Order Fulfilment Logistics & Delivery e-Commerce has been instrumental in building the delivery service for Simply Wine. The ease with which we could design parsing logic added to all the different places we can hook them too makes it the core routing app for our orders. I am so impressed with what has built I would never want my engineers to try to parse emails again with this tool available.

Jason Richelson –

Shutters Dept

Lead Capturing Automated Data-Entry Order Fulfilment

We’re not developers but we like to work smart. We want Slack notifications when our customers contact us. We want to map customer addresses. And we want support tickets created if we miss someone on live chat. We couldn’t do any of this without Mailparser.

What do you do when the application you use doesn’t integrate with Zapier or when webhooks are not available? You use Mailparser to bridge the gap. Mailparser’s address normalisation feature is particularly powerful. We couldn’t live without it – very highly recommended.

Dan – The Shutters Dept

Taster’s Club

Automated Data-Entry Logistics & Delivery Order Fulfilment e-Commerce

We use a variety of third party shipping partners to get product to our customers, but having various shippers made it hard to standardize tracking emails and other shipment-related correspondence with the customer. We configured our Mailparser address to receive and parse generic tracking emails from each of our shippers. Then, Mailparser’s integration with Zapier lets us re-skin these emails and sends them to the customer, from us. We’re able to sit back while it all happens.

Mailparser has saved us countless hours over the years. We are able to configure our parsing rules, set it and forget it! We get a consistent, clean stream of data that we can batch process as we choose. It just works.

The parsing rules are so easy to configure, it’s not at all difficult to have a non-technical person configure them. I am a big fan of Mailparser. It *actually has* saved us tons of time over the years

Mack – Taster’s Club


Logistics & Delivery Automated Data-Entry Order Fulfilment Digital & Communications

Our business is doing fast-delivery on demand with many big retailers. Including API connections within an E-commerce checkout can sometimes lead to very long “Time-to-market”.

We wanted to accelerate the proof of concept with some clients, before they have to do the extensive I.T work. So we receive delivery orders in by emails. Thanks to the accuracy and flexibility of it is very easy to extract all the information we need, including extracting the “human” date and time and converting it into “Computer timer”.

In addition with Zapier, we were able to create a multi-step workflow that re-introduce the orders in our API and inform us by Slack in real time, and “Voilà”!

With 1.5 days of work, including discovering the services, we were “production ready”, and now, we have one more big, happy customer!

Yann Marzack –

Eric Epstein

Order Fulfilment Automated Data-Entry e-Commerce

I use for segmenting emails from sales on Amazon. We have a small business selling on Amazon. While Amazon offers many capabilities on their website, we have found that grabbing data from the Seller alert emails, parcing it, and moving it into Podio (via Zapier) gives us a place, away from Amazon’s tools, to gather sales info and reports we want.

We could do periodic exports from Amazon and import into Podio. But by using, we get this information automatically. This saves a lot of time, as we sell about 30 items a day, seven days a week. If it takes 2 minutes to copy sales info, per sale, or about 10 minutes to do weekly exports and imports on sales, I save anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours a month in work. And as it happens automatically in background, I don’t have to remember to do iat.

I also use for capturing a newsletter that comes from the County for our homeowners association. Its a standard format and has data we need to retain. Rather than having to ensure I see the email, copy the data and send it to the Board of directors – I use mailparcer to pull out the data, then Zapier to move it to Podio, and then use triggers in Podio to notify the Board. This also retains the data for our Association.

Eric Epstein –

Fine Art Actions

Order Fulfilment Automated Data-Entry e-Commerce

We primarily use Mailparser for is connecting a gap between our website on Squarespace to our ESP (Active Campaign). Currently, there is no way to get customer information INTO our ESP directly from Squarespace (without doing it manually) and there is no direct Zapier connection either.

What I did was create a custom email address that order confirmations go to, then using Mailparser I extracted the relevant information from the order, connected to Zapier then connected to Active Campaign to put the relevant information into AC, thereby having all of the contact’s relevant information, including what they bought AND tagging them as a recent customer so we could run further complex segmentation!

It’s allowed us to channel everything smoothly through this automation. In return, it has really grown our business tremendously! There really is not an equal to Mailparser for data processing and workflow automation!

Robert Gordon – Fine Art Actions


Order Fulfilment Automated Data-Entry e-Commerce

For our new website Gebetshaus-Freiburg we chose Their webshop cart has the problem of purchase orders and invoices not being created automatically. So we use to process our orders to get a nice purchase order, and an invoice we can send to the customer.

The usability of allows us to receive order emails with the proper amount and product ordered, as well as customer billing & shipping information in a structured table format. We use their Google Sheets webhook to create invoices and purchase orders that we can send via email, and are printable for our customers.

Our previous order process took 4-8 hours/week. With we reduced this to less than one hour weekly. This made an easy decision to use.

Dr. Matthias Wegner – Gebetshaus-Freiburg

Green Maids

Order Fulfilment Automated Data-Entry Home Services

We have been using for about a year now and have absolutely loved it. For years we had challenges with getting the 3rd party application used on our website to feed customer orders to our CRM software. We were wasting time copying / pasting thousands of customer orders into our CRM.

After wasting countless hours on manual data entry, we discovered and learned how it could be combined with a service called Zapier to automate just about any process. Now, whenever a customer places an order on our website, that order is sent to our email inbox where it is processed by retrieves all of the important customer data and uses Zapier to pass this on to our CRM. The entire process takes a just a few seconds!

Now we are not spending several hours a day copy / pasting!

Carlyon Christian – Atlanta Green Maids

Montreal Photo Course

Order Fulfilment Tourism

We use to perform a seamless task of extracting data from sales orders which would eventually trigger a series of emails to our client as well as the accounting entries in our software – a task that would save us 5 minutes per email if done manually.’s customer service is like none that I have ever come across. Moritz and his team have always been there to address any technical challenges and are constantly working to make the service better. Very highly recommended.

Arvind Eyunni –