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Gmail - Mailparser Integrations

Trigger Auto-Reply Emails in Gmail Do you receive purchase orders, contact requests, offline chats, or leads by email and want to trigger auto-replies in Gmail? Our Gmail integration lets you send out messages whenever we parse data from an incoming email. TRY IT FREE No credit card required. Triggered Gmail Autoresponder Mailparser is simple and […]

Emails Outbound

Email - Mailparser Integrations

Send Auto-Reply Emails Do you receive purchase orders or leads by email and want to send out an automated reply to your customers? With Mailparser, you can extract any data from your incoming emails and use it for sending a new outbound email. TRY IT FREE No credit card required. About the Emails Outbound integration […]


MySQL - Mailparser Integrations

Convert Emails to MySQL Database Record Mailparser gives you powerful tools to extract any kind of data from incoming emails. Whether that is data from lead generation efforts, contact requests, email forms, or any other kind of emailed data, we can extract structured data with just a few simple parsing rules and convert Email to […]