Mailparser for Human Resources

Hire Smarter Not Harder with Mailparser

Turn hours of processing job applications into minutes by extracting them from incoming emails. Find the ideal candidate in less time and save money on hiring.

Mailparser for Human Resources

Human Resources Use Mailparser to...

Save Time

save time and money

Mailparser extracts data from incoming emails with total accuracy according to Parsing Rules set by the user. Save precious time, speed up the recruitment process, and deliver a great candidate experience.

Organize their Hiring Databases

Organize Human Resources Hiring Database

Mailparser can send candidate information to your database wherever it’s located. This could be a Google spreadsheet, an ATS, or any cloud application used for HR management.

Minimize Mistakes

Minimize Hiring Mistakes

Manually inputting candidate data into databases can lead to mistakes. Mailparser extracts data from an email, so there’s no chance it can get messed up.

Save Costs

Save Recruitment Costs

Once you organize all data in one database, you can quickly find the most qualified candidates using keywords and filters. This means spending less time and money on recruiting projects. Turn those candidates into employees with ease!

Key Benefits

Hire More Efficiently Than Ever

Mailparser helps recruiters and hiring managers parse through email correspondence with candidates. Mailparser can help you save time on manually sorting through resumes and applications by automatically extracting data from emails. In addition, Mailparser can help you keep track of deadlines and contact information for each candidate. As a result, Mailparser can help you hire candidates faster by simplifying the application process.

Parse Resumes from Emails with Mailparser - Parsing Results
Streamline Human Resources

Never Make a Mistake in Hiring Again

Do you receive hundreds of job applications per ad and spend hundreds of hours copying and pasting candidate information in your database without making mistakes?

This error-prone process is not only tedious but slows down the recruitment process, both of which lead to losing the ideal person for the job.

If you’re one of the many HR professionals who struggle with this daily, you have great news: the days of tedious manual processing are over. Instead, use Mailparser to extract job applications from email notifications to save time, effort, and money.

Use Whatever Hiring Management Tool You Want

Mailparser sends the extracted candidate information to your database, whether it’s located in a Google spreadsheet, an ATS, or any cloud application used for HR management. You can also download your parsed data as a file in Excel, CSV, or other formats.

streamline help desk workflows
Minimize Costs

Minimize Hiring Costs

Mailparser helps businesses keep costs low. By automating the process of parsing and sorting through job applications, Mailparser significantly reduces the time, and money businesses spend on hiring. In addition, Mailparser’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for businesses to post job openings and manage applications, further saving time and money. As a result, Mailparser is an invaluable tool for any business looking to minimize hiring costs.

Customer Success Stories

Find out how other customers use Mailparser to streamline their workflows.

Forms on Fire

Lead Capturing Automated Data Entry Logistics & Delivery

“ has been a crucial tool in helping us organize our leads. Instead of having to manually search through countless emails, saves us hours by parsing out the information we need and, through Zapier, automatically connecting it to the back end of our choosing. We are able to seamlessly receive incoming leads, capture the information we need, and have it automatically entered it into our CRM, our project management system, email marketing system and more!”

Kendall Kunz –


Contact Inquiries Lead Capturing Automated Data Entry Digital & Communications

“We have worked with on and off since they started with various businesses and watched the service get better and better. We use it to extract contact data from our incoming leads sent by email to send off to Zapier which in turn puts them into Mailerlite! is the best service by far for simplicity and reliability in ensuring our leads get to where they need to go. We have found that not all our lead sources have modern systems and many still simply email through leads rather than have APIs available.”

Luke Woodard –

Maharishi University

Contact Inquiries Digital & Communication Lead Capturing 

“We have a very nice way of capturing and communicating with leads who leave messages on our website chat service, which involves coordination between OnWebChat, my Outlook inbox,, Zapier, and iContact Pro.

When our chat operators are offline, visitors to our website leave messages for our operators. Once a message is left, OnWebChat sends a standard formatted email to my Outlook inbox. I have a rule in Outlook that looks for these standard emails, and automatically forwards these emails to a pre-created email address. has been programmed to locate and parse the name and sender email address from these emails. A Zapier “zap” sends this information to be input into a predetermined contact list on our iContact PRO email marketing software. As each new contact is added, a workflow in iContact PRO sends out a series of three unique emails to each person who originally left a message on our chat. This all begins within a few minutes.”

Craig – Maharishi University

Save Time Hiring Candidates

Say goodbye to the tedium and cost of manually inputting candidate data. Automate your recruitment process and hire more effectively.