Mailparser for Help Desk & Support Teams

Manage Help Desk Tickets & Support Emails with Ease

Is your inbox flooded with support tickets? Extract important customer requests and data from emails and import them into your ticketing system or CRM using Mailparser to save time and serve customers faster.

Mailparser for help desks and customer support

Hundreds of businesses rely on Mailparser to automate their help desk and support team emails

Simply Eloped

Help Desk & Support Professionals use Mailparser to…

Convert Support Emails to Tickets

time management

By integrating Mailparser with your system, you can automatically pull information from support emails and turn them into help desk tickets

Extract Customer Data from Emails

get organized

Use Mailparser to extract data from recurring emails to remove countless hours of tedious data entry from your workload.

Automatically create support tickets

reduce errors

Automatically create support tickets when someone messages you on live chat after hours or fills out a contact form on your website.

Integrate with their favorite apps

score leads

Integrate Slack and Mailparser to automatically get Slack notifications when a customer contacts you.

Import customer data into their CRM

score leads

Use Mailparser to automatically extract customer data from your support tickets and emails and import it into your CRM. 

Key Benefits

Save Hours of Tedious Work

No need to spend countless hours inputting data from support emails. Mailparser extracts the data fields you need according to Parsing Rules that you create (no coding needed).

save time with help desk

Make Customers Happy

Quick responses are essential for a stellar customer experience. Automating data entry helps you solve a larger number of issues without your support team getting overwhelmed. Customers will love your responsiveness!

Streamline Your Workflows

Use our integration options to share customer requests anywhere you want. Get a notification on Slack, HelpScout, or any app you use. Never miss a customer email and spend more time doing what matters: making every customer’s day.

Mailparser also integrates with 1,500+ cloud apps, including HappyFox,  ZendeskZapier, and many others.

streamline help desk workflows

Drive Business Growth

Whether you manage a help desk team or provide IT support on behalf of your clients, Mailparser helps you deliver top-notch customer service, which is vital for growing your business.

Customer Success Stories

Find out how other customer support and help desk professionals use Mailparser to streamline their customer tickets and data.

Metalprogetti USA

Parse Customer Replies to Support Tickets

“Metalprogetti is an industry leader in textile management and automation machinery. Our clients rely heavily on our systems and up-time is critical for them to meet production deadlines around the clock.

We only use the very basic features of Mailparser to parse customer replies to support tickets, but this basic function has removed a substantial cognitive burden from our own development team. To date, we have not experienced any issues with Mailparser and our team is very pleased with this service provider. From the clean online interface to the customer friendly support interactions.”

Brian Spaulding – Metalprogetti USA

The Shutters Dept

Automatic Slack Notifications When Customers Reach Out

“We’re not developers but we like to work smart. We want Slack notifications when our customers contact us. We want to map customer addresses. And we want support tickets created if we miss someone on live chat. We couldn’t do any of this without Mailparser.

What do you do when the application you use doesn’t integrate with Zapier or when webhooks are not available? You use Mailparser to bridge the gap. Mailparser’s address normalisation feature is particularly powerful. We couldn’t live without it – very highly recommended.”

Dan – The Shutters Dept

Simply Eloped

Simply Eloped

Import Customer Information into your CRM

“Before discovering the magic of Mailparser, we had an embarrassingly janky, manual process for importing customer information into AgileCRM . Not only was the old system error prone, it was a major time suck. In implementing a better system, we initially tried a different mail parsing tool, but found it frustrating, unreliable and difficult to figure out.

Naturally, I was thrilled to come across Mailparser. After a short trial period, it became clear that Mailparser was far more trustworthy and easy-to-use than the alternative. We then switched over to Mailparser and haven’t looked back! We’ve been using the tool for a year and a half and have no plans of ever switching.

Mailparser makes it so simple for us to parse customer information from their emails and automatically import it into our CRM, saving us time and making it easier to make our customers happy.”

Matt Dalley, Co-founder – Simply Eloped

Start Extracting Data in Minutes

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