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Clients use Mailparser for various reasons: converting email to Excel, Google Sheets, using our Slack integration, among many others. But a common question asked is, “what is an email header analyzer?” What does this even mean, and is it necessary to analyze email headers? We’ll cover this and more in our article.

Before we get started, we need to understand the parts of an email. 

Email Header Analyzer

Sections of an email

The following comprise a typical email: 

  1. Body: This is the main visible text of the email containing the information sent to the recipient. Both the sender and the receiver can view the body of the email.

  2. Header: This contains the metadata of an email. The mandatory fields are:

  • From: Reveals the name and email address of the sender.
  • To: Specifies the name and email address of the recipient.
  • Date: Lists the date and time of the sent email.
  • The other headers are:
  • Subject: Refers to the subject line of an email.
  • Return-Path: When an email bounces back to the source, this refers to the email address. For example, if there was a delivery error like the incorrect spelling of an email address. 
  • Received: Shows the server’s list through which an email passes to arrive at the recipient’s inbox.
  • Message-ID: Refers to a unique identifier of each specific email message.
  • MIME-version: Relates to the functionality and format of an email. Usually, the MIME-version is 1.0.
  • Content-type: Reveals the text language of the email–is it plain text or HTML?

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So, what is an email header analyzer?

Email headers exist on every email you receive in your inbox. The source of the email, the client mail program, generates the email header and then sends the email off to you. The analyzer picks up text, including to/from addresses, subject, content types, timestamp, and identification data. Then, as the email receiver, you can trace the message’s path from the source to the destination by analyzing the email header text. 

As you know, the body (the email’s text) and the header above that body comprise an email. The header lines describe the email’s information like the date, subject, sender’s email address, recipient, and more. In addition, the header analyzes both optional fields such as subject line, CC, and BCC fields and mandatory fields such as From, To, and Date. The information interpreted by the parser can be critical for logging data points in all incoming emails.

How to find an email’s header in my mail client

To trace emails, you need email headers. To find the email headers with your email client, follow these steps: 


  1. Go to to open your Gmail account.
  2. Open the email you want to trace.
  3. Click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the email and click Show Original from the menu.

Microsoft Outlook (Hotmail)

  1. Open your Hotmail email account.
  2. Right-click on the email you want to trace.
  3. Click View Message Source.

Yahoo! Mail

  • Open your Yahoo! Mail account.
  • Open the email you want to trace.
  • Click More and select View Raw Message.

Did you know that (nearly) every incoming email was sent from a traceable IP (Internet Protocol) address?

Traceable IP address in Email Header
An example of an email header analyzer

Sure, some individuals unlist their IP addresses (or have email hosting from someone that does), but you can unmask your visitors with our IP filter options. The IP filter defines a start and an endpoint for the IP Address. This Mailparser functionality turns our email header parser into an email header analyzer. 

Are you receiving wrong cart orders, competitors signing up with bogus emails, trying to narrow down fraudulent purchases, or following up with bad leads? Aggregate your inbound email traffic IP addresses by building an IP filter in the email header. There are various ways to use this data, but one primary reason is to protect your business from scammers and the competition. 

A Simple Email Header Analyzer

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How to Parse Email Headers with Mailparser

Once you create an account with Mailparser and send your first email to our application, now you’re ready to create parsing rules. Select Headers (as seen below).

How to parse email headers with Mailparser

Headers reveals the email’s headers. Want specific email header extraction? You can have a custom header solution within minutes. Define your email header parser’s start and endpoints for the field you want to extract and voilà!

Email Header Analyzer & Parser

Imagine if you’re receiving this kind of information with our email header analyzer; what else can you extract with our software? 

Mailparser is a top, web-based email parsing software helping your business automate the most tedious tasks. It allows you to extract data fields from incoming emails and copy the extracted data either directly to spreadsheets (Google Sheets or Excel) or other web applications. You can send your email data to Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Mailchimp, Google Spreadsheets, or any of the hundreds of web applications supported by Zapier. But, if you’re a Microsoft user, no worries, as Microsoft Flow is another of our integration partners.

