Mailparser for Restaurants & Food Delivery Services

Manage Online Food Delivery Orders with Ease

Mailparser helps restaurants, bakeries, and other food delivery businesses manage and organize their orders from apps like DoorDash, UberEats, and even your own website. Leverage our simple parser to improve your service, performance, and bottom line.

mailparser for food delivery companies

Restaurants and Food Delivery Services use Mailparser to…

Track & Manage All Orders in One Place

track and manage food orders

Centralize all order data from DoorDash, Grubhub, and other food delivery platforms (or just your website) into one database where you can easily track everything. 

Serve Customers Faster

reduce data entry errors

Customers want their orders delivered super fast. Mailparser helps you meet their expectations by automating data entry and speeding up your operations. Deliver delicious food faster than before and outpace your competitors.

Streamline Accounting Processes

streamline accounting processes

Once delivery orders have been placed and fulfilled, restaurants can access error-free data for accounting and get valuable insights from analytics, like how many total orders have been placed and how much money has been made. 

Save Time and Money

save time and money

Time is of the essence in the food delivery industry. Instead of losing precious time typing data, extract it from order notification emails using Mailparser. Cut down the cost of data input and spend more time on other tasks.

Grow Your Food Delivery Business

grow food delivery business

Whether you run a restaurant or you specialize in providing delivery services, Mailparser helps you manage and deliver more orders without getting overwhelmed or making mistakes. 

Key Benefits

Extract Key Data from Emails

Train Mailparser to extract data like order number, item name, address, price, etc. from your notification emails and save hours of work.

order data mailparser

Send Data to Your System

Mailparser automatically sends your order data to any cloud app like Quickbooks or your delivery management system. Fast and convenient!

Streamline Workflows

Extract anything that comes into your inbox and eliminate manual data entry from your workflows. Work smarter instead of harder.

Improve Data Quality

Say goodbye to data entry errors and the cost they incur. Consolidate accurate data from different sources into a perfectly organized database.

Customer Success Stories

Find out how other delivery services use Mailparser to streamline their data entry and management.


Route orders from multiple delivery platforms

“ has been instrumental in building the delivery service for Simply Wine. The ease with which we could design parsing logic added to all the different places we can hook them to makes it the core routing app for our orders.”

Jason Richelson – ShopKeep

Taster’s Club

Route orders from multiple delivery platforms

“We use a variety of third party shipping partners to get product to our customers, but having various shippers made it hard to standardize tracking emails and other shipment-related correspondence with the customer. We configured our Mailparser address to receive and parse generic tracking emails from each of our shippers. Then, Mailparser’s integration with Zapier lets us re-skin these emails and sends them to the customer, from us. We’re able to sit back while it all happens.

Mailparser has saved us countless hours over the years. We are able to configure our parsing rules, set it and forget it! We get a consistent, clean stream of data that we can batch process as we choose. It just works.

The parsing rules are so easy to configure, it’s not at all difficult to have a non-technical person configure them. I am a big fan of Mailparser. It *actually has* saved us tons of time over the years.”

Mack – Taster’s Club

Boost Your Restaurant or Delivery Business' Efficiency and Bottom Line

Start extracting order notifications from your inbox and kiss goodbye to data entry issues. Get started in minutes – no coding knowledge is required!