Mailparser for Online Stores

Automate Tracking Online Sales Data in Under 15 Minutes

Say goodbye to the endless task of manually tracking and entering customer orders from multiple sites. Mailparser saves you hours of time and effort by quickly extracting data from all your inventory sources and compiling it into a spreadsheet with a format that you control.

Mailparser for Online Store Owners

E-commerce Businesses Use Mailparser to...

Save Time

save time and money

Mailparser makes it easy to automatically pull sales data and compile it into a CRM or spreadsheet, using your personalized Parsing Rules.  It’s never been simpler to sort and categorize your customer data!

Improve Customer Service

Improve Customer Service

Organize your emails through Mailparser’s automatic data extraction feature, so everything can be tracked with ease. Never miss a customer request again!

Nurture Leads

Nuture Ecommerce Leads

Streamline customer lead generation with MailParser’s extraction tools. With all customer communication organized in one spot, you can respond to needs more quickly and improve overall customer experience.

Manage Inventory

Manage Inventory

Processing sales through several websites? Mailparser helps you establish a system for tracking inventory, making modifications, and supervising deliveries.

Track Sales

Track Online Store Sales

If you’re juggling multiple suppliers, websites, and shipments, Mailparser helps quickly process orders and keep your customers in the loop through its order extraction features.

Key Benefits

Set It and Forget It When It Comes to Parsing Customer Data

Dealing with order confirmations, contact submissions, and offline live chat correspondences? Translate your endless inbox into a single automated spreadsheet, delivered to you with relevant customer data and organized exactly how you choose. 

Download as an excel file, export into Google Sheets, or use direct integration into your own CRM without hassle. With Mailparser, your entire staff gets access to all necessary sales information as it comes in, without any manual actions on your end. 

Plus, no more manual data entry means no mistakes find their way into your sales data. Mailparser pulls directly from incoming emails, so you don’t ever have to worry about overlooking valuable leads and sales! Use the hours you’d spend hunting through your inbox for addressing more important store matters.

Parsing rules

Level Up with a No-Code Solution to Your CRM Needs

Automate your business processes every step of the way with Mailparser, including orders, tracking, delivery, pricing issues, product inquiries, and customer communications.

Mailparser translates incoming emails and attachments faster, so you can respond to your customers speedily. Rather than handle orders from each of your store sites one by one, Mailparser extracts and organizes it all for you. 

Revolutionize your online sales and leave the old copy-paste method behind permanently!

Easy Assimilation for Your Unique eCommerce Needs

With 76 powerful cloud integrations and no coding knowledge required, you can ditch paying for a third party developer to automate your sales processes. 

Plus, Mailparser can help you organize multiple lead sources and have them sent to one place. No more hunting down sales leads across multiple platforms or manually typing out customer information.

Minimize Costs

Cost-Effective for Small Businesses

With subscription-based pricing, you can spend as much or as little as you need, with prices starting at $25/month. 

And getting started with Mailparser is completely free! Just create an account and set-up your parsing rules to determine what data gets parsed and what format you receive it in.

Reduce your order processes and employee busywork to a fraction of the time previously spent. Save thousands of dollars a month by automating retailer tasks through Mailparser!

Customer Success Stories

Find out how other eCommerce business owners use Mailparser to organize their sales database and order management processes.


Automated Data-Entry, Logistics & Delivery, e-Commerce

We use Mailparser to extract tracking numbers from various types of carrier tracking notification emails. Mailparser then sends our tracking data to a Google Sheet for auto import into our order management system. This saves us from having to copy-paste tracking numbers from email to our order management system manually, which we had been doing before.

Mark –


Automated Data-Entry, Contact Inquires, e-Commerce

With our current backend system we regularly had to handover a programming task to our external developers whenever we had a new web form that needed some automated data processing. Needless to say that this is not optimal from a time and cost perspective. After evaluating various online services we ended up with the combination of and which both can be set up by us within a few hours. being the perfect online tool to parse and to enrich the incoming web form data and the tool responsible to distribute the data to various other online tools. proves to be innovative by regularly implementing new features and their support team is very responsive and helpful. Thumbs up.

Andres Hess –

Mailparser Customer BMC Switzerland

Save Time on eCommerce Sales Management with Mailparser

Forget navigating endless emails from customers and suppliers. Automate your small online business with Mailparser, so you can spend those hours on more important things!