squarespace email parsing

Squarespace Email Parsing

Use mailparser.io to Integrate Your Squarespace Site with Business Applications mailparser.io is a simple tool that automates your business processes, saving valuable time and minimizing error. Any part of your business that involves emails, from online order notifications, and shipping emails, to marketing integration, becomes more efficient and less tedious with mailparser.io. Extract data out […]

mailparser and shopify

Customize your Shopify workflow with mailparser.io & Zapier

Customize your Shopify store workflow with Zapier and mailparser.io As an online retailer, you’ve devoted a great deal of care to create the look and feel of your Shopify store. Everything from your branding, to product page layout and cart checkout experience are customized just the way you want them. This same level of detailed […]


Send better transactional emails – sendwithus & mailparser.io

Users are 4x more likely to open transactional emails than marketing emails However, you are often limited by outdated templates in your shopping carts, or the triggered emails you are sending aren’t as focused as you would like because of other limitations. Reality is, that nearly 70% of the email that businesses send is transactional, […]

podio email parsing

A great solution for parsing emails to Podio

Podio email parsing solutions .. Clients, from Realtors and Accountants, to Architects and Designers use mailparser.io with Podio for huge workflow gains. Podio offers users a wide range of functionality, be it CRM needs, project management, workflow management, you name it, they have top solutions. Regardless of your Podio use-case, mailparser.io will reliably and efficiently separate out […]

Salesforce Email Parser

Salesforce Email to Lead: Create New Records with Data Parsed From Emails

Does the following scenario sound familiar to you? Your business receives hundreds of leads by e-mail and you find yourself manually creating new records in Salesforce. Ideally those leads would come in with a Salesforce Web to Lead form but this is not always the case. And as we all know, making changes to existing […]

Sending new Gmail emails with data parsed from incoming emails

If you want to send a Gmail automatically anytime your mailparser.io processes an email, you can do that using Zapier.

Creating new MailChimp subscribers from Emails

If you want to automatically create Mailchimp Subscribers from emails, you can do that using your mailparser.io emails, with Zapier.

Powering an RSS Feed with Data Parsed from Emails

If you want to power an RSS feed with data parsed from emails, you can do that using Zapier and your mailparser.io account.

The Most Popular mailparser.io Integrations Just One Click Away

As you probably already know, E-Mail Parsing is just the first step when it comes to automating your business process with mailparser.io. The real magic starts once you connect mailparser.io to other online apps. Once you see new contacts automatically popping up in your CRM based on data parsed by mailparser.io things start to really […]

Connect mailparser.io to Hundreds of Cloud Services with Zapier

Most of our customers at mailparser.io have one simple goal: Automate their business processes and save valuable time!