you hours of manual work, while processing leads (even from multiple sources), to your preferred platform in real-time. Yes, get an SMS notification, automatically send the lead information to your CRM, Google Sheets, wherever. Get back to your real estate buyer faster with Mailparser.
If you are a realtor, a mortgage professional, or even a FSBO using Zillow leads generation platform, the screen below will look very familiar.
zillow leads
Our email parsing software will turn the above listing & form submission, into structured data. You can integrate your parsed lead information, with nearly any cloud platform you want (SalesForce, Mailchimp, Zapier, etc.). Generate leads from Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist,, wherever. Simply set up a inbox for each source, to structure the client data you would like to extract, and sit back and watch the leads roll in. A typical Zillow real estate leads inbox on Mailparser is shown below.
zillow real estate leads
We’ve written articles on Getting Started and Real Estate Leads that will provide you with some additional information on how to harness the power of 3rd party real estate lead generation, without the headache of sorting your email inbox. Additionally, you can get those real estate, or mortgage leads to your team, and have them on the phone, or email, reaching out to the interested party within minutes. Our integrations send client information to your CRM, Google Sheets, or wherever you manage your clients, automatically & populate the information of the interested real estate buyer.

We have affordable Pricing Plans to suit your lead volume and offer a free subscription to ensure you can properly test our email parser prior to committing. Have questions or need help?? Just contact us.

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