Reach Clients Faster with Lead Management Templates

Looking for a way to automate transferring your leads from email to spreadsheet or CRM? Let Mailparser make your lead management easy with automatic data extraction from all your email sources. Save hours of time and avoid expensive errors, guaranteed! lead management templates lead management templates

Call Request

Extract and categorize call requests from all source locations, so you can respond to prospective clients speedily. lead management templates

Confirmed Appointment

Compile and organize upcoming appointments in record time with Mailparser’s data extraction tools. lead management templates

New Referral

Keep customer referrals organized by sending incoming referrals to your spreadsheet or CRM within seconds. That way, you can respond to referrals more quickly than the competition. lead management templates

Referral Report

Automatically pull and organize referral leads, so you can track and manage client success rates.

Hundreds of businesses choose Mailparser to automate their real estate lead management.

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Realtors & Mortgage Brokers utilize Mailparser to…

Save Time

time management

Automate the extraction of leads from emails, adding them to your CRM or spreadsheet within seconds.

Get Organized

get organized

Convert all data extracted from emails into one centralized, easy-to-use format automatically. 

Reduce Errors

reduce errors

Shrink the amount of time your business wastes inputting data manually. Mailparser ensures that your data gets extracted automatically, without any errors. 

Score Leads

score leads

 Mailparser helps you extract valuable client information from emails, automatically creating a prospective lead database for your business. 

Manage Leads

manage leads

Easily sort and prioritize leads from your spreadsheet or CRM database, using your chosen Mailparser criteria. 

How It Works

Mailparser extracts data from emails you receive from and other similar websites, such as StreetEasy, Compass, Zumper, and Property24

Setting Up A Mailparser Inbox

To get started with our Lead Management Parsing Templates,

  • Create an Inbox for each type of email you receive from
  • Add an Inbox Name, Category, and any Notes.
  • Upload a few sample emails, either by manual upload or from email forwarding.
  • Next, Select “Try Automatic Setup” from the “Parsing Rules” section.

3 Easy Steps to Quickfire Data Extraction

Step 1: Choose a Sample Email
Choose a sample email from the dropdown.

Step 2: Choose a Category
Select the category that best describes your sample email to find the closest template to your emails, then watch as Mailparser pulls data with complete accuracy.

Step 3: Select a Template
Mailparser will automatically select the correct parsing template for you. If your sample email matches more than one template, then you’ll be able to select the template that matches your needs better.

Step 4: Start with this Template
Select the “Start with this Template” Button and all of the emails in this inbox will enter the parsing queue, extracting data in just seconds. All subsequent emails added to this inbox will automatically be parsed based on the template you have chosen. real estate email parsing

Save Time on Lead Management with Mailparser

Spend more time selling and less time processing with Mailparser’s Lead Email Parsing Templates. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to a fully automated workflow. 

Key Benefits

Extract Data From Emails Quickly and Easily

Processing inquiries from by hand is tiresome and increases the chance of errors. Plus, all the hours spent inputting data on a spreadsheet or CRM means time lost on more important matters. 

Fortunately, we’ve made it super easy to extract data using our quick setup parsing rule templates. 

Extract real estate data easily with Mailparser
lead tracking

Send Your Data Straight To Your Spreadsheet or CRM Automatically

After you’ve parsed your emails, you can download them as an Excel file, export them to Google Sheets, or integrate them directly into your CRM. There, you can easily follow up with prospective clients asking for a tour of a property or with those in need of additional information. 

Mailparser gives you the ability to organize all requests from different sources into one place, so you can respond more quickly to inquiries.

Less Manual Busywork, More Time Nurturing Leads

By automating your lead capture system, you can follow up with leads and close the deal faster than your competition. 

Save Time on Lead Management with Mailparser

Spend more time selling and less time processing with Mailparser’s Lead Email Parsing Templates. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to a fully automated workflow.