Extract Zillow Leads to Excel and Google Sheets with Mailparser

No more time-consuming data entry. Realtors use Mailparser to extract Zillow leads to Excel and Google Sheets and promptly follow up with leads to close more deals.

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Extract Zillow Leads to Excel and Google Sheets with Mailparser

Entering Lead Data Manually Costs You Time and Opportunities

Zillow is a popular website for people looking to buy, sell, or rent properties. As a realtor, posting your listings there helps you reach a large potential customer base. But before you can respond to incoming leads, you need to enter their data into your database, whether it’s an Excel file, a Google Spreadsheet, a CRM, or any other platform. Doing that is a repetitive and time-consuming task.

If you are overwhelmed by recurring Zillow lead emails, the best way to overcome this challenge is to invest in an automation solution that handles data entry for you so you can focus on converting your leads. And Mailparser is built to do just that.

Automated Data Capture Will Help You Save Time and Sell More

Inputting every incoming inquiry into a spreadsheet takes a tremendous amount of time. And as your staff performs this repetitive task daily, they are bound to make mistakes, which affect your decision-making and cost you opportunities.

This approach is not viable anymore as the world moves faster and faster. In fact, more and more real estate companies are investing in automation solutions that eliminate tedious work like manual data entry. By using a data extraction tool, your agents will be able to quickly follow up with leads and close deals. This fast response time will become a competitive edge for your brokerage.

On top of quick follow-ups, you and your team will free up the time to perform other important tasks:

  • Meeting with clients
  • Conducting showings
  • Networking and marketing
  • Preparing, submitting, and filing paperwork
  • Staying on top of market trends
  • Performing comparative market analysis
  • And more

After eliminating the tedious, slow and error-prone process of physically inputting lead data, your real estate business will run more smoothly and grow to new heights as your agents follow up with leads and convert them faster than your competition.

Extract Real Estate Leads to Excel and Google Sheets with Mailparser

How to Extract Zillow Leads to Excel & Google Sheets with Mailparser

Mailparser can extract data from an email’s subject line, body, and attachments. It relies on parsing rules – instructions set by users – to identify and extract data from emails. Moreover, you can use a pre-built setup of parsing rules that is specifically made to parse the presentation and contents of Zillow emails.

Here are the steps you need to follow to extract Zillow leads to Excel and Google Sheets:

1. Sign up for a free Mailparser account

Creating a Mailparser account requires no credit information and gives you access to all features.

Sign Up for a FREE Mailparser Trial

2. Create an inbox where your Zillow emails will go

You can have multiple inboxes in Mailparser, with each one receiving a different type of email. Create your first inbox, give it a name, and Mailparser will generate a unique email address for it.

3. Forward a Zillow email to your Mailparser inbox address

Send one of the emails coming from Zillow to your new Mailparser inbox and you will find it in the ‘Emails’ section of your dashboard.

4. Choose the Automatic Setup for Zillow emails

Go to the ‘Rules’ section and click on the ‘Try Automatic Setup’ button. You will be directed to a screen where you choose your Zillow email and one of the automatic setups. Conveniently, Mailparser comes with an automatic setup of parsing rules specifically designed to identify lead data in the emails coming from Zillow. Simply pick the ‘Zillow – New Contact’ option from the ‘Choose type of email’ drop-down list and confirm.

Extract Zillow Leads from Emails to Excel and Google Sheets with Mailparser

5. Check the parsed data for accuracy

Mailparser will instantly parse the data within the email. Check its accuracy by opening the parsed email. Note that you can add custom parsing rules if needed – more information on how to do this here.

6. Download your parsed data to Excel or export it to Google Sheets

You can extract Zillow leads both to Excel and Google Sheets. Here is how:

Export your parsed data to Excel

  1. Go to ‘Downloads’
  2. Click on ‘Create First Download Link’
  3. Select ‘MS Excel Spreadsheet (XLS)’
  4. Type a name for your Excel spreadsheet then click on ‘Save’
  5. Click on the download link

Export your parsed data to Google Sheets

  1. Go to ‘Integrations’
  2. Click on ‘Add New Integration’
  3. Select ‘Google Spreadsheets’
  4. Add your Google account
  5. Choose the spreadsheet and worksheet where you want the data to go
  6. Click on ‘Save & Test’
  7. Click on ‘Send Test Data’

This is how you extract Zillow leads to Excel and Google Sheets using Mailparser. You can parse as many emails as you want – all the data trapped within will be accurately extracted to Excel, Google Sheet, or almost any platform you want using Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate.

