Extract contacts, notes, even attachments from email and push to Zendesk, automatically.

Build solid relationships, with great customer experience, and spend less energy each day.

Send emailed data to Zendesk automatically

About the Zendesk integration

Our Zendesk integration allows you to extract text from emails and attachments, and push to your Zendesk account. Make it easy on your customers, and provide a great experience along the way, while ensuring every bit of your engagement with them is captured and accounted for.

In addition, our email parsing integration allows you to download the extracted data as an Excel file, push it to Google Sheets, and 100’s of other options. Build great relationships, provide great customer engagement, and spend less energy each day, knowing your workflow from emails is automated.

Feel free to explore Zapier’s integration with Zendesk here.

What you need…

All you need is a mailparser.io account, a Zendesk account and an account with Zapier. You can then send the data parsed by mailparser.io to Zapier and from there to Zendesk or hundreds of other clour platforms.

How it works…

  • Create an account with mailparser.io
  • Forward your emails to your private @mailparser.io inbox
  • Create parsing rules to isolate the data fields you need
  • Connect your inbox with Zapier
  • Send your information to Zendesk via Zapier

Say good-bye to manual data-entry …
Extract data from incoming emails and automate your business.

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