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Parse email attachments with Mailparser Easily parse email attachments by setting parsing rules to extract attachment data from .pdf files, .xls or .xlsx Excel Spreadsheets, .doc or .docx Word Documents, .csv files, generic .txt and .xml files.

Are you receiving emails with attachments regularly? Would you like to extract the information in your attachments and dump it into Excel, or Google Sheets or somewhere else? Our easy attachment parsing options allow you to set a few simple parsing rules, and the text information in those attachments can be extracted into structured data, automatically.

Whether you are receiving order notifications, system status update, Google analytics attachments, whatever, we can aide you in extracting text data from your PDF, Excel, DOC, DOCX, CSV, TXT or XML file attachments. To read more about the actual process, and steps please see our blog article reading and parsing email attachments. Our clients use the attachment parsing feature in a variety of ways, from eCommerce, and analytics, to system updates, converting PDF to Excel, customer receipt information extraction and much more. You can literally save hours of copy and pasting, and aggregate your data anywhere you choose, by automating your attachment data extraction.

Our pricing plan is based on your monthly use, and is affordable for any business. Scroll below to read how our users are leveraging to increase their efficiency, save time, and support their staff and clients more comprehensively.

How do you parse an email?

  • Create an account with
  • Forward your emails to your private inbox
  • Create parsing rules to isolate lead or contact data within the app
  • Dispatch parsed lead data via Zapier webhook
  • Send lead data from Zapier
Read what our happy customers have to say In just a few minutes you can parse text from your email attachments, and push it to hundreds of destinations.

We use to parse spreadsheets from Appassure backup software email reports and inject the net totals into a consolidated google spreadsheet that allows us to view all backup reports within one document.

Our data comes in xls attachments via daily emails with backups report statistics. We check them all daily so I am using to consolidate them. Originally used Zapier to push to google sheets but currently we use your native integration and canceled our Zapier account.

Before email parsing we had a shared mailbox to collect all of these daily emails. We would open each message, then open attachment, then copy and paste the number from the spreadsheet into our tracking document. Now we do not have to open each message or copy anything. We can look at a single google doc and view all current and historical data for 100+ daily reports within minutes. Very nice overall.

Dusty Dutch - Progressive Computer Systems, Inc.

Our company has been using for a little over a year to parse emails from our various customers. We receive work orders to perform pavement repairs throughout the United States and in the past would spend large amounts of time entering information from these work orders into Salesforce. Now that manual entry is no longer needed. The work orders from our clients route through, have the relevant information striped out and sent automatically to Salesforce through a webhook. This has saved us countless hours of manual data entry freeing our account teams to use more of their time to deliver exceptional service to our customers.

Joe Stolz -

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