Just set-up a few simple email parsing rules and go.

Reliably extract structured data from your incoming emails, and automatically push it to your desired location.

By definition, Automated Data Entry is something that every business should utilize. There should rarely, be a need to manually input bulk data into a CRM, or upload into your email campaign software, or 100’s of other places you may need to push your business data.

Many of our customers have no problem with automating their data entry, rather, their issue lies in compiling the data that they need to extract from email messages into a format that will allow them to accomplish their business needs. mailparser.io can easily extract data from emails and compile it in an easy to handle, structured data spreadsheet (structure that you define), that you can then connect to 100’s of applications via Zapier, or other cloud integration conduit.

How do we do it?? Our software is super easy, intuitive, and requires no coding. Simply create a free account to test our service, set up your parsing rules for data output, and kick-off your data automation extravaganza. So you’re not a technical person? Neither are most of our clients. We have easy tutorial videos, and blog articles that you can follow step-by-step to create the proper output structured file for your business needs. We don’t require you to replace anything that you currently use, we simply complement your current business tools. We are an AND solution, not and OR solution.

Once you have your parsing rules set up and you have data coming in, simply browse our cloud integration partners, and push your data to the location you need, be it your CRM or any other integration. mailparser.io was built for the modern Cloud Stack. Want to integrate with something that isn’t listed in our suite of offerings? Simply email us your situation, and our development team will see if it is a viable project.

Read what our happy customers have to say Make manual data entry a thing of the past!

We use a variety of third party shipping partners to get product to our customers, but having various shippers made it hard to standardize tracking emails and other shipment-related correspondence with the customer. We configured our Mailparser address to receive and parse generic tracking emails from each of our shippers. Then, Mailparser’s integration with Zapier lets us re-skin these emails and sends them to the customer, from us. We’re able to sit back while it all happens.

Mailparser has saved us countless hours over the years. We are able to configure our parsing rules, set it and forget it! We get a consistent, clean stream of data that we can batch process as we choose. It just works.

The parsing rules are so easy to configure, it’s not at all difficult to have a non-technical person configure them. I am a big fan of Mailparser. It *actually has* saved us tons of time over the years

Mack - Taster's Club

We scrape incoming orders, post to web (csv) and import into our ERP. To license all the api's is ridiculous...Your product is amazing and customer service is awesome.

Kevin Budzynski - Monroe Engineering

We use Mailparser.io to parse spreadsheets from Appassure backup software email reports and inject the net totals into a consolidated google spreadsheet that allows us to view all backup reports within one document.

Our data comes in xls attachments via daily emails with backups report statistics. We check them all daily so I am using mailparser.io to consolidate them. Originally used Zapier to push to google sheets but currently we use your native integration and canceled our Zapier account.

Before email parsing we had a shared mailbox to collect all of these daily emails. We would open each message, then open attachment, then copy and paste the number from the spreadsheet into our tracking document. Now we do not have to open each message or copy anything. We can look at a single google doc and view all current and historical data for 100+ daily reports within minutes. Very nice overall.

Dusty Dutch - Progressive Computer Systems, Inc.

We are a heating and cooling contractor that works primarily with residential customers. We receive the vast majority of our leads via email from multiple channels. During our peak times our lead volume can reach 350-500 / week -a great problem to have! Unfortunately it also becomes a CRM data-entry nightmare. The result of this "nightmare" is increased data-entry costs, data-entry errors and delays -- a "hot" lead becomes "cool" very quickly.

We did some research for solutions and found mailparser.io. Within 2 hours we had a functional pilot up-and-running. Within a week we had all our email channels "wired-up" to auto-create leads in our CRM in a production-mode.

The result: we reduced our data-entry effort for leads by ~80%, increased our data quality and (most importantly) eliminated ANY delay between lead-receipt and availability within our CRM.

Quick, easy and cost-effective. Thank you mailparser.io!

Jeff Swanson - tcomfort.com

Our business is doing fast-delivery on demand with many big retailers. Including API connections within an E-commerce checkout can sometimes lead to very long "Time-to-market".

We wanted to accelerate the proof of concept with some clients, before they have to do the extensive I.T work. So we receive delivery orders in mailparser.io by emails. Thanks to the accuracy and flexibility of mailparser.io it is very easy to extract all the information we need, including extracting the "human" date and time and converting it into "Computer timer".

