Contact Inquiries need handling in a more efficient manner?

Manually tracking data, organizing the response and entering the information into your CRM, Email Software, or even Excel can be automated & easy.

Does your business bring in a large volume of contact requests, or even just enough that they are becoming a challenge to keep on top of organizing, and ensuring that you are answering them promptly? Join the growing masses that are using to solve their email parsing woes. Businesses often have several contact request forms, from their internal website, to 3rd party marketing and support sites. Fielding all of these requests, compiling them, and entering them into your CRM, marketing automation platform, or other cloud based service can be expensive because of the time involved.

With, you quickly and easily set up parsing rules, (a fancy way of saying, you can tell the data in your email where you want to save it, and the format you want it in). We have multiple tutorials to walk you through setting up your account, in order to extract structured data from your contact requests and other inbound emails. Typically, setting up to parse email data takes less than 15 minutes to get started. From there you can tweak your rules to ensure that you are getting exactly the information from each email that you need to ensure your business contact requests are being harvested and compiled in an automated fashion.

You will save hours of manual data retrieval and entry in the first week alone. Not only are you reducing manual data entry time, but you are also increasing the accuracy of your data, as no human error will occur by inputting the wrong data from these contact emails. Your information will be parsed and ready for you to push to your preferred management method. Many clients turn the information in their emails directly into Excel files, some prefer Google Sheets for email data storage, and others take their feeds and integrate email data directly into their CRM. This allows the data extracted to be stored in your CRM, and available to your team, be it sales agents, or customer service, to ensure that the customer is responded too in the most efficient, manner. Don’t let your contact request emails become a management nightmare. Take the first step in automating your emailed data, so you can be more efficient, responsive and on top of the needs and feedback of your client network.

You will pay for your monthly subscription with ease in the 1st month, just by the amount of time you will save eliminating your manual entry of customer request data. Remember, it costs you nothing to get started, and only after you’ve been up and running for 14 days, will you need to upgrade to one of our super affordable monthly rates.

Read what our happy customers have to say Streamline contact inquiry flow and extract email data with our easy, reliable solution.

We have a very nice way of capturing and communicating with leads who leave messages on our website chat service, which involves coordination between OnWebChat, my Outlook inbox,, Zapier, and iContact Pro.

When our chat operators are offline, visitors to our website leave messages for our operator. Once a message is left, OnWebChat sends a standard formatted email to my Outlook inbox. I have a rule in Outlook that looks for these standard emails, and automatically forwards these emails to a pre-created email address. has been programmed to locate and parse the name and sender email address from these emails. From there, a Zapier "zap" sends this information to be input into a predetermined contact list on our iContact PRO email marketing software. As each new contact is added, a workflow in iContact PRO sends out a series of three unique emails to each person who originally left a message on our chat. This all begins within a few minutes.

Craig - Maharishi University

Before discovering the magic of, we had an embarrassingly janky, manual process for importing customer information into AgileCRM . Not only was the old system error prone, it was a major time suck. In implementing a better system, we initially tried a different mail parsing tool, but found it frustrating unreliable and difficult to figure out.

Naturally, I was thrilled to come across After a short trial period, it became clear that was far more trustworthy and easy-to-use than the alternative. We then switched over to and haven't looked back! We've been using the tool for a year and a half and have no plans of ever switching. makes it so simple for us to parse customer information from their emails and automatically import it into our CRM, saving us time and making it easier to make our customers happy.

Matt Dalley, Co-founder - Simply Eloped

Metalprogetti is an industry leader in textile management and automation machinery. Our clients rely heavily on our systems and up-time is critical for them to meet production deadlines around the clock.

We only use the very basic features of to parse customer replies to support tickets, but this basic function has removed a substantial cognitive burden from our own development team.

To date, we have not experienced any issues with and our team is very pleased with this service provider. From the clean online interface to the customer friendly support interactions.

We will continue using to simplify parsing and processing of customer responses. has become as critical and important to us as Twilio is for our voice and SMS communications.

