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Do you have incoming order confirmations, “contact us” submissions, & offline live chat correspondences? Chances are that you have to manually submit all of this information into your CRM each and every morning, along with all the particulars of each notice. Wouldn’t it be nice if this was automated each morning, so that all you had to do was review the data extracted from emails in a spreadsheet, then upload the spreadsheet to your distribution warehouse, in-house CRM, (like SalesForce, Insightly, or Zoho), or wherever you need the information? You and your staff could then focus on tasks that actually move your business forward, instead of tedious data input. Well, you are in luck…read on!

Think of the time and energy you will save, by not manually inputting the data in these emails and forms daily. Think of the improved accuracy of data quality, as no human would be touching the data, rather, the information would all be pushed into a spreadsheet, based off email parsing routines you put in place to ensure the output is exactly what you want. This is exactly what we do at We've been providing data parsing solutions for companies across the Globe for years. These services allow you to liberate yourself from manual entry and complement your data automation goals, leaving your staff the time to focus on more valuable endeavors.

You can automate your e-Commerce business, and free up time in your daily routine in as little as 15 minutes. That’s how long it takes to create and account and set-up your parsing rules to automate and aggregate your incoming email data. Want to turn those emails into an excel file? Prefer Google Sheets? You are in control of the output, and with tons of cloud integrations already in place, and more on the development horizon, there is a great chance that we already have a solution in place to fit your unique parsing needs.

Starting out costs you nothing, and after the free trial month, you will see just how easy and reliable is for your business. Our subscription based pricing allows you to use us as much, or little as your business calls for, and with rates as low as $25/month, chances are that you will make your money back the first day using our services. What have you got to lose, except mindless hours of tedious, mistake riddled data input headaches? Get your free trial up and running today.

Read what our happy customers have to say Revolutunize your eCommerce business today, with our email parser solution.

We use a variety of third party shipping partners to get product to our customers, but having various shippers made it hard to standardize tracking emails and other shipment-related correspondence with the customer. We configured our Mailparser address to receive and parse generic tracking emails from each of our shippers. Then, Mailparser’s integration with Zapier lets us re-skin these emails and sends them to the customer, from us. We’re able to sit back while it all happens.

Mailparser has saved us countless hours over the years. We are able to configure our parsing rules, set it and forget it! We get a consistent, clean stream of data that we can batch process as we choose. It just works.

The parsing rules are so easy to configure, it’s not at all difficult to have a non-technical person configure them. I am a big fan of Mailparser. It *actually has* saved us tons of time over the years

Mack - Taster's Club

We scrape incoming orders, post to web (csv) and import into our ERP. To license all the api's is ridiculous...Your product is amazing and customer service is awesome.

Kevin Budzynski - Monroe Engineering

We primarily use Mailparser for is connecting a gap between our website on Squarespace to our ESP (Active Campaign). Currently, there is no way to get customer information INTO our ESP directly from Squarespace (without doing it manually) and there is no direct Zapier connection either.

What I did was create a custom email address that order confirmations go to, then using Mailparser I extracted the relevant information from the order, connected to Zapier then connected to Active Campaign to put the relevant information into AC, thereby having all of the contact's relevant information, including what they bought AND tagging them as a recent customer so we could run further complex segmentation!

It's allowed us to channel everything smoothly through this automation. In return, it has really grown our business tremendously! There really is not an equal to Mailparser for data processing and workflow automation!

Robert Gordon - Fine Art Actions has been instrumental in building the delivery service for Simply Wine. The ease with which we could design parsing logic added to all the different places we can hook them too makes it the core routing app for our orders. I am so impressed with what has built I would never want my engineers to try to parse emails again with this tool available.

Jason Richelson -

We use Mailparser to extract tracking numbers from various types of carrier tracking notification emails. Mailparser then sends our tracking data to a Google Sheet for auto import into our order management system. This saves us from having to copy-paste tracking numbers from email to our order management system manually, which we had been doing before.

Mark -

With our current backend system we regularly had to handover a programming task to our external developers whenever we had a new web form that needed some automated data processing. Needless to say that this is not optimal from a time and cost perspective. After evaluating various online services we ended up with the combination of and which both we can be set up by us within few hours. being the perfect online tool to parse and to enrich the incoming web form data and the tool responsible to distribute the data to various other online tools. proofs to be innovative by regularly implementing new feature and their support team is very responsive and helpful. Thumbs up…

Andres Hess -

I have to tell you is great. I found you while trying out another program to help us parse information out of our leads into ZohoCRM and let me tell you it works great. I receive leads from several lead sources and with it saves me at least 2 hours a day. I can log in and look at every email that it parsed and review it and if there was an error I can fix it and have it resend it to my CRM. It was easy to set up and there is documentation that covers most issues. Your support staff is great. Thanks for the quick response time with my questions and helping me out to make sure my transition went smooth. To sum up its was fast, easy and affordable. I look forward to a continuing relationship with you.

John Ruff -

Within 20 minutes I was able to automate a process that used to take an hour of manual time. is a no brainer for getting out data trapped in emails.

Ophir Prusak -

I own a small e-commerce web site, as well as maintain a store on eBay. Using, I can extract and record important information from sales receipt emails. It has become an essential tool for my business, allowing me to easily collect data, analyze it, and make better decisions for my company. The service has always been reliable and easy to use. A great tool for the small business owner!

Joshua Lefever -

For our new website Gebetshaus-Freiburg we chose Their webshop cart has the problem of purchase orders and invoices not being created automatically. So we use to process our orders to get a nice purchase order, and an invoice we can send to the customer.

The usability of allows us to receive order emails with the proper amount and product ordered, as well as customer billing & shipping information in a structured table format. We use their Google Sheets webhook to create invoices and purchase orders that we can send via email, and are printable for our customers.

Our previous order process took 4-8 hours/week. With we reduced this to less than one hour weekly. This made an easy decision to use.

Dr. Matthias Wegner - Gebetshaus-Freiburg

I use for segmenting emails from sales on Amazon. We have a small business selling on Amazon. While Amazon offers many capabilities on their website, we have found that grabbing data from the Seller alert emails, parcing it, and moving it into Podio (via Zapier) gives us a place, away from Amazon's tools, to gather sales info and reports we want.
We could do periodic exports from Amazon and import into Podio. But by using, we get this information automatically. This saves a lot of time, as we sell about 30 items a day, seven days a week. If it takes 2 minutes to copy sales info, per sale, or about 10 minutes to do weekly exports and imports on sales, I save anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours a month in work. And as it happens automatically in background, I don't have to remember to do it.
I also use for capturing a newsletter that comes from the County for our homeowners association. Its a standard format and has data we need to retain. Rather than having to ensure I see the email, copy the data and send it to the Board of directors - I use mailparcer to pull out the data, then Zapier to move it to Podio, and then use triggers in Podio to notify the Board. This also retains the data for our Association.

Eric Epstein -

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