In addition with Zapier, we were able to create a multi-step workflow that re-introduce the orders in our API and inform us by Slack in real time, and "Voilà"!

With 1.5 days of work, including discovering the services, we were "production ready", and now, we have one more big, happy customer!

Yann Marzack - colisweb.com

Before discovering the magic of Mailparser.io, we had an embarrassingly janky, manual process for importing customer information into AgileCRM . Not only was the old system error prone, it was a major time suck. In implementing a better system, we initially tried a different mail parsing tool, but found it frustrating unreliable and difficult to figure out.

Naturally, I was thrilled to come across Mailparser.io. After a short trial period, it became clear that Mailparser.io was far more trustworthy and easy-to-use than the alternative. We then switched over to Mailparser.io and haven't looked back! We've been using the tool for a year and a half and have no plans of ever switching.

Mailparser.io makes it so simple for us to parse customer information from their emails and automatically import it into our CRM, saving us time and making it easier to make our customers happy.

Matt Dalley, Co-founder - Simply Eloped

mailparser.io has been an absolutely brilliant addition to our workflows here at Print Storm. Using the very intuitive user interface of mailparser.io, we can take data from a whole range of incoming emails, and use the mailparser.io app to pick out the specific pieces of information that we require. Whether it's comments on artwork design proofs that are sent to our designers, or information on printing schedules or deadlines, our staff can sit back and let mailparser.io do the work. Coupled with Zapier, we can then insert that data in to the appropriate fields in our Podio workspace, saving us literally hundreds of hours worth of work every single month. For a print and design company, words cannot describe how great this is for our business!

Paul Cavalier - printstorm.com.au

As a web development company, the Real Estate Market is one of our main sectors we do business. We provide a CRM tightly integrated with our clients websites which makes it very efficient for them to manage their generated leads.

Telling our customers that we can grab leads from 5-10 different international portals they advertise and feed the data directly into their CRM solution has literally been a key selling point for our solution. Utilising mailparser.io in order to do so has been really easy for us since it was done in a single day. We have simply created a simple API endpoint on our CRM where mailparser.io posts data. The whole process works really fast so there is no delay. Mailparser.io makes it easy to grab an email, clean the html and drill down to each field we need to grab and make sure data is parsed correctly.

Our clients are happy that the hundreds of leads they receive on a monthly basis are entered automatically into the CRM eliminating and delays or errors from manual data entry! It simply helps them get their job done faster and more effectively with wasting time on data entry.

Paris Paraskeva - United Worx

Metalprogetti is an industry leader in textile management and automation machinery. Our clients rely heavily on our systems and up-time is critical for them to meet production deadlines around the clock.

We only use the very basic features of mailparser.io to parse customer replies to support tickets, but this basic function has removed a substantial cognitive burden from our own development team.

To date, we have not experienced any issues with mailparser.io and our team is very pleased with this service provider. From the clean online interface to the customer friendly support interactions.

We will continue using mailparser.io to simplify parsing and processing of customer responses. mailparser.io has become as critical and important to us as Twilio is for our voice and SMS communications.

Brian Spaulding - Metalprogetti USA

Trying to get developers to parse mails into our CRM correctly just wasn't happening, until one day I found this tool mailparser.io and I knew I had come to the right place... We pull leads & enquiries from a variety of different websites and systems, and centralise them into our CRM, ready for distribution to our agents. Clean, simple, and effective. The guys are super helpful and knowledgeable, give them a shot!

James Woolley - cometocapetown.com

Why Mailparser.io? As a tourism company, we work with different agents that sell our services. Our aim was to automate the booking database in one single Google Sheet. Different agents send reports with the bookings we have, and thanks to Mailparser we are able to read, extract and introduce this information from the emails to Google Sheets. This way, we are able to have one single DB with all of our bookings from different agents. Just perfect for us. This saves us time and resources, as well as enabling to concentrate information and clarify KPIs for decision taking.

How did we solve it before? We did it manually…. We introduced all the bookings from the different agents manually in Google Sheets. We really believe in process automation, and introducing all the bookings automatically was a life saver.