Brian Spaulding - Metalprogetti USA

We have been using services for few months and can claim that their dedicated fast support team and their problem solving skills make them awesome. There is still work to do, but is definitely on the right way.

As OTA, we are using to parse data from email confirmations, process them via webhooks, and automate other upcoming processes in our system. is so easy to use and affordable, we do not even think about doing tasks manually. is very helpful when merging loads of structured .xls files with tabular data into one google spreadsheet. You can also transform your data just the way you need. The only limits using is human creativity.

Jakub Dudik - Pelikan Travel

We have been using Mailparser for about a year to extract email addresses that we receive from download forms on our website, The emails are automatically sent over to mailparser and categorised into the appropriate category through a unique email address supplied by mailparser. The data is then extracted from Mailparser and then sent over via a webhook integration to Zapier, which then processes and sorts the data and delivers to mailchimp. Mailchimp then sends out an automated email campaign.

Prior to using Mailparser we had to sort the emails manually and then add to mailchimp; this would be very time consuming. With the help of Mailparser the process is now completely automated and takes no time at all.

Michelle - Gill Sensors & Controls

With our current backend system we regularly had to handover a programming task to our external developers whenever we had a new web form that needed some automated data processing. Needless to say that this is not optimal from a time and cost perspective. After evaluating various online services we ended up with the combination of and which both we can be set up by us within few hours. being the perfect online tool to parse and to enrich the incoming web form data and the tool responsible to distribute the data to various other online tools. proofs to be innovative by regularly implementing new feature and their support team is very responsive and helpful. Thumbs up…

Andres Hess - offers an advanced set of tools that are easy-to-use and affordable. The service has greatly improved our workflow for entering leads into our CRM. We have been able to reduce our lead data entry burden by 93% using, saving us hours each week. is an excellent tool and an important piece of our marketing automation equation.

Joel Haffey -

We are a vacation rental software solution that enables our clients to easily create a vacation rental website and manage all their reservations. forms an important part of our reservation system. Many of our customers list their vacation rentals on multiple listing sites. Whenever a booking inquiry is made, these sites send a booking inquiry notification email. Instead of manually entering the booking details into our system, allows us to easily set up parsing rules to convert these booking inquiry emails into structured data and directly import them as bookings into our reservation software.

The end result is that our customers do not need to manually create bookings anymore as enabled us to fully automate that. We very much enjoy using, their software is very flexible and intuitive and support is very responsive.

Dennis Klett -

CorkCRM is software that helps painting companies streamline their business. Our customers (painting companies) receive a ton of templated form entries every day requesting appointments. We needed a way to take the request from an emailed form entry into our web application.

Mailparser was the ideal way for us to accomplish this because the webhook integration is super easy and we didn't have to figure out the huge number of edge cases or support the technical debt that comes from building something like this in-house.

Combined with our Twilio integration and a third-party call center, painting companies can now automate the initial outbound call to schedule an appointment with a new lead. Early data is showing a substantial increase in the number of requests that turn into actual appointments (due to the drastically reduced response time). Two thumbs up to the MailParser folks for making the magic happen.

Michael Henry - CorkCRM

We have worked with on and off since they started with various businesses and watched the service get better and better. We use it to extract contact data from our incoming leads sent by email to send off to Zapier which in turn puts them into Mailerlite! is the best service by far for simplicity and reliability in ensuring our leads get to where they need to go. We have found that not all our lead sources have modern systems and many still simply email through leads rather than have APIs available.

Luke Woodard - has been the perfect solution for us to optimize and enrich our efforts for further automatization in our small business. Its functions and Zapier integration makes us able to implement big company solutions and efficiency within our small business. I would recommend it highly to any business that is looking to reduce workload and human error.

Kjeld Schigt - Kalon Surf

I am in translation and localization business, and I use mailparser to populate my internal tables with the data from client's 'you have been assigned' kind of emails. So far worked well with both Google sheets and Smartsheet.

APIs for client-vendor communication are still a rare thing in our industry, and it is still very much driven by emails. So mailparser actually serves as a connector between client's systems and our intermal tools. Some sort of 'email API'

Nikolay - Bedver Consultants

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