Parse Restaurant Reservation Bookings

Using online marketing to drive exposure and restaurant reservation bookings? offers email parsing and workflow solutions that allow your restaurant to aggregate online inquiries into one place.
Whether you are getting booking emails from your own Website, or other 3rd party booking engines, you can extract all the information you need from those emails, and send it to a variety of solutions to ease your booking woes. Want to send all of the requests to one common Google Sheet, for eventual input into your Google Calendar? No problem. Maybe you just want those reservation emails to trigger a text message to your reservation counter? Again, this is a solution you can accomplish with
Create a Mailparser account allows you to select exactly the information that you want from each email inquiry, and send it where you want. Many high volume restaurants tend to keep their bookings at the greeter stand and manage their walk-in and online bookings in real-time. One of the really cool features of Mailparser is that we offer is the ability to receive an email and convert that to a text message sent with Twilio. This allows you to ensure that you are seeing the online requests in addition to the walk-ins.
Additionally, you can capture all the results from these online bookings, and send that data to other cloud marketing platforms. Want to email a weekly dinner special? Maybe a customer appreciation event, or promote live music that is coming in each week? All of these tasks are simple when you parse your emails with and send that data to hundreds of other cloud platforms via our native or Zapier integrations.
No more writing down the wrong name, or missing an email reservation request. The workflow automation gains realized with will allow you to virtually eliminate manual data input while saving you time and increasing accuracy. Have a question? Contact us.

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