Phaxio - Mailparser Integrations

Automatically send email information as Phaxio faxes. Use email data parsed by Mailparser to send out faxes with Phaxio. About the Phaxio integration Do you regularly need to send a fax using specific email data? This task can be completed automatically by connecting Mailparser and Phaxio through this simple integration. With this integration, parsed email […]


Prodpad - Mailparser Integrations

Save customer feedback sent by email in ProdPad, automatically. Document valuable customer feedback information from emails parsed by Mailparser in your ProdPad account. About the ProdPad integration Stop wasting time repeatedly copying and pasting email information into your ProdPad product management account. Completely automate this task by quickly setting up the ProdPad integration. This integration […]

Quick Base

Quick Base - Mailparser Integrations

Save parsed data from emails to Quick Base. Need to hold extracted email data in a Quick Base table? Automatically create or update a record in your Quick Base database using email data points isolated by Mailparser. About the Quick Base integration With this integration, you can send data parsed from emails directly into a […]

Google Sheets

Google Sheets - Mailparser Integrations

Move Email Data to Google Spreadsheet Do you receive hundreds of recurring emails which have important data trapped inside their body? With it becomes easy to extract data from emails and use the data to automatically update a Google Spreadsheet. About the Google Sheets integration is a powerful email processing and workflow automation […]

QuickBooks Online

Quickbooks - Mailparser Integrations

Create QuickBooks Online invoices from structured emails. Use email data parsed by Mailparser to automatically create new invoices in QuickBooks Online. About the QuickBooks Online integration Use your regular sales and receipt notifications sent via email to automatically create a new QuickBooks Online invoice. Why spend time creating invoices manually when this task can be […]


Gotomeeting - Mailparser Integrations

Send your contacts from inbound emails, directly to GoToMeeting Easy of population of GoToMeeting, from forms, or contact emails On-the-Fly. Save time, improve workflow. About the GoToMeeting integration With this integration you are able to send your contacts from inbound emails, directly to GoToMeeting. This allows ease of populating contacts for meetings, from forms, or […]


Sharpspring - Mailparser Integrations

Email parsing automation meets SharpSpring Marketing Automation. Automatically extract the information you need from your emails, and send to SharpSpring. About the SharpSpring integration This integration lets you extract precisely the information you need, directly from your emails and into SharpSpring’s Marketing Automation platform. Combined with SharSpring, you will have more time to focus on […]


Gotowebinar - Mailparser Integrations

Save time and improve workflow, by automatically sending emailed contact requests and form data to GoToWebinar Our GoToWebinar integration allows you to send all your email inbox text to your account for upcoming Webinars, instantly and reliably. About the GoToWebinar integration Our GoToWebinar integration allows you to send all of the form and contact requests […]

Shipping Notifications

Shipping - Mailparser Integrations

Automatically send email shipping notifications to customers. Use parsed email information from shipping carriers to instantly send out notifications to customers. About the Shipping Notifications integration Most of your customers expect to be updated on the shipping status of their recently purchased items. This integration can help you keep customers happy without the hassle of […]


Happyfox - Mailparser Integrations

Automatically create HappyFox tickets from parsed emails. Use prespecified email data extracted by Mailparser to generate new tickets in HappyFox. About the HappyFox integration Do you spend time manually inputting information from support emails in your HappyFox account? Automate this task by using this integration to quickly connect your Mailparser and HappyFox accounts. With this […]