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Frequently asked questions

Which Mailparser plan is right for me?

The best plan will be the one that matches your monthly or annual email volume. Pricing is based on the number of emails that will arrive into your Mailparser account monthly or yearly

Does Mailparser offer a free trial?

Mailparser offers a forever free plan that you can get started with. This plan allows you to import up to 30 emails per month.

What happens if I run out of Mailparser email credits?

Emails will still be imported into your Mailparser account – but will be paused in the data parsing queue until additional emails are available.  You can choose to purchase additional emails for your current cycle, upgrade to a higher subscription plan, or wait until the reset date.

Can I upgrade my Mailparser subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription plan at any time. Our invoices are prorated, so you would only be charged the difference between the two plans.

Do I need to download Mailparser?

Mailparser is a purely cloud-based application that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Where can I learn how to use Mailparser?

We have a webinar available as well as a support page with hundreds of articles and a YouTube channel covering our most requested topics.

How do I get help if I have a question?

You can visit our support center for frequently asked questions. Click the speech bubble in the bottom right of the screen to talk to one of our Customer Happiness team or send an email to

Does Mailparser work with my CRM?

Mailparser can be integrated directly with popular CRMs like Salesforce, with platforms such as Zapier or Power Automate, and to any API via our advanced webhook integration.

How Safe is Mailparser?

We take data security very seriously and our system is compliant with the latest web security standards. More information on Mailparser data security.

Can I parse attachments with Mailparser?

Mailparser can parse supported email attachments sent to your inbox including, csv, xlsx, docx, pdf and txt but does not support images or scanned documents. For documents requiring OCR check out Docparser.

How are credits assigned to Mailparser annual plans?

With an annual plan, all credits will be assigned to your account at the beginning of the billing cycle, so you can save credits during months when you receive fewer emails and use more credits during busy months.