How to Convert PDF to JSON

Are you looking for a simple way to convert PDF data to JSON? If so, you’re at the right place. While PDFs ensure a consistent layout of information across devices and platforms, extracting data from them in a structured and hierarchical format can be daunting. By converting information from PDF to JSON, you could easily

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How do I Convert Email to Excel?

Do you receive emails with business data that you need to add to a spreadsheet? For example, leads, order confirmations, purchase orders, sales reports, you name it… do you need to copy this crucial data from email to Excel? If so, chances are you often find yourself stuck with a tedious copy-and-paste routine. So how

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extract data from pdf

Extract Data from PDF Files Easily Using Mailparser

Have you been trying to extract data from PDF documents but haven’t found the right solution? While there is a large number of PDF converters available online, most of them are built for one-off cases. If you have a recurring need for data extraction, and you want a solution that is easy to use, delivers

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Gmail Extractor

Extract Email Addresses from Gmail With This Gmail Extractor

Like every professional, your inbox has a wealth of information that is important to your business. If you’re one of the 1.8 billion active users of Gmail, there is a good chance that you receive emails from addresses that you need to collect and organize in one place. Maybe you want to grow a lead

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Century 21 Leads to Excel

Extract Your Century 21 Leads to Excel With This Simple Tool

Real estate professionals who use Century 21 to list properties often receive email notifications about new leads. And in the fast-moving world of real estate, every lead represents a potential opportunity, so your ability to swiftly organize lead data and act on it is paramount to your success. If you have been struggling to follow

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Convert PDF to XLS

Convert PDF to XLS from Your Inbox With Mailparser

A large part of business communications involves sharing PDF files via email, from order confirmations to new leads, sales reports, etc. However, the PDF format, while versatile, can make it difficult to edit and integrate information into databases. Sometimes, you need data to be available in XLS format so you can update your records, surface

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Invoice Scanning Software

Use This Invoice Scanning Software to Maximize Efficiency

How long does it take your company to process an invoice? Chances are it’s longer than what you’d like. Well, your business is far from the only one facing this issue. Invoice processing is often slow, with processing times ranging from a few days to a few weeks. In fact, slow invoice approval is one

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Email Extractor

Extract Email Addresses Easily With This Email Extractor

Whether it’s sourcing potential leads, managing customer inquiries, or creating targeted marketing campaigns, the ability to extract and organize email addresses from several sources is crucial. However, this seemingly straightforward task can prove to be time-consuming and error-prone. The good news, though, is that you don’t need to spend hours every week inputting information into

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Mailparser Invoice Data Capture Software

How to Use Mailparser as Your Invoice Data Capture Software

Here’s a scenario that AP teams dread: you’re inputting invoice data, but it’s taking more time than expected. A day or two later, you get an email or call that tells you about some incorrect data. So now you have to rectify that mistake and double-check all entered data again — before the invoice gets

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Email to SQL Converter

How to Use Mailparser as Your Email to SQL Converter

Business success hinges in large part on keeping a smooth flow of information and acting on it. Email communications are particularly ubiquitous, as professionals often need to move data from their inbox to a database. If you currently need to send data to an SQL database but you don’t want to waste time on manual

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