Add text data from emails directly to Agile CRM with just a few parsing rules.

Export nearly any information from emails, into structured data for automatic Agile CRM entries.

Create new contacts in Agile CRM from emails

About the Agile CRM integration

This integration enables you to add/edit/update Agile CRM, with email text information, or attachment data you have extracted with Now you can automatically create contacts, update notes and pull nearly anything you want from emails, and insert into Agile CRM, automatically.

Once this integration is set up, you no longer need to do manual data input. You set a few simple parsing rules to extract your data properly, and all email sent to your account will be run through our software and return you structured data that you can view, or hook directly into Agile CRM.

Our blog article “getting started with email parsing” will help, with a load of information and videos. Feel free to explore Zapier’s integration with Agile CRM here.

What you need …

This Agile CRM integration is brought to you by Zapier. Next to having a Agile account and a account, you also need an account with Zapier.

How it works…

  • Create an account with
  • Forward your emails to your private inbox
  • Create parsing rules within our app to isolate the contact, or note data you need
  • Dispatch parsed information to Zapier
  • Send to Agile CRM from Zapier

Say good-bye to manual data-entry …
Extract data from incoming emails and automate your business.

Emails Processed
Data Points Parsed
Webhooks Sent