Eduardo - Sea Saffron Food Tours

We have been using mailparser.io services for few months and can claim that their dedicated fast support team and their problem solving skills make them awesome. There is still work to do, but mailparser.io is definitely on the right way.

As OTA, we are using mailparser.io to parse data from email confirmations, process them via webhooks, and automate other upcoming processes in our system.

mailparser.io is so easy to use and affordable, we do not even think about doing tasks manually. mailparser.io is very helpful when merging loads of structured .xls files with tabular data into one google spreadsheet. You can also transform your data just the way you need. The only limits using mailparser.io is human creativity.

Jakub Dudik - Pelikan Travel

We use mailparser.io to parse all of amicable's incoming leads into our CRM. I was using other parsing tools before Mailparser but they just didn't give me the level of detail I needed to do the job. I was spending hours filling in the gaps and correcting the fields that the other work arounds and parsing tools couldn't handle. As a Head of Marketing for a start-up, I need the most efficient tools that save me time and that's exactly what mailparser.io provides.

mailparser.io transfers all incoming leads via our website including personal data and source info e.g. Google Organic, Facebook, etc. into our CRM. It's an absolute dream and is very intuitive (you don't have to be techy to use it) and has cut out hours of manually data transferring and cleansing. Best of all it helps me to easily see the information that I need to make decisions on marketing spend and activity in one place!

Hannah - amicable

Our company has been using mailparser.io for a little over a year to parse emails from our various customers. We receive work orders to perform pavement repairs throughout the United States and in the past would spend large amounts of time entering information from these work orders into Salesforce. Now that manual entry is no longer needed. The work orders from our clients route through mailparser.io, have the relevant information striped out and sent automatically to Salesforce through a webhook. This has saved us countless hours of manual data entry freeing our account teams to use more of their time to deliver exceptional service to our customers.

Joe Stolz - rabine.com

We're not developers but we like to work smart. We want Slack notifications when our customers contact us. We want to map customer addresses. And we want support tickets created if we miss someone on live chat. We couldn't do any of this without Mailparser.

What do you do when the application you use doesn't integrate with Zapier or when webhooks are not available? You use Mailparser to bridge the gap. Mailparser's address normalisation feature is particularly powerful. We couldn't live without it - very highly recommended.

Dan - The Shutters Dept

mailparser.io has been a crucial tool in helping us organize our leads. Instead of having to manually search through countless emails, mailparser.io saves us hours by parsing out the information we need and, through Zapier, automatically connecting it to the back end of our choosing. We are able to seamlessly receive incoming leads, capture the information we need, and have it automatically entered it into our CRM, our project management system, email marketing system and more!

Kendall Kunz - formsonfire.com

As a digital media agency, we use Mailparser to efficiently handle large files received as email attachments and put the data within right to work. This streamlined process allows us to get to the heart of the matter: analysis and optimization.

If not for Mailparser, we would need to manually copy/paste data from files received as email attachments into a database - Mailparser takes the data and parses it out into the appropriate fields. This saves time, eliminates error, and boosts productivity because we spend less time preparing the data and more time analyzing it.

Lisa - Lewis Media Partners

mailparser.io service is something our company has been attempting to find for some time now. We receive dozens of email leads each day from multiple lead generating websites. Each website email has a different presentation of the lead data they provide us. We use mailparser.io to extract the information we need and populate our CRM solution. It has enabled us to move from a disconnected email mess to a centralized, organized Lead Capture and Management implementation. Our Agents are loving it and so are we!

Travis Foote - woodlandsrentals.com

Distributing real estate inquiries and leads from multiple websites to our agents in a fair and timely fashion was fast becoming a big headache as our brokerage grew. We tried other email parsing engines that were either unable to reliably parse email leads or the service in general suffered outages and leads were lost.

We've fully automated our lead distribution system and mailparser.io has been instrumental in that project's success. Gmail filters first forward leads to mailparser.io where the lead emails are quickly processed, forwarded on to Zapier, then to our SQL Server where the lead information is inserted into our CRM and distributed to the next eligible sales agent for prompt follow-up. This seems like a lot of puzzle pieces to make the process work, but everything plays nicely with each other surprisingly well.

