Convert PDF to Excel Spreadsheet or Google Docs Sheet

So you want to extract table rows from PDF documents and copy them to a spreadsheet? Yes, convert PDF to Excel or Google Sheets easily and quickly. You probably already figured out that a simple copy & paste doesn’t work reliably or just takes way too much time. So let’s automate this process by letting […]

email to excel

Email to Excel: Automatically Extract Data From Emails To Excel

Is part of your business based on data which you receive by e-mail? For example leads from a lead provider, order confirmations and purchase orders from your online shops, sales stats, you name it … And do you need to copy this important data from Email to Excel? If so, how do you convert data trapped inside […]

parse email attachments

Read and Process E-mail Attachments

Update: This article covers the e-mail parsing functionality of If you are looking for a solution to parse email attachments, and convert PDF to Excel, we have exciting news for you! We decided to launch a service dedicated to PDF document parsing. Check out Docparser and get an invite to our closed Beta. Since the […]