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Looking to parse data from inbound email to Google Apps, Salesforce, Slack, or hundreds of other cloud platforms? is used by digital and communication companies across the globe directly for their needs, and the needs of their clients. From parsing data in press releases, or extracting data from billing receipts, to sending real-time email drip campaigns and automating custom audiences on Facebook, via Infusionsoft we've got you covered.

Our email parsing engine allows you to set multiple parsing filters, which enable you to extract contact data, text body data and even attachment information, from incoming emails. Why is this helpful...? Once you set the rules for your mailparser inbox, you only need to send the email to be parsed to your unique mailparser email address. Once this is complete, all of your emails from that sender will be parsed, per your specifications and waiting on our server for you to download, or if you prefer to send the data directly to another platform, then simply use our integration options to send the data to its endpoint automatically, in real-time.

Digital and Communications clients use us extensively for their internal email parsing, system notices/updates, and also for the needs of their clients. Use as a long-term solution, or as a temporary fix while waiting for your development team to integrate internally, with our software solution, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. With a pricing plan to fit your monthly use, we provide affordable solutions in minutes, rather than months of expensive developer costs.

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We use to parse spreadsheets from Appassure backup software email reports and inject the net totals into a consolidated google spreadsheet that allows us to view all backup reports within one document.

Our data comes in xls attachments via daily emails with backups report statistics. We check them all daily so I am using to consolidate them. Originally used Zapier to push to google sheets but currently we use your native integration and canceled our Zapier account.

Before email parsing we had a shared mailbox to collect all of these daily emails. We would open each message, then open attachment, then copy and paste the number from the spreadsheet into our tracking document. Now we do not have to open each message or copy anything. We can look at a single google doc and view all current and historical data for 100+ daily reports within minutes. Very nice overall.

Dusty Dutch - Progressive Computer Systems, Inc.

We have a very nice way of capturing and communicating with leads who leave messages on our website chat service, which involves coordination between OnWebChat, my Outlook inbox,, Zapier, and iContact Pro.

When our chat operators are offline, visitors to our website leave messages for our operator. Once a message is left, OnWebChat sends a standard formatted email to my Outlook inbox. I have a rule in Outlook that looks for these standard emails, and automatically forwards these emails to a pre-created email address. has been programmed to locate and parse the name and sender email address from these emails. From there, a Zapier "zap" sends this information to be input into a predetermined contact list on our iContact PRO email marketing software. As each new contact is added, a workflow in iContact PRO sends out a series of three unique emails to each person who originally left a message on our chat. This all begins within a few minutes.

Craig - Maharishi University

Our business is doing fast-delivery on demand with many big retailers. Including API connections within an E-commerce checkout can sometimes lead to very long "Time-to-market".

We wanted to accelerate the proof of concept with some clients, before they have to do the extensive I.T work. So we receive delivery orders in by emails. Thanks to the accuracy and flexibility of it is very easy to extract all the information we need, including extracting the "human" date and time and converting it into "Computer timer".

In addition with Zapier, we were able to create a multi-step workflow that re-introduce the orders in our API and inform us by Slack in real time, and "Voilà"!

With 1.5 days of work, including discovering the services, we were "production ready", and now, we have one more big, happy customer!

Yann Marzack - has been an absolutely brilliant addition to our workflows here at Print Storm. Using the very intuitive user interface of, we can take data from a whole range of incoming emails, and use the app to pick out the specific pieces of information that we require. Whether it's comments on artwork design proofs that are sent to our designers, or information on printing schedules or deadlines, our staff can sit back and let do the work. Coupled with Zapier, we can then insert that data in to the appropriate fields in our Podio workspace, saving us literally hundreds of hours worth of work every single month. For a print and design company, words cannot describe how great this is for our business!

Paul Cavalier -

As a web development company, the Real Estate Market is one of our main sectors we do business. We provide a CRM tightly integrated with our clients websites which makes it very efficient for them to manage their generated leads.