Watch this video to see how Mailparser works in action:

Extract Zillow leads to Excel and Google Sheets – FAQ

Can I extract leads from other real estate listing websites?

Yes, you can use Mailparser to extract lead data within emails routed from other real estate listing websites. For each website you will need to create an inbox in Mailparser to receive the emails. Configure the rules in that inbox to extract the data you want and you’re all set.

Can I extract data from email attachments?

Yes, it is possible to parse data from attached files of various formats like PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT, XML, etc. 

Can I extract Zillow leads to my CRM?

Beyond Excel and Google Sheets, you can integrate Mailparser with thousands of other cloud-based systems including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot and almost any other CRM system you might be using. Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate are integration platforms that allow you to integrate Mailparser with any other application they connect to. 

What Real Estate Professionals Have to Say About Mailparser

We built Mailparser to help businesses automate data entry and achieve more at a lower cost. Customers in the real estate industry chose it over other solutions for several reasons, mainly the ease of use, accurate data extraction, limitless integrations, and affordable pricing.

Here is what Shawn from Eaton Realty has to say about Mailparser:

Mailparser Customer Review Eaton Realty

“Distributing real estate inquiries and leads from multiple websites to our agents in a fair and timely fashion was fast becoming a big headache as our brokerage grew. We tried other email parsing engines that were either unable to reliably parse email leads or the service in general suffered outages and leads were lost.

We’ve fully automated our lead distribution system and mailparser.io has been instrumental in that project’s success. Gmail filters first forward leads to mailparser.io where the lead emails are quickly processed, forwarded on to Zapier, then to our SQL Server where the lead information is inserted into our CRM and distributed to the next eligible sales agent for prompt follow-up. This seems like a lot of puzzle pieces to make the process work, but everything plays nicely with each other surprisingly well.

Our agents are happy that they conveniently get leads and our clients are happy that they get a quick response to their inquiry! Success!”

Shawn C. Eaton – eatonrealtyllc.com

Harness the Power of Automation and Grow Your Real Estate Brokerage

Relying on manual data entry is an inefficient way to run your real estate business. Automated data extraction, on the other hand, lets you get more done every day.

Using Mailparser helps you extract Zillow leads to Excel and Google Sheets quickly and accurately. Your staff in general will become more productive, and your agents in particular will close more deals faster.

Mailparser is simple to use and quick to deliver results. You can get started for free and use all the features from the get-go. Setting up your account and parsing rules can take as little as 15 minutes. Give it a try today and see how streamlined your operations will become.


Say good-bye to manual data-entry …
Extract data from incoming emails and automate your business.

