Phone Number Extractor Filter

Categories :   E-mail Parsing, Lead Management has been receiving requests to add additional filtering/parsing options for telephone numbers. Soooo, we wanted to push an update about our newly added Phone Number Extractor filter! It allows you to find a telephone number inside an email text block, then format it in international, national, and E.164 format.
Phone Number Extractor
This is already up and running, getting great reviews from our existing clients. In combination with our email address filter & address normalization it’s easy to extract phone numbers, and pull out other contact details from emails.

To take advantage of this great, new feature:

Create a Mailparser account
This added filter allows you to be even more evolved in the way you extract phone numbers from the emails you receive each day. Thanks to formatting the phone number, it makes services like Twilio to send out an automated SMS, an easy integration for your business. Also, dumping all those phone numbers into Google Sheets or Excel has never been easier!
Phone Number Extractor Software

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