Automate your home services business and save hours of manual data input

Contact requests, Orders, nearly anything you get via email, can be automated in just a few minutes.

Have a home services business that relies on emails communications to run efficiently? Chances are that you spend way too much time copying and pasting data into your CRM, or sending Delivery/Service call information to your field team. Even responding to contact requests can be a significant challenge. has helped home services companies from Heating and Air clients, and Home Cleaners, to Linen delivery and more.

How? We automate your inbound emails data extraction into structured data you can use in a variety of ways. Our getting started with email parsing blog post provides you with a video tutorial, & steps of just how easy it is to start extracting data. No more copying and pasting contact details of your clients, no more manually data entry or physically alerting the delivery team to their schedule, you can automate all of this, and it only takes a few minutes.

Through using our powerful parsing engine, you can extract all the data that you need from inbound emails, and email attachments. You can then send this data automatically to wherever you want. Dump data into Excel, automatically push it to your Google Sheets account, connect it through Zapier to your marketing automation tools or CRM, even use Sheetsu to push notifications to your delivery reps in the field. All in real time, with absolutely no manual data input. Save time, increase accuracy, and become highly efficient with email parsing for your Home Services business. We offer affordable solutions based on your monthly usage, that are realistic for any size busniess. Check out our Membership Pricing.

Read what our Home Services clients have to say.

We are a removal Startup attempting to revolutionise the moving industry in Europe and across the globe. We offer simple online booking combined with complete transparency of fees and a consistently high service quality.

As a large amount of leads we receive are coming from different third-party providers, we are in need of a system that can provide us with the required information while an API for the specific provider is in development. reliably provides this service. The process of integrating is very simple and quick, allowing us to outpace the competition.

To this day, remains vital to our operations. With the constant acquisition of new partners, we are still in need of a powerful and reliable solution for extracting lead information from emails.

An easy and quick solution to our problems: Thank you mailparser, for providing an amazing service!

We are a heating and cooling contractor that works primarily with residential customers. We receive the vast majority of our leads via email from multiple channels. During our peak times our lead volume can reach 350-500 / week -a great problem to have! Unfortunately it also becomes a CRM data-entry nightmare. The result of this "nightmare" is increased data-entry costs, data-entry errors and delays -- a "hot" lead becomes "cool" very quickly.

We did some research for solutions and found Within 2 hours we had a functional pilot up-and-running. Within a week we had all our email channels "wired-up" to auto-create leads in our CRM in a production-mode.

The result: we reduced our data-entry effort for leads by ~80%, increased our data quality and (most importantly) eliminated ANY delay between lead-receipt and availability within our CRM.

Quick, easy and cost-effective. Thank you!

Jeff Swanson -

Our company has been a satisfied customer since 2012. During this time we have been able to automate the work of a full time employee by integrating their features with other software. We consider Moritz and his team a valued partner of Linen Finder.

Jeff Wile -

We have been using for about a year now and have absolutely loved it. For years we had challenges with getting the 3rd party application used on our website to feed customer orders to our CRM software. We were wasting time copying / pasting thousands of customer orders into our CRM.

After wasting countless hours on manual data entry, we discovered and learned how it could be combined with a service called Zapier to automate just about any process. Now, whenever a customer places an order on our website, that order is sent to our email inbox where it is processed by retrieves all of the important customer data and uses Zapier to pass this on to our CRM. The entire process takes a just a few seconds!

Now we are not spending several hours a day copy / pasting!

Carlyon Christian - Atlanta Green Maids

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