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Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
MailParser Review Outstanding. Once you learn how to use it, you can save thousands of dollars and hours per week. ☺The utility of this is great. So many use cases. Not only can you parse email bodies, but also email attachments. ☹It can be a little tricky at first. Once you get your first parsing rule and integration under your belt, this gets very straightforward.
Nikki G.
Nikki G.
Intuitive, impressive, user-friendly I personally sought out a site to leave mailparser a review because it is really an all around fantastic. incredibly useful product: great for beginners, generous free features, and will most definitely save time, propel progress, and increase productivity. ☺I've sought far and wide for a program to parse the body text of my booking emails to auto-generate contacts/ contact data. I have Power Automate, but it is nowhere near as user-friendly as mailparser. I was able to fully customize and auto-export the specific info I needed in less than an hour (this includes set-up, briefing and overview of the system, connecting multiple apps, parsing and revising 20+ data keys, and then editing a bit more to narrow down text fields to my liking) After the first integration, the rest were a breeze! In fact, mailparser actually made automate easier for me to use! I am definitely considering an upgrade to a paid subscription (but would like to see more integrations with Google Apps for max ROI). ☹As mentioned, would prefer more integrations with Google Apps, and perhaps one slightly lower price tier for paid subscriptions.
dhruv g.
dhruv g.
Great Mail parsing tool Extracting data from emails whoch would have taken many hours to write manually. ☺1. Is easier to use than other parsing tools I have used. 2. Excellent for extracting data from emails to make excel file and thus enhances productivity. 3. Free version availability. ☹There is nothing I found to dislike in the service and it performs email parsing function reliably without any problem.
Svetla M.
Svetla M.
Easy, inexpensive, works great, must have for integrations Easy and smoothly working mail data parsing tool, at a very affordable price. Truly valuable if you are need to automatedly process emails, pull data from them and put in other tools. Saves tons of time! Recommend! ☺The intuitive workflow with setting up inboxes and processing rules. Free for up to 30 mails per month which is great for trial of the service. Works great, using it to pass data onto zapier and process integrations of the data with other tools ☹All works great. Had some time getting used to setting up the rules but you figure those out pretty quickly.
Rueben T.
Rueben T.
Great tool to save time ☺Was much more accurate and robust than other tools I had tried. ☹Being non-technical it took a little bit to get my head around the set up although the Mailparser team made it easier with some great tutorials and readily available support
Rolando M.
Rolando M.
Invaluable in Marketing tech stack This is an invaluable product for digital marketers looking to create structured data out of emailed content. It can sit in an automation stack and help to pass data between systems. I've used this to get out a number of tight spots and make my life easier to automating data flow into reports, or triggering marketing experiences off of emails coming in from publishing platforms or back out to CRM. ☺Very easy to use for simple tasks, you can be up and running parsing structured data and sending to an endpoint via webhook in minutes. ☹It feels a little too simple at first, and it might take a little learning curve if you want to do something really complicated.
Slava P.
Slava P.
A great and affordable software to automate I love it, the team was very helpful and assisting me set it up. Especially when I needed assistance with opening a pdf that has a password and in Japanese language. It has been a great time saver for so me daily notifications etc and elevated me from manual repetitive tasks ☺Easy of use, functionality and value for money ☹I have nothing bad to say as it fits my purpose.
Christoph K.
Christoph K.
Great and easy software It's been a great tool for us with good value for money. ☺It's super easy to set up, and it does exactly what you want it to do. The parsing process is a great step-by-step model that gets out really all the data you want from any email. ☹There's really nothing we didn't like about the software.
Brandon M.
Brandon M.
Powerful Solution - Eliminated Huge Costs Love it, it allows me to transfer crucial data to multiple points all at the Zap of Zapier, smooth integration and just really happy they have great support. They sent an email asking what I thought, and I told them how impressed. Didn't expect a reply, but I did get a response thanking me for taking the time to give them feedback. It was also a quick reply too, and that was appreciated. I know they are on it for when or if I may need support in the future. ☺It works exactly as I need it to with absolutely no data loss over the transfer. At the same time it has helped reduce the cost of having to manually input data or change the way a few services were working. I was actually able to find this tool and save $500-$1000 a month in Virtual Assistant Charges I was looking to have to increase. It creates a secure transfer of data into our systems and is very easy to work with. Happy to pay $29.00 a month over the extra mentioned. ☹Nothing I can find at the moment. It is a SAAS that does exactly what you need it to do in multiple fashions, and I have not had an instance of it breaking so I just love that it works.
Rene H.
Rene H.
Just... AMAZING - Not sure where to start or end! I need to chip in, that the customer service is OUTSTANDING - I have NEVER experienced anything like it before, never ever! The response time is epic, but the quality of every single reply is beyond anything I have ever come across - they don't just reply in depth and helpfull, often they even solve the issue directly for you... ! ☺This software is simply just amazing, besides saving 2-3 hours on daily manual labour, we increased the service level for our customers! ☹I honestly have nothing to post here - EVERY single time I came up with another crazy idea, I contacted support, and they always solved the issue!