Our agents are happy that they conveniently get leads and our clients are happy that they get a quick response to their inquiry! Success!

Shawn C. Eaton - eatonrealtyllc.com

We primarily use Mailparser for is connecting a gap between our website on Squarespace to our ESP (Active Campaign). Currently, there is no way to get customer information INTO our ESP directly from Squarespace (without doing it manually) and there is no direct Zapier connection either.

What I did was create a custom email address that order confirmations go to, then using Mailparser I extracted the relevant information from the order, connected to Zapier then connected to Active Campaign to put the relevant information into AC, thereby having all of the contact's relevant information, including what they bought AND tagging them as a recent customer so we could run further complex segmentation!

It's allowed us to channel everything smoothly through this automation. In return, it has really grown our business tremendously! There really is not an equal to Mailparser for data processing and workflow automation!

Robert Gordon - Fine Art Actions

We have been using Mailparser for about a year to extract email addresses that we receive from download forms on our website, gillsc.com. The emails are automatically sent over to mailparser and categorised into the appropriate category through a unique email address supplied by mailparser. The data is then extracted from Mailparser and then sent over via a webhook integration to Zapier, which then processes and sorts the data and delivers to mailchimp. Mailchimp then sends out an automated email campaign.

Prior to using Mailparser we had to sort the emails manually and then add to mailchimp; this would be very time consuming. With the help of Mailparser the process is now completely automated and takes no time at all.

Michelle - Gill Sensors & Controls

We use Mailparser to extract tracking numbers from various types of carrier tracking notification emails. Mailparser then sends our tracking data to a Google Sheet for auto import into our order management system. This saves us from having to copy-paste tracking numbers from email to our order management system manually, which we had been doing before.

Mark - Anchoring.com

With our current backend system we regularly had to handover a programming task to our external developers whenever we had a new web form that needed some automated data processing. Needless to say that this is not optimal from a time and cost perspective. After evaluating various online services we ended up with the combination of mailparser.io and zapier.com which both we can be set up by us within few hours. mailparser.io being the perfect online tool to parse and to enrich the incoming web form data and zapier.com the tool responsible to distribute the data to various other online tools. mailparser.io proofs to be innovative by regularly implementing new feature and their support team is very responsive and helpful. Thumbs up…

Andres Hess - bmc-switzerland.com

I have to tell you mailparser.io is great. I found you while trying out another program to help us parse information out of our leads into ZohoCRM and let me tell you it works great. I receive leads from several lead sources and with mailparser.io it saves me at least 2 hours a day. I can log in and look at every email that it parsed and review it and if there was an error I can fix it and have it resend it to my CRM. It was easy to set up and there is documentation that covers most issues. Your support staff is great. Thanks for the quick response time with my questions and helping me out to make sure my transition went smooth. To sum up its was fast, easy and affordable. I look forward to a continuing relationship with you.

John Ruff - discountforkliftbrokers.com/

Setting up with mailparser.io eliminated the need to manually transpose standardized data from an incoming email into our order system. Although this task may seem simple in nature, my client fields over 5,000 emails a month and contains over 40,000 individual data points that can easily be disseminated and uploaded automatically.

Jason Salcido - Bright Idea Consulting

Our business focuses on helping doctors, hospitals, medical clinics and health providers in their collections and administrative tasks with patients and insurance companies. With mailparser.io we are able to parse emails, extract and take action using different webhooks that will allow our clients to receive their information filtered by what's relevant or not. This allows our clients to focus on growing their business without the need of a robust administrative staff.

We are very happy using mailparser.io, it's easy to use and very reliable.

Jerónimo - MEDIFIN

Our company has been a satisfied mailparser.io customer since 2012. During this time we have been able to automate the work of a full time employee by integrating their features with other software. We consider Moritz and his team a valued partner of Linen Finder.

Jeff Wile - linenfinder.com

Mailparser took what used to be my full-time "internship" (which was mostly data entry) and in turn gave me the free time to show my internship site that I could write blogs, do social media, etc. Two years down the line and I'm a full-time employee and we use Mailparser to go through more than 4k lead emails per month. No more manual data entry at all and with integrations to Zapier/Salesforce we totally automated our inbound lead entry process. Mailparser gave me the freedom to show what I was capable of and it paid off!

