Print Storm

Automated Data-Entry Digital & Communications has been an absolutely brilliant addition to our workflows here at Print Storm. Using the very intuitive user interface of, we can take data from a whole range of incoming emails, and use the app to pick out the specific pieces of information that we require. Whether it’s comments on artwork design proofs that are sent to our designers, or information on printing schedules or deadlines, our staff can sit back and let do the work. Coupled with Zapier, we can then insert that data in to the appropriate fields in our Podio workspace, saving us literally hundreds of hours worth of work every single month. For a print and design company, words cannot describe how great this is for our business!

Paul Cavalier –


Automated Data-Entry Logistics & Delivery e-Commerce

We use Mailparser to extract tracking numbers from various types of carrier tracking notification emails. Mailparser then sends our tracking data to a Google Sheet for auto import into our order management system. This saves us from having to copy-paste tracking numbers from email to our order management system manually, which we had been doing before.

Mark –

Future Solutions

Automated Data-Entry Digital & Communications

Future Solutions uses to extract our key financial metrics from our accounting system (Quickbooks Online) into our business management system (Podio) via a webhook integration. We extract key figures like our aged debtors, net assets, sales year to date, and invoices raised in the last 30 days to name but a few.

Prior to using, we were spending 5-10 minutes a time once a week copying and pasting this information manually. It would often get forgotten, delayed, have transposition errors in the data and so on. Now, we spend absolutely no time – none – and have the most-up-to-date data automatically added to our system every single night 365 days a year.

Pete Cuff – Future Solutions

Progressive Computer Systems

Automated Data-Entry Attachment Parsing Digital & Communications

We use to parse spreadsheets from Appassure backup software email reports and inject the net totals into a consolidated google spreadsheet that allows us to view all backup reports within one document.

Our data comes in xls attachments via daily emails with backups report statistics. We check them all daily so I am using to consolidate them. Originally used Zapier to push to google sheets but currently we use your native integration and canceled our Zapier account.

Before email parsing we had a shared mailbox to collect all of these daily emails. We would open each message, then open attachment, then copy and paste the number from the spreadsheet into our tracking document. Now we do not have to open each message or copy anything. We can look at a single google doc and view all current and historical data for 100+ daily reports within minutes. Very nice overall.

Dusty Dutch – Progressive Computer Systems, Inc.

Barton Associates

Automated Data-Entry Lead Capturing

Mailparser took what used to be my full-time “internship” (which was mostly data entry) and in turn gave me the free time to show my internship site that I could write blogs, do social media, etc. Two years down the line and I’m a full-time employee and we use Mailparser to go through more than 4k lead emails per month. No more manual data entry at all and with integrations to Zapier/Salesforce we totally automated our inbound lead entry process. Mailparser gave me the freedom to show what I was capable of and it paid off!

Zach –


Order Fulfilment Automated Data-Entry e-Commerce

For our new website Gebetshaus-Freiburg we chose Their webshop cart has the problem of purchase orders and invoices not being created automatically. So we use to process our orders to get a nice purchase order, and an invoice we can send to the customer.

The usability of allows us to receive order emails with the proper amount and product ordered, as well as customer billing & shipping information in a structured table format. We use their Google Sheets webhook to create invoices and purchase orders that we can send via email, and are printable for our customers.

Our previous order process took 4-8 hours/week. With we reduced this to less than one hour weekly. This made an easy decision to use.

Dr. Matthias Wegner – Gebetshaus-Freiburg


Attachment Parsing Automated Data-Entry Logistics & Delivery

Our company has been using for a little over a year to parse emails from our various customers. We receive work orders to perform pavement repairs throughout the United States and in the past would spend large amounts of time entering information from these work orders into Salesforce. Now that manual entry is no longer needed. The work orders from our clients route through, have the relevant information striped out and sent automatically to Salesforce through a webhook. This has saved us countless hours of manual data entry freeing our account teams to use more of their time to deliver exceptional service to our customers.

Joe Stolz –

Bedver Consultants

Automated Data-Entry Contact Inquires

I am in translation and localization business, and I use mailparser to populate my internal tables with the data from client’s ‘you have been assigned’ kind of emails. So far worked well with both Google sheets and Smartsheet.

APIs for client-vendor communication are still a rare thing in our industry, and it is still very much driven by emails. So mailparser actually serves as a connector between client’s systems and our intermal tools. Some sort of ’email API’

Nikolay – Bedver Consultants

Gill Sensors and Controls

Lead Capturing Automated Data-Entry Logistics & Delivery Contact Inquires

We have been using Mailparser for about a year to extract email addresses that we receive from download forms on our website, The emails are automatically sent over to mailparser and categorised into the appropriate category through a unique email address supplied by mailparser. The data is then extracted from Mailparser and then sent over via a webhook integration to Zapier, which then processes and sorts the data and delivers to mailchimp. Mailchimp then sends out an automated email campaign.

Prior to using Mailparser we had to sort the emails manually and then add to mailchimp; this would be very time consuming. With the help of Mailparser the process is now completely automated and takes no time at all.

Michelle – Gill Sensors & Controls

Red Door Group

Automated Data-Entry Digital & Communications saved us time and money in not having to develop a full blown API to extract data from our clients database to share with our marketing automation software.

We use to send real time, automated email drip campaigns and to create automated custom audiences on Facebook – both via Infusionsoft.

Lisa – Red Door Marketing