Telling our customers that we can grab leads from 5-10 different international portals they advertise and feed the data directly into their CRM solution has literally been a key selling point for our solution. Utilising in order to do so has been really easy for us since it was done in a single day. We have simply created a simple API endpoint on our CRM where posts data. The whole process works really fast so there is no delay. makes it easy to grab an email, clean the html and drill down to each field we need to grab and make sure data is parsed correctly.

Our clients are happy that the hundreds of leads they receive on a monthly basis are entered automatically into the CRM eliminating and delays or errors from manual data entry! It simply helps them get their job done faster and more effectively with wasting time on data entry.

Paris Paraskeva - United Worx

As a digital media agency, we use Mailparser to efficiently handle large files received as email attachments and put the data within right to work. This streamlined process allows us to get to the heart of the matter: analysis and optimization.

If not for Mailparser, we would need to manually copy/paste data from files received as email attachments into a database - Mailparser takes the data and parses it out into the appropriate fields. This saves time, eliminates error, and boosts productivity because we spend less time preparing the data and more time analyzing it.

Lisa - Lewis Media Partners

Doornvogel is a marketing communications agency that combines customer insights with creativity. With four expert teams and the latest marketing-technology we maximize the customer value for our clients brands.

Doornvogel is responsible for the application management of the loyalty software platform we deliver to our customers. One important process is the daily transfer of customer, transaction, and rewarded points data. Customers send us emails to confirm the data transfers and numbers of records. We use in conjunction with Zapier to parse the emails and move the info to a SQL server database. In the database we compare the confirmed numbers with the actual transactions we execute. If there is a difference between the confirmed numbers and actual transactions our application manager has some work to do. does a great job in parsing the emails and connecting with Zapier.

Stephan van Heusden - doornvogel

We have worked with on and off since they started with various businesses and watched the service get better and better. We use it to extract contact data from our incoming leads sent by email to send off to Zapier which in turn puts them into Mailerlite! is the best service by far for simplicity and reliability in ensuring our leads get to where they need to go. We have found that not all our lead sources have modern systems and many still simply email through leads rather than have APIs available.

Luke Woodard -

We are using your solution, as the Zapier mail parser just did not work for us. We have reasonably complex html emails that we need to extract data from and your solution not only does it elegantly, it does it accurately.

We are currently using it to extract data from tax invoice/receipts that we issue to our customers. We are a telecommunications business with a pre-pay service so each time a customer tops-up their account they are issued with a receipt. We send a BCC copy to and the relevant data is extracted sent via a web hook to Zapier and then zapped into Xero. This saves so much time for us and the information is accurate to the cent. It makes our bank reconciliation each day a one step process.

We are also using mail to send customer information to our CRM..

Dot Johnstone - YourCloudTelco

Future Solutions uses to extract our key financial metrics from our accounting system (Quickbooks Online) into our business management system (Podio) via a webhook integration. We extract key figures like our aged debtors, net assets, sales year to date, and invoices raised in the last 30 days to name but a few.

Prior to using, we were spending 5-10 minutes a time once a week copying and pasting this information manually. It would often get forgotten, delayed, have transposition errors in the data and so on. Now, we spend absolutely no time - none - and have the most-up-to-date data automatically added to our system every single night 365 days a year.

Pete Cuff - Future Solutions

We are a global media company based in central Bath UK and our focus is in the food and beverage industry. With the large amount of incoming data we receive, we needed a program that would automate this process for us. has been a saving grace for our data collection. We use in an unorthodox method by capturing general data from press release emails. We have cut admin times in half and the support team have been fantastic.

Nick Thornton - FoodBev Media Ltd saved us time and money in not having to develop a full blown API to extract data from our clients database to share with our marketing automation software.

We use to send real time, automated email drip campaigns and to create automated custom audiences on Facebook - both via Infusionsoft.

Lisa - Red Door Marketing

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