Zach - bartonassociates.com

Using mailparser.io we automated a very time consuming data entry process by leveraging data that was already in email. Not only that but now our data contains less errors since there's no human entering it. Now we can free up our most valuable people from spending time manually entering data. Overall this means our business can stay more focused on the work that counts!

James McIntyre - roto.com

Doornvogel is a marketing communications agency that combines customer insights with creativity. With four expert teams and the latest marketing-technology we maximize the customer value for our clients brands.

Doornvogel is responsible for the application management of the loyalty software platform we deliver to our customers. One important process is the daily transfer of customer, transaction, and rewarded points data. Customers send us emails to confirm the data transfers and numbers of records. We use mailparser.io in conjunction with Zapier to parse the emails and move the info to a SQL server database. In the database we compare the confirmed numbers with the actual transactions we execute. If there is a difference between the confirmed numbers and actual transactions our application manager has some work to do.

mailparser.io does a great job in parsing the emails and connecting with Zapier.

Stephan van Heusden - doornvogel

I'm using mailparser.io to extract data from applications that are sent to me via email. I hooked it up to Zapier to load them into a Google Doc for easier processing and filtering. Big time saver!

Shane Reiser - startupgenome.com

Within 20 minutes I was able to automate a process that used to take an hour of manual time. mailparser.io is a no brainer for getting out data trapped in emails.

Ophir Prusak - blazemeter.com

We are a vacation rental software solution that enables our clients to easily create a vacation rental website and manage all their reservations. mailparser.io forms an important part of our reservation system. Many of our customers list their vacation rentals on multiple listing sites. Whenever a booking inquiry is made, these sites send a booking inquiry notification email. Instead of manually entering the booking details into our system, mailparser.io allows us to easily set up parsing rules to convert these booking inquiry emails into structured data and directly import them as bookings into our reservation software.

The end result is that our customers do not need to manually create bookings anymore as mailparser.io enabled us to fully automate that. We very much enjoy using mailparser.io, their software is very flexible and intuitive and support is very responsive.

Dennis Klett - Lodgify.com

CorkCRM is software that helps painting companies streamline their business. Our customers (painting companies) receive a ton of templated form entries every day requesting appointments. We needed a way to take the request from an emailed form entry into our web application.

Mailparser was the ideal way for us to accomplish this because the webhook integration is super easy and we didn't have to figure out the huge number of edge cases or support the technical debt that comes from building something like this in-house.

Combined with our Twilio integration and a third-party call center, painting companies can now automate the initial outbound call to schedule an appointment with a new lead. Early data is showing a substantial increase in the number of requests that turn into actual appointments (due to the drastically reduced response time). Two thumbs up to the MailParser folks for making the magic happen.

Michael Henry - CorkCRM

We have worked with mailparser.io on and off since they started with various businesses and watched the service get better and better. We use it to extract contact data from our incoming leads sent by email to send off to Zapier which in turn puts them into Mailerlite! mailparser.io is the best service by far for simplicity and reliability in ensuring our leads get to where they need to go. We have found that not all our lead sources have modern systems and many still simply email through leads rather than have APIs available.

Luke Woodard - MarketHQ.com

We are using your solution, as the Zapier mail parser just did not work for us. We have reasonably complex html emails that we need to extract data from and your solution not only does it elegantly, it does it accurately.

We are currently using it to extract data from tax invoice/receipts that we issue to our customers. We are a telecommunications business with a pre-pay service so each time a customer tops-up their account they are issued with a receipt. We send a BCC copy to mailparser.io and the relevant data is extracted sent via a web hook to Zapier and then zapped into Xero. This saves so much time for us and the information is accurate to the cent. It makes our bank reconciliation each day a one step process.

We are also using mail parser.io to send customer information to our CRM..

Dot Johnstone - YourCloudTelco

I own a small e-commerce web site, as well as maintain a store on eBay. Using mailparser.io, I can extract and record important information from sales receipt emails. It has become an essential tool for my business, allowing me to easily collect data, analyze it, and make better decisions for my company. The service has always been reliable and easy to use. A great tool for the small business owner!

