Mailparser for Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Brokers

Manage Real Estate Leads with Ease

Never type your leads into a spreadsheet again. Mailparser extracts real estate leads directly from emails saving you precious time and guaranteeing an error-free workflow.

Hundreds of businesses rely on Mailparser to automate their real estate lead management.

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Realtors & Mortgage Brokers use Mailparser to…

Save Time

time management

Mailparser extracts real estate leads from your emails and puts them into your CRM or spreadsheet automatically. Never worry about losing clients to the competition again!

Get Organized

get organized

Mailparser helps you extract important data from emails and convert it into a format that is easy to read and manage.

Reduce Errors

reduce errors

By using the automatic data extraction feature, businesses can reduce the time and errors associated with manual data entry.

Score Leads

score leads

Use Mailparser to extract contact information from emails and create a database of contacts and promising leads!

Manage Leads

manage leads

We help businesses quickly create a centralized database of qualified leads that can be sorted and prioritized according to different criteria.

Key Benefits

Cut Hours of Processing Real Estate Inquiries Down to Minutes

Processing inquiries from multiple websites is tedious and prone to errors. Plus, spending hours inputting data on a spreadsheet or CRM means losing clients to the competition.

The great news is you can automate lead capture by extracting real estate leads from emails into your database. And Mailparser is the best tool for that.

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Extract Real Estate Leads from Emails

Mailparser lets you extract lead data from the email notifications you receive from Realtor, Zillow, and similar websites. Sign up for a free account, build Parsing Rules using text and table filters, then watch as Mailparser pulls data with complete accuracy.

You will boost your productivity and prevent data entry errors that can cost you time and opportunities.

Move Your Lead Data Anywhere You Want

Once you have parsed your lead data from emails, download it as an Excel file, export it to a Google sheet, or integrate it directly into your CRM. Distribute leads to one or several agents and speed up response times.

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Less Processing, More Selling

By automating your lead capture workflow, you follow up with leads faster than other agencies, closing more deals. You will also spend more time on other revenue-generating tasks like cold calling, asking for referrals, and marketing.

Customer Success Stories

Find out how other real estate agents use Mailparser to streamline their lead management.

Ineto Real Estate Services

Lead Capturing Automated Data-Entry Real Estate

“ service is something our company has been attempting to find for some time now. We receive dozens of email leads each day from multiple lead generating websites. Each website email has a different presentation of the lead data they provide us. We use to extract the information we need and populate our CRM solution. It has enabled us to move from a disconnected email mess to a centralized, organized Lead Capture and Management implementation. Our Agents are loving it and so are we!”

Travis Foote –


Contact Inquires Lead Capturing

“ offers an advanced set of tools that are easy-to-use and affordable. The service has greatly improved our workflow for entering leads into our CRM. We have been able to reduce our lead data entry burden by 93% using, saving us hours each week. is an excellent tool and an important piece of our marketing automation equation.”

Joel Haffey –

eaton realty

Eaton Realty

Automated Lead Distribution

“Distributing real estate inquiries and leads from multiple websites to our agents in a fair and timely fashion was fast becoming a big headache as our brokerage grew. We tried other email parsing engines that were either unable to reliably parse email leads or the service in general suffered outages and leads were lost.

We’ve fully automated our lead distribution system and has been instrumental in that project’s success. Gmail filters first forward leads to where the lead emails are quickly processed, forwarded on to Zapier, then to our SQL Server where the lead information is inserted into our CRM and distributed to the next eligible sales agent for prompt follow-up. This seems like a lot of puzzle pieces to make the process work, but everything plays nicely with each other surprisingly well.

Our agents are happy that they conveniently get leads and our clients are happy that they get a quick response to their inquiry! Success!”

Shawn C. Eaton –

Save Time on Real Estate Lead Management with Mailparser

Say goodbye to the tedium and cost of inputting data manually. Automate your lead capture workflow and turn more leads into clients.