Parse Email Data to Microsoft Dynamics

Automatically convert emailed information into structured data and send to Dynamics CRM on the fly.

Send Email data to Microsoft Dynamics

About the Microsoft Dynamics integration

With this integration you can send structured data to Microsoft Dynamics from inbound emails, after being parsed by our software. No more manual data input, you can parse contacts, notes, even attachment data with our intuitive email parser.

Once integrated, you simply set your emails to forward to your inbox, or manually forward them, and your data will be parsed according to your rules. Our integration with Zapier allows email data to be seamlessly sent to your Microsoft Dynamics account each time an email comes in.

Our blog article “getting started with email parsing” will walk you through the initial process. Feel free to explore Zapier’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics here.

What you need …

Next to a account and a Microsoft Dynamics account, you also need a Zapier account. Once your email is parsed, it is sent to Dynamics CRM via Zapier.

How it works…

  • Create an account with
  • Forward your emails to your private inbox
  • Create parsing rules to isolate the data you wish to download or send on
  • Dispatch parsed lead data to Zapier webhook
  • Send data to Microsoft CRM via Zapier

Say good-bye to manual data-entry …
Extract data from incoming emails and automate your business.

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Data Points Parsed
Webhooks Sent