Not sure if Mailparser is right for you? Maybe some of our customer testimonials can help. 


Colisweb Logo - Mailparser Testimonial

“Our business is doing fast-delivery on-demand with many big retailers. Therefore, including API connections within an E-commerce checkout can sometimes lead to very long “Time-to-market.”

We wanted to accelerate the proof of concept with some clients before they had to do the extensive I.T work. So we receive delivery orders in by email. Thanks to the accuracy and flexibility of, it is straightforward to extract all the information we need, including pulling the “human” date and time and converting it into a “Computer timer.”

In addition, with Zapier, we were able to create a multi-step workflow that re-introduces the orders in our API and informs us by Slack in real-time, and “Voilà”!

With 1.5 days of work, including discovering the services, we were “production-ready,” and now, we have one more big, happy customer!”

Yann Marzack –

Metal Progetti - Mailparser Testimonial

“Metalprogetti is an industry leader in textile management and automation machinery. Our clients rely heavily on our systems, and uptime is critical to meet production deadlines around the clock.

We only use the basic features of to parse customer replies to support tickets, but this essential function has removed a substantial cognitive burden from our development team.

To date, we have not experienced any issues with, and our team is delighted with this service provider, from the clean online interface to the customer-friendly support interactions.

We will continue using to simplify the parsing and processing of customer responses. has become as critical to us as Twilio is for our voice and SMS communications.”

Brian Spaulding – Metalprogetti USA

Giltedge - Mailparser Testimonial

We are currently using in 3 different ways:

Loading web inquiries to our CRM (Zoho):

  • Our web forms can’t connect directly to the CRM, so we generate an email every time the inquiry form is completed, picks the information & send it to our CRM for handling
  • Back up new ‘bookings’ registered via Zoho onto Google Sheets:
  • All bookings made & registered on our CRM trigger an email which parses & send the relevant info to a Google Sheet for backup/reporting point of view
  • Process insurance purchase notifications from our partner
  • We get notified by email of all our client’s purchases with all details on a PDF attached to it. Thus, allows us to save all of those as backup into Google Sheets & send all relevant info to Zapier, where we have a Zap that notifies the right consultant about their client’s purchase. This also updates our CRM with that info that might become useful later should the client contact our consultant with an emergency issue.
    All of those processes above either didn’t exist, so we’re now providing extra benefits to our employees and/or clients, or were very manual – allows us to automate the handling of the large amount of information generated during our customer’s journey from inquiry to purchase & travel.
    Julien – The Giltedge Grou

More on Mailparser

With Mailparser, you can send your emails to and receive structured, searchable data in return. Our application is entirely web-based and allows you to pull any kind of information from recurring emails. 

Extract data from email file attachments. Pull the text from various file formats like PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, CSV, TXT, XML, and more. Then, use our filters to refine, crop, and transform your data. 

But, extracting data is only the first step to automating your business’s workflow. You can: update an Excel file, Word document, your CRM, or your database, send a reply email, save email attachments and upload them to your cloud storage. There are endless possibilities! 

In need of a parsing agent for documents too? Our sister site Docparser covers this need. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Mailparser require an installation? 

Nope! runs directly in your browser, so you won’t need to install anything on your computer. 

Does Mailparser require wifi?

Yes, because it’s not a proprietary application nor embedded in your browser, it requires Wi-Fi.

Does Mailparser integrate with any other applications?

Yes, it does. You can view a list of additional integrations here.

Email header analyzers zoom into essential data in your email, such as the email’s sender, recipient, IP address, and more. If you’re experiencing increased instances of spam emails or if you’re worried your competition is creating false emails to spy on you, you can catch them in the act with an email header analyzer.

Need help with our services and have a question for us? Contact us today. We’re always here to help.

Extract Data from Email Headers in No Time

Automate mundane tasks with Mailparser.

Try it free. No credit card required. 

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