squarespace email parsing

Squarespace Email Parsing

Use mailparser.io to Integrate Your Squarespace Site with Business Applications mailparser.io is a simple tool that automates your business processes, saving valuable time and minimizing error. Any part of your business that involves emails, from online order notifications, and shipping emails, to marketing integration, becomes more efficient and less tedious with mailparser.io. Extract data out […]


mailparser.io and automate.io via Google Sheets

Even the best data in the world fails to meet the mark when you can’t use it to further your business. If your valuable leads are left to sit in a spreadsheet forever, lost in time instead of being used to drive sales, it’s unlikely you’ll see success from any of your marketing campaigns.

mailparser and YAMM

mailparser.io and Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM)

In marketing, & other areas of your business, you might feel as though you spend an inordinate amount of time moving data from one place to another. In order to maintain up-to-date CRMs and manage email communications, portability is a big benefit.

Manage your Mortgage Leads Better – Email Parser Automation

Mortgage leads are one of the more costly lead types to generate on 3rd party platforms. Whether you are using directory advertising, utilizing PPC campaigns, or are a preferred listing on Zillow or Bankrate, this is clear. You pay big money for each mortgage lead, so you need to maximize its potential. We can help […]

Email to Google Sheets

Email to Spreadsheet: How to Pull Email Data and Push it to a Google Sheets

A couple of weeks ago we covered in detail how you can transfer email data to Excel Files. The solution we presented back then works great if your business runs on Microsoft Excel or if you want to obtain your parsed email data as CSV files. This time, we’ll dive into how you can automatically […]

Send emails from spreadsheet 2

Send Personalised Emails from Google Spreadsheet Recipient List

As you probably know, we breathe cloud computing at mailparser.io and are frequent users of all kind of online apps. We are going to walk you through one of our most often asked user questions, but first…If you need to parse data from your email, into excel, then you’ve come to the right place. The […]

Convert PDF to Excel Spreadsheet or Google Docs Sheet

So you want to extract table rows from PDF documents and copy them to a spreadsheet? Yes, convert PDF to Excel or Google Sheets easily and quickly. You probably already figured out that a simple copy & paste doesn’t work reliably or just takes way too much time. So let’s automate this process by letting […]