Mailparser for Real Estate

Extract Real Estate Leads from Emails Effortlessly

Do you waste a lot of time inputting data manually? Capture lead data from incoming emails into Excel, Google Sheets, or your favorite CRM. Save time, follow up with leads faster than ever, and convert them into clients.

Mailparser for Real Estate

Are You Losing Leads Due to Data Entry?

In an industry as competitive as real estate, time is of the essence. If you receive lead notifications from sites like Realtor or Zillow, but you spend hours entering lead data on a spreadsheet or CRM, you are losing potential deals. Moreover, data errors like misspelled names and incorrect numbers lead to lost opportunities and reputation damage, thus hurting your business even more.

So you need an efficient and reliable solution to extract real estate leads from your inbox to your database. This is where Mailparser comes into play.

Capture Leads Effortlessly With Mailparser

Mailparser is the leading no-code email parser that realtors use to automate data entry. Extract all the lead data you need from your emails and move it to your database, all within minutes.


Forward an email you received from a listing website, that contains lead data, to your Mailparser address.


Mailparser extracts the relevant data fields according to the parsing rules that you set up. No coding needed — use one of our templates and build a set of parsing rules customized to perfection.

Download or export

Download your data as a file (in XLS, CSV, JSON or XML format) or export it to a cloud application (e.g. Google Sheets, Salesforce) through an integration or a webhook.

Key Benefits of Using Mailparser

Hundreds of Parsing Templates

If you want to start extracting data from your inbox in as little time as possible, Mailparser is the way to go. You don’t need to set up a script across multiple apps or train an AI model with an extensive dataset. Just select a template and Mailparser will automatically extract data from incoming emails. Plus, you can always reach out to us for help.

Compass Real Estate Leads

Save time and follow up with leads faster

Countless businesses are taking advantage of automation to eliminate manual processes and save precious time for the work that moves the needle. So why shouldn’t you as well?

Every agent in your brokerage is going to love being able to respond faster thanks to Mailparser. By eliminating manual data entry, they can follow up with leads faster than the competition and boost their chances of finding the right tenant for every property.

Grow your brokerage

As your brokerage grows, you will have more and more lead information to process. Thankfully, no matter how many emails you receive, the time needed for Mailparser to process them and extract the relevant data stays more or less the same: a few minutes at most.

With the woes of data entry gone from your workflows, you and your team are free to advertise more properties, capture more leads, and close more deals without having to spend hours opening emails and typing data.

Real Estate Customers

Realtors Are Using Mailparser to Streamline Lead Management

Mailparser is the go-to solution for hundreds of businesses that receive important information via email which they need to add into their systems. Real estate professionals use Mailparser to extract data efficiently and streamline their workflows:

“Mailparser is something our company has been attempting to find for some time now. We receive dozens of email leads each day from multiple lead generating websites. Each website email has a different presentation of the lead data they provide us. We use Mailparser to extract the information we need and populate our CRM solution. It has enabled us to move from a disconnected email mess to a centralized, organized Lead Capture and Management implementation. Our agents are loving it and so are we!”

Travis Foote, broker and property manager at Ineto Realtors

“We’ve fully automated our lead distribution system and Mailparser has been instrumental in that project’s success. Gmail filters first forward leads to Mailparser where the lead emails are quickly processed, forwarded on to Zapier, then to our SQL Server where the lead information is inserted into our CRM and distributed to the next eligible sales agent for prompt follow-up. This seems like a lot of puzzle pieces to make the process work, but everything plays nicely with each other surprisingly well.

Our agents are happy that they conveniently get leads and our clients are happy that they get a quick response to their inquiry! Success!”

Shawn C. Eaton, director of operations at Eaton Realty

Frequently Asked Questions

What are parsing rules?

Parsing rules are the instructions that Mailparser’s algorithms follow to identify data fields and extract them accurately. You can use one of our templates to get started and create parsing rules from scratch on our intuitive point-and-click interface.

What data can I parse from emails?

You can parse data found in the subject, recipient, body, and attachments of emails. As a realtor, you can extract names, email addresses, phone numbers, property details, availability, messages, lead source, and pretty much any other information you need to add to your database.

Is Mailparser safe to use?

Absolutely, data privacy and security are a core priority for us. Your data belongs to you and will be deleted after a retention period of your choice. Furthermore, we use bank-level encryption and regularly update our servers with the latest security patches. You can read our security statement for more details.

Start Extracting Real Estate Lead Data Within Minutes

No more typing data on a spreadsheet. Capture lead data from incoming emails and free up more time to convert leads into clients.