How Realtors Can Automate Real Estate Lead Management

Real Estate Lead Management

As a realtor, you most likely are familiar with the difficulty of managing lead information. Every day, you receive and process countless emails from leads inquiring about properties for sale or rent. So it’s not uncommon to find yourself buried under countless email alerts and listing notifications. But an inability to capture incoming lead data […]

10 Ways Top-Ranking Real Estate Agents Boost Productivity

The real estate business is notoriously busy, and whether you’re representing buyers or sellers, expectations from clients are at an all-time high. The secret of top-ranking realtors isn’t just that they’re more productive. It’s that they only focus on tasks that maximize delivering results.

9 Awesome Automation Tools Used by Top Real Estate Agents | Infographic

Between driving all over town, sitting at open houses, and showing new houses that just came on the market, who has time for running the actual business of being a real estate agent. The marketing, the contracts, the follow ups, and the leads. It’s so hard to keep up as a agent. If only you […]