Our email parser will Streamline Logisitcs for your company.

It’s simple to take your business from a logistical nightmare, to a well planned and executed system.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Chances are, streamlining your logistics is a great place to start, and can be a low financial risk, high return investment in your business. Whether you are a Home Services company installing Air Conditioning units, a Moving company that is dependent on flawless communication, or an eCommerce business selling pet products World-wide, mailparser.io has the logistics solution to help automate your team.

Today’s businesses move at lightning speed, from inbound leads, to sales calls and customer service follow ups. Little if any is done face-to-face, rather a collection of emails, text messages, Slack Channel communications and more. With this volume and variety, it is easy for crucial information to be readily available in a structured format that you can integrate and automate into your daily business processes.

mailparser.io allows, with just a few simple steps, your team to set-up parsing rules to extract data from your most common forms of email communication. Have leads coming in via forms on multiple web properties and lead generation sites? Mailparser.io can help. Have Contact Requests being submitted to your team and needing the data in one place to execute an actionable plan? Yep, we can help you there too. Tired of manually inputting leads, CS requests, and order confirmations into your CRM? Yes, we can help you save time on data input, with accurate parsing rules that will accommodate all the specifics you need captured. Then simply upload the information to your CRM, via a manual spreadsheet upload, or automate the upload via a Zapier integration with your preferred CRM. We have all the tutorials you need to execute a solution and transform your business. It’s that simple to take your business from a logistical nightmare, to a well planned and executed system. You’ll save a ridiculous amount of time, and money automating your logistics pipeline with mailparser.io.

Read what our happy customers have to say No more logistical headaches from processing incoming emails.

We are a removal Startup attempting to revolutionise the moving industry in Europe and across the globe. We offer simple online booking combined with complete transparency of fees and a consistently high service quality.

As a large amount of leads we receive are coming from different third-party providers, we are in need of a system that can provide us with the required information while an API for the specific provider is in development. Mailparser.io reliably provides this service. The process of integrating mailparser.io is very simple and quick, allowing us to outpace the competition.

To this day, mailparser.io remains vital to our operations. With the constant acquisition of new partners, we are still in need of a powerful and reliable solution for extracting lead information from emails.

An easy and quick solution to our problems: Thank you mailparser, for providing an amazing service!


We use a variety of third party shipping partners to get product to our customers, but having various shippers made it hard to standardize tracking emails and other shipment-related correspondence with the customer. We configured our Mailparser address to receive and parse generic tracking emails from each of our shippers. Then, Mailparser’s integration with Zapier lets us re-skin these emails and sends them to the customer, from us. We’re able to sit back while it all happens.

Mailparser has saved us countless hours over the years. We are able to configure our parsing rules, set it and forget it! We get a consistent, clean stream of data that we can batch process as we choose. It just works.

The parsing rules are so easy to configure, it’s not at all difficult to have a non-technical person configure them. I am a big fan of Mailparser. It *actually has* saved us tons of time over the years

Mack - Taster's Club

We scrape incoming orders, post to web (csv) and import into our ERP. To license all the api's is ridiculous...Your product is amazing and customer service is awesome.

Kevin Budzynski - Monroe Engineering

Our business is doing fast-delivery on demand with many big retailers. Including API connections within an E-commerce checkout can sometimes lead to very long "Time-to-market".

We wanted to accelerate the proof of concept with some clients, before they have to do the extensive I.T work. So we receive delivery orders in mailparser.io by emails. Thanks to the accuracy and flexibility of mailparser.io it is very easy to extract all the information we need, including extracting the "human" date and time and converting it into "Computer timer".

In addition with Zapier, we were able to create a multi-step workflow that re-introduce the orders in our API and inform us by Slack in real time, and "Voilà"!

With 1.5 days of work, including discovering the services, we were "production ready", and now, we have one more big, happy customer!

Yann Marzack - colisweb.com

Metalprogetti is an industry leader in textile management and automation machinery. Our clients rely heavily on our systems and up-time is critical for them to meet production deadlines around the clock.

We only use the very basic features of mailparser.io to parse customer replies to support tickets, but this basic function has removed a substantial cognitive burden from our own development team.

To date, we have not experienced any issues with mailparser.io and our team is very pleased with this service provider. From the clean online interface to the customer friendly support interactions.

