Email Header Analyzer & Parser Feature

Clients use Mailparser for various reasons: converting email to Excel, Google Sheets, using our Slack integration, among many others. But a common question asked is, “what is an email header analyzer?” What does this even mean, and is it necessary to analyze email headers? We’ll cover this and more in our article. Before we get […]

Email Parser …what is that anyway?

An email parser is a piece of software that allows you to extract data from incoming emails. Email parsers can be configured to pull specific data fields from incoming emails. By doing so they allow you to convert an unstructured email into easy-to-handle structured data.

Email Parser Software: Automate Your Business Within Minutes

Many online businesses receive hundreds if not thousands of recurring emails per month. Often, those emails are filled with data which is crucial for daily operations. For example, mortgage leads coming from a lead provider, order confirmations from an online shop, sales stats, warning and error messages from a legacy IT system, etc. Clearly, having this […]

Parse, Validate and Standardise Mailing Addresses

A lot of our customers use to automate their e-commerce order fulfilment process. Another popular use-case is to extract contact details from e-mails, for example real-estate buyer leads which our customers receive from platforms like Trulia and Zillow. Both use-cases have one thing in common: They involve parsing, verification and normalisation of postal addresses.

Getting started with Mailparser

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to use Mailparser. You’ll learn how to set up your account, import your e-mails, and set up your first parsing rules. Getting started with Mailparser is simple.