Joshua Lefever - nextdaykoi.com

We have been using Mailparser.io for about a year now and have absolutely loved it. For years we had challenges with getting the 3rd party application used on our website to feed customer orders to our CRM software. We were wasting time copying / pasting thousands of customer orders into our CRM.

After wasting countless hours on manual data entry, we discovered Mailparser.io and learned how it could be combined with a service called Zapier to automate just about any process. Now, whenever a customer places an order on our website, that order is sent to our email inbox where it is processed by Mailparser.io. Mailparser.io retrieves all of the important customer data and uses Zapier to pass this on to our CRM. The entire process takes a just a few seconds!

Now we are not spending several hours a day copy / pasting!

Carlyon Christian - Atlanta Green Maids

Future Solutions uses mailparser.io to extract our key financial metrics from our accounting system (Quickbooks Online) into our business management system (Podio) via a webhook integration. We extract key figures like our aged debtors, net assets, sales year to date, and invoices raised in the last 30 days to name but a few.

Prior to using mailparser.io, we were spending 5-10 minutes a time once a week copying and pasting this information manually. It would often get forgotten, delayed, have transposition errors in the data and so on. Now, we spend absolutely no time - none - and have the most-up-to-date data automatically added to our system every single night 365 days a year.

Pete Cuff - Future Solutions

We are a global media company based in central Bath UK and our focus is in the food and beverage industry. With the large amount of incoming data we receive, we needed a program that would automate this process for us. mailparser.io has been a saving grace for our data collection. We use mailparser.io in an unorthodox method by capturing general data from press release emails. We have cut admin times in half and the support team have been fantastic.

Nick Thornton - FoodBev Media Ltd

For our new website Gebetshaus-Freiburg we chose wix.com. Their webshop cart has the problem of purchase orders and invoices not being created automatically. So we use mailparser.io to process our orders to get a nice purchase order, and an invoice we can send to the customer.

The usability of mailparser.io allows us to receive order emails with the proper amount and product ordered, as well as customer billing & shipping information in a structured table format. We use their Google Sheets webhook to create invoices and purchase orders that we can send via email, and are printable for our customers.

Our previous order process took 4-8 hours/week. With mailparser.io we reduced this to less than one hour weekly. This made mailparser.io an easy decision to use.

Dr. Matthias Wegner - Gebetshaus-Freiburg

mailparser.io has been the perfect solution for us to optimize and enrich our efforts for further automatization in our small business. Its functions and Zapier integration makes us able to implement big company solutions and efficiency within our small business. I would recommend it highly to any business that is looking to reduce workload and human error.

Kjeld Schigt - Kalon Surf

I am in translation and localization business, and I use mailparser to populate my internal tables with the data from client's 'you have been assigned' kind of emails. So far worked well with both Google sheets and Smartsheet.

APIs for client-vendor communication are still a rare thing in our industry, and it is still very much driven by emails. So mailparser actually serves as a connector between client's systems and our intermal tools. Some sort of 'email API'

Nikolay - Bedver Consultants

mailparser.io saved us time and money in not having to develop a full blown API to extract data from our clients database to share with our marketing automation software.

We use mailparser.io to send real time, automated email drip campaigns and to create automated custom audiences on Facebook - both via Infusionsoft.

Lisa - Red Door Marketing

I use mailparser.io for segmenting emails from sales on Amazon. We have a small business selling on Amazon. While Amazon offers many capabilities on their website, we have found that grabbing data from the Seller alert emails, parcing it, and moving it into Podio (via Zapier) gives us a place, away from Amazon's tools, to gather sales info and reports we want.
We could do periodic exports from Amazon and import into Podio. But by using mailparser.io, we get this information automatically. This saves a lot of time, as we sell about 30 items a day, seven days a week. If it takes 2 minutes to copy sales info, per sale, or about 10 minutes to do weekly exports and imports on sales, I save anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours a month in work. And as it happens automatically in background, I don't have to remember to do it.
I also use mailparser.io for capturing a newsletter that comes from the County for our homeowners association. Its a standard format and has data we need to retain. Rather than having to ensure I see the email, copy the data and send it to the Board of directors - I use mailparcer to pull out the data, then Zapier to move it to Podio, and then use triggers in Podio to notify the Board. This also retains the data for our Association.

Eric Epstein - epstein.bz

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