Microsoft Excel

Excel - Mailparser Integrations

Parse Emails to Microsoft Excel Do you receive loads of emails that have important data stored in their body? With you can easily extract data from incoming emails and automatically convert email to Excel. About the Microsoft Excel integration is a powerful email processing and workflow automation solution. With it becomes easy […]


Zendesk - Mailparser Integrations

Extract contacts, notes, even attachments from email and push to Zendesk, automatically. Build solid relationships, with great customer experience, and spend less energy each day. About the Zendesk integration Our Zendesk integration allows you to extract text from emails and attachments, and push to your Zendesk account. Make it easy on your customers, and provide […]


Xero - Mailparser Integrations

Keep up with your accounting needs in real-time. Extract order information, parse customer receipts and eliminate manual entry into Xero with email parsing. About the Xero integration This integration allows you to keep up, in real-time with your accounting needs. Whether you want to extract order information, keep track of inventory or even parse information […]


Create Wunderlist Tasks from Emails

Create tasks in Wunderlist from parsed email data, automatically. Effortlessly push email information extracted by Mailparser into Wunderlist, creating a new task. About the Wunderlist integration Stop wasting time manually copying information from emails to create a new Wunderlist task. Instead, use this integration to quickly connect your Mailparser account to Wunderlist. The integration will […]


Trello - Mailparser Integrations

New Trello card from Email Would you love to turn your incoming emails directly into a Trello card, and save the manual input? gives you powerful & reliable tools to extract any kind of data from recurring emails. Once parsed, your data can then be used to automatically create a new Trello card. About […]


Trackvia - Mailparser Integrations

Create new records in TrackVia from parsed email data, automatically. Effortlessly push email information extracted by Mailparser into TrackVia, creating a new record without manual data input. About the TrackVia integration Stop wasting time manually inputting information from recurring emails into your TrackVia account. Instead, automate this process to save time while also increasing accuracy […]


Smartsheet - Mailparser Integrations

Increase productivity, while capturing selected details from each parsed email Automate your workflow by sending data trapped in emails to your Smartsheet account. About the Smartsheet integration Our Smartsheet integration helps you automate your workflow by sending data trapped in emails to your Smartsheet account. Smartsheet is a leading project management tool enabling teams to […]

Shipping Notifications

Shipping - Mailparser Integrations

Automatically send email shipping notifications to customers. Use parsed email information from shipping carriers to instantly send out notifications to customers. About the Shipping Notifications integration Most of your customers expect to be updated on the shipping status of their recently purchased items. This integration can help you keep customers happy without the hassle of […]


Sharpspring - Mailparser Integrations

Email parsing automation meets SharpSpring Marketing Automation. Automatically extract the information you need from your emails, and send to SharpSpring. About the SharpSpring integration This integration lets you extract precisely the information you need, directly from your emails and into SharpSpring’s Marketing Automation platform. Combined with SharSpring, you will have more time to focus on […]

QuickBooks Online

Quickbooks - Mailparser Integrations

Create QuickBooks Online invoices from structured emails. Use email data parsed by Mailparser to automatically create new invoices in QuickBooks Online. About the QuickBooks Online integration Use your regular sales and receipt notifications sent via email to automatically create a new QuickBooks Online invoice. Why spend time creating invoices manually when this task can be […]