How to Convert Email to Excel

Is part of your business based on data that you receive by email? For example, leads from a lead provider, order confirmations, and purchase orders from your online shops, sales stats, you name it … do you need to copy this important data from email to Excel?

If so, how do you convert data trapped inside those emails into an easy to handle formats like an Excel or CSV spreadsheet? Do you find yourself confronted with a tedious copy & paste routine? If so, you can stop your manual routine now and use Mailparser to automate your email workflow. Prefer pushing your email data to Google Sheets? Sign up today for a FREE subscription and automate your workflows!

  • Step 1: Create a parser inbox
    This is the inbox where you will forward all of the emails and attachments that need to be parsed, extracted, and organized into Microsoft Excel. (Create a free inbox)
  • Step 2: Send One or Two Test Emails
    It’s always good to double-check that your emails are getting to your new parser inbox before you start automating the process.
  • Step 3: Create Rules
    Determine what information you want to parse from your emails or attachments, such as email addresses, names, addresses, and anything else you want to extract into excel.
  • Step 4: Download to Excel
    In Mailparser, there’s a handy little MS Excel link where you can automatically download your excel files with the data from your emails.
  • Step 5: Automate the process
    Set your email, Gmail, or Microsoft Outlook to automatically forward target to Mailparser, and well do the rest.


Create Your Parser Inbox

It’s free. No payment required.

Watch a quick video tutorial.

Mailparser is an easy to use online application which allows you to extract data from emails to Excel. After signing up for a free subscription, you can define parsing rules which tell our algorithm what kind of data fields you want to extract from the email text or attachments. Once the parsing rules are set up, all you need to is to forward your emails and you will get your data as an Excel file in return. Mailparser allows you to parse data from the email body text, the subject line, the sender/receiver, or other header text and even from file attachments. Below is our screencast covering the process, or read on to learn more.

Images and Screenshots

It’s easy to get started with Mailparser. We offer several templates that handle the most common use cases like simple contact form emails and order receipts out of the box. Mailparser also gives you the tools to create your own customized email parsing solution. By chaining up multiple text filters, you can create complex custom extraction rules within minutes. Once set up, these extraction rules will boil down the email to the data fields you are looking for. We also have built-in formatting options, which allow you to convert date & telephone formats, and more.


Email to Excel Software - Mailparser

Mailparser is a flexible data extraction solution for converting incoming emails (leads, order confirmations, purchase orders, any recurring emails…) to easy-to-handle Excel, CSV and Google Spreadsheet files. Try it for free and parse your first emails to spreadsheets within minutes. Just some of our many extraction features are shown in the image below:


Extraction features of Mailparser


How To Convert Email To Excel


The entire process can be set up in minutes and those who automate the email to excel process end up saving hours and hours of work every week. It’s a huge win for businesses and business owners.

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