Be more efficient, & parse your incoming email requests & bookings into uniform structured data.

Save time by removing manual data entry from your daily routine.

Running a Tourism business often requires handling inbound requests, and bookings from all over the Country or World. Booking requests, Contact Inquiries and other forms of requests, from multiple lead generation platforms are sent to your business in the form of email notifications. Whether you run a destination website, a booking site, chamber of commerce, or any other site that depends on tourism, can help streamline your incoming emails into structured data.

One of the biggest issues for our Tourism clients is effectively handling the sheer volume of manual data entry required to keep on top of your daily request flow, and responding in a timely manner. Our email parsing solution allows you to automate your system and turn your inbound emails into structured data you can push to Excel, or to your favorite cloud integrations we support. supports loads of cloud based application integrations, from CRM’s & File Storage platforms, to Marketing Automation and our own custom integrations.

Help your team be as effective as possible, by consolidating all your incoming requests and bookings into uniform structured data. This will help your team respond more quickly, and effectively allow them to prioritize response. Also, you can automate upload of all this information into your CRM or other client management tool, effectively saving you hours of manual data input each day.

Getting started with our reliable mail parser is free for the first 14 days, giving you plenty of time to test us out, and ensure we are a solution for your tourism business. We have tutorials and an excellent support team, where help is always just an email away. You can also preview our extensive knowledge base and find answers to questions asked by our growing community of users. Once you are set-up and rolling, it’s easy to upgrade to a paid membership based on the volume of emails you choose to parse each month.

Read what our happy customers have to say Save time and developer costs, with our email parsing solution to automate your bookings, and client information requests.

Trying to get developers to parse mails into our CRM correctly just wasn't happening, until one day I found this tool and I knew I had come to the right place... We pull leads & enquiries from a variety of different websites and systems, and centralise them into our CRM, ready for distribution to our agents. Clean, simple, and effective. The guys are super helpful and knowledgeable, give them a shot!

James Woolley -

Why As a tourism company, we work with different agents that sell our services. Our aim was to automate the booking database in one single Google Sheet. Different agents send reports with the bookings we have, and thanks to Mailparser we are able to read, extract and introduce this information from the emails to Google Sheets. This way, we are able to have one single DB with all of our bookings from different agents. Just perfect for us. This saves us time and resources, as well as enabling to concentrate information and clarify KPIs for decision taking.

How did we solve it before? We did it manually…. We introduced all the bookings from the different agents manually in Google Sheets. We really believe in process automation, and introducing all the bookings automatically was a life saver.

Eduardo - Sea Saffron Food Tours

We have been using services for few months and can claim that their dedicated fast support team and their problem solving skills make them awesome. There is still work to do, but is definitely on the right way.

As OTA, we are using to parse data from email confirmations, process them via webhooks, and automate other upcoming processes in our system. is so easy to use and affordable, we do not even think about doing tasks manually. is very helpful when merging loads of structured .xls files with tabular data into one google spreadsheet. You can also transform your data just the way you need. The only limits using is human creativity.

Jakub Dudik - Pelikan Travel

We use to perform a seamless task of extracting data from sales orders which would eventually trigger a series of emails to our client as well as the accounting entries in our software - a task that would save us 5 minutes per email if done manually.'s customer service is like none that I have ever come across. Moritz and his team have always been there to address any technical challenges and are constantly working to make the service better. Very highly recommended.

Arvind Eyunni -

We are a vacation rental software solution that enables our clients to easily create a vacation rental website and manage all their reservations. forms an important part of our reservation system. Many of our customers list their vacation rentals on multiple listing sites. Whenever a booking inquiry is made, these sites send a booking inquiry notification email. Instead of manually entering the booking details into our system, allows us to easily set up parsing rules to convert these booking inquiry emails into structured data and directly import them as bookings into our reservation software.

The end result is that our customers do not need to manually create bookings anymore as enabled us to fully automate that. We very much enjoy using, their software is very flexible and intuitive and support is very responsive.

Dennis Klett -

We are currently using in 3 different ways:

Loading web enquiries to our CRM (Zoho):

  • Our web forms can't connect directly to the CRM so we generate an email every time the enquiry form is completed, picks the information & send it to our CRM for handling

  • Back up new 'bookings' registered via Zoho onto Google Sheets:
  • All bookings made & registered on our CRM trigger an email which parses & send relevant info to a Google Sheet for backup / reporting point of view

  • Process insurance purchase notifications from our partner:
  • We get notified by email of all our client's purchases with all details on a PDF attached to it. Thus, allows us to save all of those as backup into Google Sheets & send all relevant info to Zapier where we have a Zap that notifies the right consultant about their client's purchase. This also updates our CRM with that info that might become useful at later stage should client contact our consultant with an emergency issue.

    All of those processes above either didn't exist, so we're now providing extra benefits to our employees and/or clients, or were very manual - allows us to automate the handling of the large amount of information generated during our customer's journey from enquiry to purchase & travel.

    Julien - The Giltedge Group

  • has been the perfect solution for us to optimize and enrich our efforts for further automatization in our small business. Its functions and Zapier integration makes us able to implement big company solutions and efficiency within our small business. I would recommend it highly to any business that is looking to reduce workload and human error.

    Kjeld Schigt - Kalon Surf

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