We will continue using mailparser.io to simplify parsing and processing of customer responses. mailparser.io has become as critical and important to us as Twilio is for our voice and SMS communications.

Brian Spaulding - Metalprogetti USA

Our company has been using mailparser.io for a little over a year to parse emails from our various customers. We receive work orders to perform pavement repairs throughout the United States and in the past would spend large amounts of time entering information from these work orders into Salesforce. Now that manual entry is no longer needed. The work orders from our clients route through mailparser.io, have the relevant information striped out and sent automatically to Salesforce through a webhook. This has saved us countless hours of manual data entry freeing our account teams to use more of their time to deliver exceptional service to our customers.

Joe Stolz - rabine.com

mailparser.io has been a crucial tool in helping us organize our leads. Instead of having to manually search through countless emails, mailparser.io saves us hours by parsing out the information we need and, through Zapier, automatically connecting it to the back end of our choosing. We are able to seamlessly receive incoming leads, capture the information we need, and have it automatically entered it into our CRM, our project management system, email marketing system and more!

Kendall Kunz - formsonfire.com

mailparser.io has been instrumental in building the delivery service for Simply Wine. The ease with which we could design parsing logic added to all the different places we can hook them too makes it the core routing app for our orders. I am so impressed with what mailparser.io has built I would never want my engineers to try to parse emails again with this tool available.

Jason Richelson - shopkeep.com

We have been using Mailparser for about a year to extract email addresses that we receive from download forms on our website, gillsc.com. The emails are automatically sent over to mailparser and categorised into the appropriate category through a unique email address supplied by mailparser. The data is then extracted from Mailparser and then sent over via a webhook integration to Zapier, which then processes and sorts the data and delivers to mailchimp. Mailchimp then sends out an automated email campaign.

Prior to using Mailparser we had to sort the emails manually and then add to mailchimp; this would be very time consuming. With the help of Mailparser the process is now completely automated and takes no time at all.

Michelle - Gill Sensors & Controls

We use Mailparser to extract tracking numbers from various types of carrier tracking notification emails. Mailparser then sends our tracking data to a Google Sheet for auto import into our order management system. This saves us from having to copy-paste tracking numbers from email to our order management system manually, which we had been doing before.

Mark - Anchoring.com

I have to tell you mailparser.io is great. I found you while trying out another program to help us parse information out of our leads into ZohoCRM and let me tell you it works great. I receive leads from several lead sources and with mailparser.io it saves me at least 2 hours a day. I can log in and look at every email that it parsed and review it and if there was an error I can fix it and have it resend it to my CRM. It was easy to set up and there is documentation that covers most issues. Your support staff is great. Thanks for the quick response time with my questions and helping me out to make sure my transition went smooth. To sum up its was fast, easy and affordable. I look forward to a continuing relationship with you.

John Ruff - discountforkliftbrokers.com/

Our business focuses on helping doctors, hospitals, medical clinics and health providers in their collections and administrative tasks with patients and insurance companies. With mailparser.io we are able to parse emails, extract and take action using different webhooks that will allow our clients to receive their information filtered by what's relevant or not. This allows our clients to focus on growing their business without the need of a robust administrative staff.

We are very happy using mailparser.io, it's easy to use and very reliable.

Jerónimo - MEDIFIN

We are currently using MailParser.io in 3 different ways:

Loading web enquiries to our CRM (Zoho):

  • Our web forms can't connect directly to the CRM so we generate an email every time the enquiry form is completed, MailParser.io picks the information & send it to our CRM for handling

  • Back up new 'bookings' registered via Zoho onto Google Sheets:
  • All bookings made & registered on our CRM trigger an email which Mailparser.io parses & send relevant info to a Google Sheet for backup / reporting point of view

  • Process insurance purchase notifications from our partner:
  • We get notified by email of all our client's purchases with all details on a PDF attached to it. Thus, Mailparser.io allows us to save all of those as backup into Google Sheets & send all relevant info to Zapier where we have a Zap that notifies the right consultant about their client's purchase. This also updates our CRM with that info that might become useful at later stage should client contact our consultant with an emergency issue.

    All of those processes above either didn't exist, so we're now providing extra benefits to our employees and/or clients, or were very manual - MailParser.io allows us to automate the handling of the large amount of information generated during our customer's journey from enquiry to purchase & travel.

    Julien - The Giltedge Group

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