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Mailparser is a simple tool that automates your business processes, saving valuable time and minimizing error. Any part of your business that involves emails, from online order notifications, and shipping emails, to marketing integration, becomes more efficient and less tedious with Mailparser. Extract data out of email messages into structured spreadsheets, chat apps, marketing platforms, workflow tools and tons of other places. Mailparser will help you integrate your Squarespace site with all of the business applications you depend on. Get started today with a FREE subscription if you haven’t done so yet!
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Email Parser for Marketing Applications

You embed form blocks into your Squarespace website in order to collect data from anyone who chooses to submit information into the form. Mailparser helps you store all of this collected data in an organized, structured way and then automate the process of putting that data straight to work for your company. This is all done in a matter of seconds 🙂
First, let’s address the form blocks that are designed to collect contact information for potential customers. You embed a form block allowing interested parties to sign up to receive email notifications of future sales, new blog posts, general company news, new product launches, and more. A good problem to have, is lots of data coming in through the forms, right? However, that data is only useful if you do something with it without sinking a lot of time into copy/pasting email addresses and crafting marketing emails.
This is where automated marketing tools come into play. You populate a marketing platform with leads and the expertly designed emails start going out. Hooray! Well, not quite so fast. The only automated marketing tool that Squarespace allows you to store information in is MailChimp. This is great if you want to use MailChimp, but what if you don’t? What if you prefer another marketing platform such as ActiveCampaign, Autopilot, Constant Contact, Pardot or MailerLite? Mailparser is integrated with these marketing tools and many others through native and partner integrations such as Zapier (see the most common, but certainly not all comprehensive list here) and offers you much more flexibility on which marketing apps you can use. The process is easy and once it’s setup, you don’t have to think about it again. Here is what it would look like:

  • Choose an email account as your delivery option for your form block data
  • Set up a Mailparser account
  • Setup email forwarding so that all incoming emails to your designated storage email account are automatically forwarded to your Mailparser email. You will get your Mailparser email address when you create and account and are ready to send data.
  • Mailparser automatically extracts the data in the form email, based on your parsing rules, and sends it to your favorite marketing platform,(or just about any other app you can imagine).
  • Data appears organized within that marketing platform and ready to be utilized.

Sending personalized emails to leads is more important than ever in today’s sales environment. According to research by the Aberdeen Group, personalized email messages improve click-through rates by 14% and conversions by 10%. You need to be working with the email campaign platform that makes the most sense for you and your company, not settling for the one that is selected for you. Another great thing about using Mailparser is that even if we aren’t integrated with your favorite marketing platform yet, all you have to do is build a zap on zapier to connect it to Mailparser and then you are ready to go. Mailparser is a simple tool that enables you to turn raw data into structured information on any platform you choose.
Now, what about those other form blocks? Suppose you want to embed a custom built survey or quiz, a press request, customer feedback, or whatever else you think up to engage visitors on your site. Essentially, organizing this data into whatever form you like is made possible by mailparser in the same way the contact data can be collected and organized. You choose email as your storage option for these forms, parse the data with mailparser, and have it automatically sent to whatever app you want to use. Squarespace does allow you to store the data in Google Sheets. But if you prefer to use Excel as a spreadsheet, mailparser enables you to do that easily, (we also have a native Google Sheets Integration too). If you prefer to get data into a full-on database like Knack or Caspio Cloud, that process is just as simple using mailparser. Even if you do want the data stored in Google Sheets, Squarespace allows you to choose two storage options so you could choose Google Sheets AND an email address to give you maximum flexibility in organizing and analyzing your data.

Squarespace email parser for Internal Communication Applications

When time is of the essence, stay in the loop down to the minute by having all of the email notifications you receive from Squarespace parsed by mailparser and sent to your preferred communication tools. Of course it depends on your specific business sector, but examples of time sensitive action items are notifications about inventory or comments on your blog.
Squarespace sends you an email when your inventory reaches a critically low number. That is time sensitive information that is ideally not sitting in an email inbox waiting to be read. If you set the notification email address on Squarespace to be sent straight to a mailparser address, mailparser can automatically direct all of the information directly into a Slack channel, or make a post in Chatter or HipChat, or automatically send you a text using Twilio. You have complete control over where the parsed information gets deposited. You may even want to send it to multiple applications simultaneously.
Similarly, maybe you want to be aware of any comment posted on your blog within a very short period of time of it being posted, especially if it requires approval or a response. The two comment systems you can easily use on your Squarespace site are either the Squarespace system or their native integration with Disqus. Either way, if you want to stay on top of comments posted on your blog, you can elect to receive comment notifications via email. With Mailparser, you can easily have those emails forwarded to a Mailparser account, which will parse out the data and post to Slack, Chatter, or HipChat.
Workflow Applications
Squarespace will send you an email notification anytime a new online order is placed on your site. Mailparser will eliminate spending any time getting the information that you need from that email into the workflow application that you use. Mailparser is integrated with Airtable, Trello, Asana, Basecamp 2, TrackVia, and more (see some favorites here.) You simply have all order notification emails sent through mailparser, which will then automatically populate the workflow tool you designate with the pertinent information. No order will be overlooked and fulfillment and shipping duties can be delegated from there.

Email Parsing for CRM Integrations

Squarespace allows you to manually export customer profiles into a .csv file. It’s a good idea to have your own copy of your client list separate from your Squarespace site as a backup. However, it requires remembering to do this export on a regular basis to ensure that the customer database is always up to date. If you are, instead, parsing your order confirmation emails with mailparser behind the scenes you can send the data to Agile CRM, Solve, Salesforce, or your choice of many others (find them here) continuously. No more remembering to manually export files and update your CRM.
Sales Tracking
Squarespace has some valuable web traffic and sales analytics capabilities. Yet, if you want to analyze sales in your own spreadsheet, you must manually export the sales data from Squarespace to a .csv file. Depending on how diligent you are, let’s face it, that .csv file may never actually get exported. Mailparser will automatically parse your order emails and continuously maintain your sales spreadsheet for you. All you have to do is go through the one-time process of setting up the chain of events using Mailparser as the catalyst. That way, when the time comes to show your sales data to someone else, you know exactly where it is and that is up to date and easy to share.
These are just a couple of the ways that you can use our Squarespace email parser to improve your workflow, increase accuracy, and save a ton of time and money.

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