Lewis Media Partners

Automated Data-Entry Digital & Communications

As a digital media agency, we use Mailparser to efficiently handle large files received as email attachments and put the data within right to work. This streamlined process allows us to get to the heart of the matter: analysis and optimization.

If not for Mailparser, we would need to manually copy/paste data from files received as email attachments into a database – Mailparser takes the data and parses it out into the appropriate fields. This saves time, eliminates error, and boosts productivity because we spend less time preparing the data and more time analyzing it.

Lisa – Lewis Media Partners


Contact Inquires Lead Capturing Automated Data-Entry Tourism

We are a vacation rental software solution that enables our clients to easily create a vacation rental website and manage all their reservations. mailparser.io forms an important part of our reservation system. Many of our customers list their vacation rentals on multiple listing sites. Whenever a booking inquiry is made, these sites send a booking inquiry notification email. Instead of manually entering the booking details into our system, mailparser.io allows us to easily set up parsing rules to convert these booking inquiry emails into structured data and directly import them as bookings into our reservation software.

The end result is that our customers do not need to manually create bookings anymore as mailparser.io enabled us to fully automate that. We very much enjoy using mailparser.io, their software is very flexible and intuitive and support is very responsive.

Dennis Klett – Lodgify.com


Contact Inquires Lead Capturing Automated Data-Entry Digital & Communications

We have worked with mailparser.io on and off since they started with various businesses and watched the service get better and better. We use it to extract contact data from our incoming leads sent by email to send off to Zapier which in turn puts them into Mailerlite! mailparser.io is the best service by far for simplicity and reliability in ensuring our leads get to where they need to go. We have found that not all our lead sources have modern systems and many still simply email through leads rather than have APIs available.

Luke Woodard – MarketHQ.com


Automated Data-Entry Logistics & Delivery

Our business focuses on helping doctors, hospitals, medical clinics and health providers in their collections and administrative tasks with patients and insurance companies. With mailparser.io we are able to parse emails, extract and take action using different webhooks that will allow our clients to receive their information filtered by what’s relevant or not. This allows our clients to focus on growing their business without the need of a robust administrative staff.

We are very happy using mailparser.io, it’s easy to use and very reliable.

Jerónimo – MEDIFIN


Automated Data-Entry Contact Inquires Logistics & Delivery

Metalprogetti is an industry leader in textile management and automation machinery. Our clients rely heavily on our systems and up-time is critical for them to meet production deadlines around the clock.

We only use the very basic features of mailparser.io to parse customer replies to support tickets, but this basic function has removed a substantial cognitive burden from our own development team.

To date, we have not experienced any issues with mailparser.io and our team is very pleased with this service provider. From the clean online interface to the customer friendly support interactions.

We will continue using mailparser.io to simplify parsing and processing of customer responses. mailparser.io has become as critical and important to us as Twilio is for our voice and SMS communications.

Brian Spaulding – Metalprogetti USA

Next Day Koi

Order Fulfilment Automated Data-Entry e-Commerce

I own a small e-commerce web site, as well as maintain a store on eBay. Using mailparser.io, I can extract and record important information from sales receipt emails. It has become an essential tool for my business, allowing me to easily collect data, analyze it, and make better decisions for my company. The service has always been reliable and easy to use. A great tool for the small business owner!

Joshua Lefever – nextdaykoi.com

Pelikan Travel

Lead Capturing Automated Data-Entry Automated Data-Entry Tourism Contact Inquires

We have been using mailparser.io services for few months and can claim that their dedicated fast support team and their problem solving skills make them awesome. There is still work to do, but mailparser.io is definitely on the right way.

As OTA, we are using mailparser.io to parse data from email confirmations, process them via webhooks, and automate other upcoming processes in our system.

mailparser.io is so easy to use and affordable, we do not even think about doing tasks manually. mailparser.io is very helpful when merging loads of structured .xls files with tabular data into one google spreadsheet. You can also transform your data just the way you need. The only limits using mailparser.io is human creativity.

Jakub Dudik – Pelikan Travel

Print Storm

Automated Data-Entry Digital & Communications

mailparser.io has been an absolutely brilliant addition to our workflows here at Print Storm. Using the very intuitive user interface of mailparser.io, we can take data from a whole range of incoming emails, and use the mailparser.io app to pick out the specific pieces of information that we require. Whether it’s comments on artwork design proofs that are sent to our designers, or information on printing schedules or deadlines, our staff can sit back and let mailparser.io do the work. Coupled with Zapier, we can then insert that data in to the appropriate fields in our Podio workspace, saving us literally hundreds of hours worth of work every single month. For a print and design company, words cannot describe how great this is for our business!

Paul Cavalier – printstorm.com.au

Progressive Computer Systems

Automated Data-Entry Attachment Parsing Digital & Communications

We use Mailparser.io to parse spreadsheets from Appassure backup software email reports and inject the net totals into a consolidated google spreadsheet that allows us to view all backup reports within one document.

Our data comes in xls attachments via daily emails with backups report statistics. We check them all daily so I am using mailparser.io to consolidate them. Originally used Zapier to push to google sheets but currently we use your native integration and canceled our Zapier account.

Before email parsing we had a shared mailbox to collect all of these daily emails. We would open each message, then open attachment, then copy and paste the number from the spreadsheet into our tracking document. Now we do not have to open each message or copy anything. We can look at a single google doc and view all current and historical data for 100+ daily reports within minutes. Very nice overall.

Dusty Dutch – Progressive Computer Systems, Inc.