Extract Data From Emails With This Easy Nanonets Alternative

Extract important data from emails and move it to your business systems with this easy Nanonets alternative. Mailparser is easy to set up, quick to parse emails, and integrates with thousands of apps.

Why Choose Mailparser?

Mailparser is a no-code email parser that makes it easy to extract data from emails and send it to spreadsheets, cloud apps, and APIs. Save countless hours of data entry for high-value work and eliminate human error.

Parse emails easily and quickly

Set up your email parser with one sample only in a couple of minutes. No need to upload a large number of documents and wait a long time for AI to build a model.

Capture text and table data from email body or attachments (invoices, purchase orders, etc.) and move it to your system within minutes.

Customize for perfect accuracy

Build custom parsing rules to get perfectly accurate data. You can add filters to find emails, format dates, remove blank space, customize a table’s structure, and a lot more.

Get started with one of our templates or try the automatic setup, then add custom parsing rules as needed to get perfect results.

Trusted by hundreds of organizations

As of 2024, customers have parsed over 134 million emails, extracted 3.6 billion data points, and sent 269 million webhooks.

Businesses and organizations choose Mailparser because it’s easy to use, has plenty of resources, and provides great value-for-money. Plus, our Customer Happiness team is always available to help you.

Mailparser vs Nanonets Comparison

Mailparser Nanonets
Paid plans Starter: $24.95/month
Professional: $33.95/month
Business: $83.95/month
Premium: $243.95/month
Enterprise: custom quote
Starter: pay as you go – 500 pages for free, then $0.3 per page
Pro: $999/month/workflow
Enterprise: custom quote
Email attachment parsing
Pre-set templates for specific use cases (Amazon, Calendly, Shopify, etc.) X
Build customized ruiles without technical knowledge X
Edit extracted data points Edit any data point in a parsed email manually Not possible
Detect duplicate emails X
Organize your parsers by folders X
Download formats XLS, CSV, JSON, XML XLSX, CSV, XML
Integrations Airtable
Claris Connect
Google Sheets
Microsoft Excel Online
Microsoft Power Automate
Salesforce CRM
Suite CRM
Zoho CRM
and more
Google Sheets
and more
Custom integrations Webhooks, API Webhooks, API – exclusive to the Enterprise plan
Knowledge base
Webinars X
Customer support
Email support Available on all plans Available only in the Pro and Enterprise plans
Phone support X
Parsing assistant Available on any plan for a small fee Reserved to the Enterprise plan

How Mailparser Works

Forward emails that contain the data you need to our email parser.

Mailparser extracts all the relevant data fields based on your custom parsing rules.

Data gets automatically sent to applications you already use, or is available to download.

Benefits of Using Mailparser

Use Templates for Quick and Easy Parsing

Do you receive emails with important data from websites like Amazon, Monster, or Shopify? This Nanonets alternative has a large library of pre-set templates for common use cases like order notifications, real estate leads, shipping information, resume attachments, etc. Each template has pre-built parsing rules, so the setup process is easier and faster than using a blank template. Plus, you can add custom rules as required.

Happy Staff

Save Time and Resources

Automate data entry without investing in an expensive solution. Mailparser helps you save hours of tedious work every week and eliminate the cost of manual inputting and data errors.

By using this Nanonets alternative, people in your organization will have more time for high-impact work such as sales, marketing, customer service, data analysis, etc. The efficiency of email parsing paves the way for enhanced competitiveness and business growth.

Streamline Worfklows With Integrations

Set up integrations with your favorite apps without being tied to a high-tier plan. All Mailparser plans let you create integrations freely and without extra costs.

Connect Mailparser with thousands of cloud applications such as Google Sheets, Salesforce, Zapier, etc. Mailparser also supports custom integrations like webhooks and API.

With Mailparser, you will streamline your workflows, facilitate collaboration, and accomplish more in less time.

What Customers Say About Mailparser

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I extract with Mailparser?

You can extract data from an email’s subject line, recipient, body, and attached files. In case the email attachments are scanned documents in image format, we recommend that you use Docparser, our sister app.

Where can I learn how to use Mailparser?

We have a webinar available as well as a support page with hundreds of articles and a YouTube channel covering our most requested topics. You can also explore our blog where we cover various use cases.

Does Mailparser work with my CRM?

Mailparser can be integrated directly with popular CRMs like Salesforce, with platforms such as Zapier or Power Automate, and to any API via our advanced webhook integration.

Does Mailparser offer a free trial?

Yes, Mailparser offers a free trial for 30 days. This trial gives you 30 parsing credits.

Is Mailparser safe to use?

Yes. At Mailparser, data privacy and security are a core priority. We use bank-level encryption and our system is compliant with the latest web security standards. Plus, your data is deleted after a retention period of your choosing. For more details, you can read our security statement.

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