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Email Header Analyzer & Parser Feature

Email Header Analyzer – Get more key information on your inbound emails

Clients use Mailparser for a range of reasons, one interesting use case we were recently asked to cover is parsing of email headers. What does this even mean? Email is composed of the body, (what is written), and is always preceded by an email header. An email header is essentially lines that identify particular info of the email, for example, date, subject, senders email address, who is the recipient of the email, etc. There are optional and mandatory fields. Optional could be the Subject line, CC & BCC fields. Mandatory would include such fields as From, To, Date. This can be critical information for you to capture with our email header analysis function, should you be logging these data points from your incoming emails.

Did you know that (nearly) every incoming email was sent from a traceable IP address?

parse ip addresses
Sure some people block their IP’s, (or have email hosting from someone that does), but you can literally unmask your visitors with our IP filter options (basically defining a start and endpoint for the IP address), which turns our email header parser into an email header analyzer (raw data above). Getting bad cart orders, competitors signing up with bogus emails, trying to narrow down fraudulent purchases or bad leads? You can aggregate all of your inbound email traffic IP’s buy building an IP filter in the email header. Ever wonder how to trace an email or find out where it came from… There are loads of ways that you can use this data, some mentioned above, this is just one more level of security and piece of mind for businesses today.
Get started today to leverage this valuable information…
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Parse email headers with Mailparser

Once you have created an account and sent your first email to our app, simply create a parsing rule, and select “Headers”, as seen below, and progress with your data collection.
email header analyzer
Just a few of the pre-set filter options you can used are displayed in the screen cast below. Want more specific email header extraction? Simply define the start and endpoints of your email header parser, for the field your wish to extract, and you have a custom solution in minutes.
email header analyzer
Imagine, if you can get this kind of information our with our email header analyzer, what you can extract with the rest of our software! Mailparser offers a free subscription to members, to ensure that you see the software in action prior to any commitment, and is trusted by companies Worldwide for their email parsing needs. Have a question or a specific use-case that you need help with? Contact us.

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