How To Parse Email Attachments

Since the beginning of Mailparser, one particular feature request popped up every couple of days. People were asking if it was possible to automatically read and process text stored inside e-mail attachments. Quickly it became clear to us that this is something we wanted to build for our customers! Read on to find out how […]

Extract FedEx and UPS Tracking Numbers from Emails

Do you manually copy & paste tracking numbers from emails to other software products on a regular basis? Mailparser can parse tracking numbers from FedEx, UPS, USPS, and other sources, directly from your incoming emails. Mailparser is a web application that makes it really easy to parse tracking numbers from incoming emails. All you need […]

Updates to the Mailparser & Google Sheets Integration

Parse Your Emails & send them to Google Sheets Version 3.0 At Mailparser, we strive to make it easier for our users to extract and parse their emails to different integration platforms. The latest addition to that kit is Google Sheets Version 3.0. With our Google Sheets native integration upgrade to 3.0, you can easily extract […]

A Free Way to Send Email from Google Sheets

We breathe cloud computing at Mailparser and are frequent users of all kinds of online applications. One of our most commonly asked questions is how to send email from Google Sheets. If you still need to extract the data from your emails and send it to Google Sheets, our app is an excellent fit for your use case. The […]

How to Convert PDF to Google Sheets or Excel

Convert PDF to Google Sheets

So you want to extract table rows from PDF documents and copy them to a spreadsheet? Well, we have the solution for you to convert PDF to Google Sheets quickly and easily. You probably already figured out that a simple copy & paste isn’t reliable or just takes way too much time, that’s why we […]

Automate Customer Emails with Mailparser 

Automate customer emails with Mailparser

Does your business feel adrift in a sea of incoming contact requests, offline chats, and email leads? If so, it’s time to upgrade from the endless task of manually entering customer data to simple, speedy data automation. Rather than juggling hundreds of customers’ valuable information by hand, you can automate customer emails, organizing them and […]

How Tech Teams Can Increase Productivity with Daily Standups

How tech teams can increase productivity

It’s no secret that technology teams are under a lot of pressure to innovate and produce results. But often times, this pressure can lead to burnout and decreased productivity. In this blog post, we’ll explore how tech teams can increase their productivity with daily standups and stay on top of their game. Productivity and Your […]

Automate Invoice Processing with This Invoice Spreadsheet Template

Invoice Spreadsheet Template

Are you searching for an invoice spreadsheet template to create invoices that look professional and are easy to fill out? If so, you’re in luck: we’ve got you covered with a free template. In this post, you will learn the advantages of using a spreadsheet template for invoices and what it should include. You will […]

Latest Updates to Mailparser – Docparser Features Now Available on Mailparser

Mailparser Feature Updates

We have some exciting news to share with you. We have started migrating features from our sister company, Docparser, over to the Mailparser platform. These features will give you a much more powerful set of tools for extracting and manipulating data from line item sections in your emails and documents. What does this mean for […]

6 Challenges of Manual Invoice Processing and How Automation Solves Them

Challenges of manual invoice processing

Accounts payable is a critical function for every business. AP teams are responsible for keeping accurate records, paying suppliers on time, and preventing unplanned expenses. However, if your AP team is relying on manual invoice processing to track and pay invoices, they must be facing several challenges like slow processing, lost invoices, or double payment […]