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Slack email integration – post emails to Slack

Slack is one of the hottest and fastest-growing startups right now. And if you wonder why, their mission is nothing less than to “change the way we communicate”. Slack is a great tool if you want to ditch internal emails and improve communication within your team. But did you know that you can also use it to keep your team up to date with important notifications? For example, if you made a new sale or if there is a status update coming in from another platform. Our Slack email integration allows you to send emails to Slack with just a few simple steps. Fire up your FREE Mailparser subscription today and change the way your workflow operates!
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There is already an impressive list of integrations that are supported out of the box. Chances are that the software you are using is in this list.slack email integration
If not, keep on reading and learn how you can push data with our Slack email integration channels and build your own custom Slack email integration.

Use Webhooks to automatically send important notifications to Slack

Slack offers several APIs (SlackBot, Real-Time Messaging, REST, Webhooks) and the possibilities are endless. But if you just want to post messages to one of your Slack rooms, the easiest way is to use their Webhook API.  The good news is, no coding skills are required for this.

Using Mailparser in combination with Webhooks is an easy way to post data from email to Slack.

This kind of setup became quite popular amongst our customers recently. In fact, it is very easy to pull out data trapped inside emails and automatically post it to a specific Slack channel. This way you can keep your team up to date with a custom homemade integration.

Parse important notifications from emails and send them to any Slack channel

In case you need to some inspiration, below you’ll find some of the use-cases we already know of. Maybe you have another one? If yes, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

Post to Slack each time you make a new sale

If you are selling products online, chances are high that you receive an email each time a new transaction was made. With Mailparser it is easy to pull out certain information from these emails and push a sales notification to your team on Slack. We are pretty sure they’ll love it!

Post to Slack when you get an alert email

If you are using monitoring services for your website, you probably receive emails containing warnings, errors, or any kind of alert from time to time. Mailparser lets you easily pull the content from these emails and post a message with our Slack email integration.

Connect your Project Management Tool to Slack

In case you are using a project management tool which is currently not supported by Slack, chances are that you can still push some status updated to Slack. In case you receive the status updates by email, you can automatically forward them to Mailparser. All important information can then be parsed by our email parsing engine and a webhook will be sent to Slack with all the important updates.

So how do I connect my email parser to Slack?

Connecting Mailparser to Slack is easy. Once you did the initial setup, all you need to do are the following steps:

  1. Create an “Incoming webhook” at Slack
  2. Create a Webhook Dispatcher in Mailparser
  3. Use the URL given to you by Slack as the target of your Mailparser Webhook Dispatcher
  4. Set the Data Structure of the webhook to “Custom” and use the template you’ll find below for the payload
{"username":"MySlackBot","text":"Here is some text containing your variables. They are included by using the replacement patterns shown on the right."}

Can you think of another use-case? Please don’t hesitate and reach out to us. We’re always curious to hear what people come up with when they get creative with Mailparser. Slack email notifications are a snap with Mailparser.

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